Prokhorov — after the president of the Russian Federation?

Prokhorov - Russia's next president?

May 17, 2011 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with the billionaire M.D.Prohorovym invited him to lead the party "just cause", with all this president highlighted the importance of the revival and reorganization of the party, which represents the "liberal voter opinion, the pro-market economy." Medvedev drew attention to the fact that the title must necessarily appear the word "freedom" has also provided M.D.Prohorovu free rein in the newest of the "party of power" is fully capable to change in the future United Russia as the party quickly losing popularity among the people.

Two exciting things the president manages the party of "just cause" as his own, made and funded by the Kremlin, also insists on inserting the word "freedom" in the title of the party of the future, built on the principle of the Masonic Lodge, as the slogan of the Freemasons — "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Certainly, one newcomer party, built on the ruins of the "right things", based not only as a Masonic lodge with a limited right to access ordinary members of the club of billionaires, and is the starting point for M.D.Prohorova nomination for president. In the unlikely event is not clear why a billionaire to post your own business and become the head of the party, which will jump to nearly 7 percent level upcoming Duma elections, and izderzhat this minor policy 100 million dollars of their own funds. Bimbo party unlikely to be an expensive toy for M.D.Prohorova yearning, as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the outset sets its fundamental status in the alignment of political parties in the upcoming elections to the Municipal Duma.

The past 25 June 2011 congress of the party "just cause" fully confirms the conclusions made above. Uncontested elections chairman of the party, the performance of its members and of the M.D.Prohorova the Congress, once again emphasize the thrust of the new favorite of the party in the presidential election. M.D.Prohorovu compete with Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin will not have fully enough, the ruling tandem announce him as his successor, and it will go on the beaten track, made even Boris Yeltsin in 1999.
It M.D.Prohorova at the party "just cause" included some quite curious statement. Thus, the party favorite, said:
Our main motto is "capitalism for all," it is not true, it does not happen. Capitalism — it's only for people who love to risk, who love to take on the responsibility. Smart, Professor and just government should provide to others social guarantees and support. This — the guarantee of education, health, security, and in a profession.

Indeed, what the average person to show their resourcefulness, his own business, when the whole country can be divided into the Russian zone of influence and zabugornyh moneybags, and other people in the country to force to work 60 hours a week and more than by reducing the guarantee of education, health, and safety only the initial level, the position of that class of people. Everything else is an advantage of the richest people of, belonging to a private club money. The Russian people are driving again in a feudal society with serfdom for the average person, when all the country's natural resources, money and human resources are in the hands of feudal lords, is a supranational World Bank.

Next, MD Prokhorov drew attention to the subsequent statement:
Was Russian socialism rassredotachivaniya more equitable form of public goods? No, of course. It's the same, maybe savage form of capitalism, when instead of the many owners have one, a government that has subordinated itself to free labor, free men, subordinated to the initiative, replacing egalitarianism, full control and repression.

It is not the wealthy approval favorite party. In the USSR rassredotachivanie public good was not an example of just than the criteria of today's feudal capitalism, guided by the creative activity of at least some citizens of our country. Affordable medical care, education, child and youth creativity, the ability to choose a profession with at least some of mandatory employment in the specialty was the property of all the people stately country, regardless of their social status. Throw in free guaranteed housing to all segments of the population, a decent pension, early childhood education, the possibility of holidays and leisure activities in all areas of the former Soviet Union is fully acceptable for payment, and today's oligarchs will have nothing to counter this concern about the country's own citizens, about the power of the country. Any one of us was proud of his own state, felt ownership majestic achievements in the municipal building and boldly looked to the future, confident in the fact that the party and the government is doing all that is necessary for the welfare of our people fussing about the security of the country, develop science and technology, enables though what the citizen of the USSR to express themselves in a creative and constructive work for the good of the motherland. The desire of the party and Komsomol peaks become overnight the owners' factories, newspapers, steamships, "made us lumpen Russian people," bums "in their own state, thrown in a landfill, deprived of all hope for a brighter future.

M.D.Prohorovu this is not much, he continues ernichat the defeated Russian people, erecting, like the previous government, "Potemkin villages" ogluplyaya and deceiving its own voters:
First — this is a system degradation of our country. The first wave of degradation has affected the industry, and she fell. And what we have at the moment? Practically we are supplier of raw materials. Let massive, but a raw materials appendage. At this point comes the second wave. And we all litsezreem. This is the most terrible wave, we degrade all that is connected with the reproduction of human capital — education, health, culture. And in today's world, specifically the quality of human capital intends konkurentnst States among themselves. And we are forced to announce completely honest, we lost in this competition.

2nd. Sole driver of our development is constantly privatization. Let's turn to the political economy. What is privatization? This initial accumulation of capital, and if you read in our language, in Russian, is the appropriation that was made to us. We need to do a next step, we need to build a new campus, the latest build infrastructure, new schools, new hospitals, we need to settle in our country. Unfortunately, the government and society are not ready for this.

Why MD Prokhorov braked so carefully on the issues of privatization and degradation of the country as a single vector of development? From the standpoint of conventional logic, it is quite a strange statement for a man who in the end, "bandit" privatization, and easier to say to seize the property of the whole people, created by many generations of Russian people has brought the country to a single method of its existence — a raw material appendage of the West. Appeal chairman of the "just cause" for the construction of new towns, schools, hospitals do not cause anything except bitter grin. Why build a new town, to develop their infrastructure, when virtually all of the production, or destroyed, or become the property of foreign bankers who do not put their own share profits with the Russian people, and even more useful to create conditions for the devel
opment of human capital, making Russian economy competitive capable of Western economies.

If you look from the standpoint of the club of billionaires, the words M.D.Prohorova the construction of new cities, the development of modern infrastructure are related specifically to them. Why would a rich and successful does not make their town — satellites, without constant auto traffic jams, with beautiful houses, manicured lawns, vsesuschey protection? It will not elite settlements in Rublevskoye highway and city Gazprom, Severstal, Onexim, Rosneft and others, with their mayor in the person of the president of the company and a narrow circle of confidants — neighbors. All is fine, but there is a problem — a society which again inhibits such necessary initiatives M.D.Prohorova not even get service personnel in the new towns — ghosts, well, all of this utopia. In the shattered and rob the country, where the Russian people became an outcast in his own land, is not confined to a lace fence on addressing pressing issues of the existence of the people.

Here we come to the most important place in the speech of the chairman of the party "just cause" M.D.Prohorova:
And yet, perhaps, the most important thing. Our country has a unique chance to save the world economy. We can take those capitals which can not currently find a place for themselves. We can save the world from the global crisis.
What did it for capital that can not find a place for himself in — for the economic crisis, when at least some attachment, even in the raw materials is quite risky and does not make such profits as before the crisis? This means the global monetary elite — bankers' club running David Rothschild.

October 25, 2010 released government document, according to which the Russian government authorizes municipalities to sell the assets of "Rosneft", "Transneft", Sberbank, "Sovcomflot" VTB "Rosspirtprom", "RusHydro" and others through foreign banks. How did the banks invited to become owners of Russian assets? It is a large house of Rothschild: "Credit Suisse", "Deutsche Bank", "Morgan Stanley Bank", "Merrill Lynch Securities," "Goldman Sachs." A March 15, 2011 Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with L.Blankfeynom, Director General of "Goldman Sachs" discussed the possibility of the creation of international financial center in Moscow. MD Prokhorov totally and completely worth the position of Medvedev in stock sell popular accessories of international financial cartel, he is ready to throw the whole of Russia in the crucible of insatiable octopus pumping out all the juice out of the country, bringing the Russian people in the sacrifice of filthy lucre — gold.

MD Prokhorov, which In 2008 he sold his shares "Norilsk Nickel" naikrupneyshey duralumin in the world of "Russian aluminum» (UC Rusal), headed by Oleg Deripaska and Nathaniel Rothschild, has become so Makarov, a member of the club Rothschild. Since 2008, the chairman of the board of directors of "Norilsk Nickel" was appointed Voloshin, Oleg Deripaska davneshny friend and member of the "family" of Boris Yeltsin, now Voloshin will be led by International Finance Centre, which hosts Rothschilds are the bankers. That's it! The circle is closed, the entire ownership of the Russian Federation, as well as the money will soon be one hundred percent owned by the Rothschilds and their "effective" managers. After that, the President of the Russian Federation should be a specific person Rothschild — MD Prokhorov.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, April 27, 2011 in Stockholm, when asked by reporters about the upcoming presidential nominee of the Russian Federation in the 2012 election, he replied:
It's too early to read. The time will come and we will make a decision. For you to enjoy. Will be satisfied!
Now it is not clear who should look and feel of the nomination of the presidential candidate and who will be satisfied! Pleased to be influential people of the world backstage, bank supranational House of Rothschild, which is now only just a 2-steps away from world domination. After the fall of the Russian Federation at the feet of David de Rothschild's mousetrap snap, whole the world will be the House of Rothschild, specifically because they will print the currencies of countries in the world and to lend the state governments, in other words themselves for themselves, and will give all of us, citizens, and even with interest.

Speaking at a meeting of the Trilateral Commission in 1991, David Rockefeller said:
The world at the moment ready to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of the intellectual elite and the international bankers, is certainly better than the national self-determination practiced in past centuries.

Apologist world domination money Kabbalah D.Rokfeller, favors supranational bank, supranational government, supra-national gendarmerie in NATO. That is why it is so crucial for the bankers to make this club one government, with the single currency, delete all the differences between civilizations, kill a unique culture and language, so it was possible to call the whole world as his vassals, and sit around by one of the king in the rebuilt temple of Solomon.

It is the ultimate goal of world Zionism, from which they were only 2-steps, the first step — the loss of state sovereignty of the Russian Federation, the second step — the liquidation of the Russian people as ethnicity, smashing it on the Slavic tribes. The last president of the Russian Federation, according to the views of the banking house of Rothschild, has become man, that belongs to them absolutely capable to bring the work begun by Gorbachev and continued by Boris Yeltsin, the complete destruction of the Russian Federation on the small feudal fiefdoms. Such a man, no doubt, should MD Prokhorov to become conscious of all the subtleties of not only monetary affairs, and ready to betray the interests of the Russian people and Russia.

We, the Russian people have right to think about the danger posed by the policy world behind the scenes, to kill the dreams of Holy Russia. We should not indulge at random though how the Rothschild clan plans, but we need to put on the armor and armed with sword of truth Divine Truth.

We are Russian, God is with us!

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