Psoriasis: Tips for Patients

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  1. How can rarely take a bath — give preference to the soul, he mensche dry skin. If you do decide to take a bath, do not linger in it. Water should not be hot.
  2. Intime washing, do not injure or stretch the skin — use a soft sponge or cotton cloth. Avoid the use of harsh scouring pads.
  3. Use a pH-neutral soap or shower gel (fragrance free). Do not touch the hard soap on the skin.
  4. Dehumidifies the skin gently with a towel, gently blot. Do not remove the dead skin flakes alone.
  5. After a shower, put on a skin emollient. Dry, cracked skin reduces the effectiveness of treatment, and often itches.
  6. Shortly mow nails — it will help your skin to hurt less, if there is an irresistible urge to scratch. Try to protect your skin from cuts and injuries, as they can cause the appearance of new lesions of psoriasis.
  7. In the treatment of psoriasis with the localization process in the hands of the cotton gloves must be worn after applying the medication to avoid getting it in your eyes.
  8. Clothes may provide some pressure on the skin, which can cause the appearance of new lesions, so choose a light, spacious, cotton.Clothes of tissue with light and mixed colors will help camouflage the falling flakes on clothing.
  9. The air conditioning can dry your skin, and after that there may come a worsening condition. If possible, limit time, conducted in air.
  10. Although the sun's rays and act favorably on many patients, be careful not to "burn" in the sun. Talk to your doctor about the optimal mode sunbathing.
  11. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid the abuse of alcohol and bring to a minimum stressful situations.
  12. In the winter time humidify the air in the room, both at work and at home.

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