Project Mars One. Will the children at the Martian colonists?

Once again, news about the century, that may well be carried out for 10-20 years. This "Mars One"Organized to create a colony on Mars. This time the news relate to the possibility of visiting a Martian colony children.

Leaders of the private not profitable project «Mars One», which is gaining members for the future colony on Mars, worry that in the course of the project on Mars may have had children, because the project participants, both men and women.

"Mars is too dangerous a place for people to have children on this planet. We look forward to the discretion and responsibility of our future colonists. They need to understand the seriousness of this project "- said concerned Bass Lensdorp (Bas Lansdorp), CEO of a private organization« Mars One ».

"Of course, it's not our business. but the members of the project must still be self conscious and not commit stupid acts. Mars — this is not the Earth. There's all different. For children there is not a place "- added Mr. Lensdorp.

The theme of the children discussed on Mars May 21, 2013 during a conference at the exhibition «Space Tech Expo 2013."

As for the doctors. they can not even say for sure whether it is possible to get pregnant on another planet, in particular on Mars, because even in the world do it is not all that much to say about the other world, where there is much more unfavorable living conditions than on Earth. On the surface of the Red Planet a very different level of radiation, pressure, as well as many other indicators, so no one can say for sure whether it is possible to have a baby on Mars, and if so, whether the child is healthy.



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