Psychic Svetlana Shinkarenko fearlessly walks on broken glass




The most striking personality Angara tram depot — conductor Svetlana Shinkarenko. At fifty years old, she began to practice yoga. Able to walk on broken glass and dreams learn belly dancing.

Walking and lying on broken glass does not hurt, said a resident of Angarsk Svetlana Shinkarenko. Glass is the most dangerous — thick bottles, broken in large pieces. Before you go through it, you need to prepare the body. At Svetlana — a ritual. First alone mentally adjusted, then fifteen minutes stretches his legs and arms.
Walking on glass angarchanka start only in fifty years, with a new occupation has completely changed her life. Previously, Svetlana was a reserved man, almost no one was talking, even with loved ones. Four years ago, she attended a wellness course of traditional medicine. Then began a new stage in life — to have friends, and most importantly, says Svetlana Shinkarenko — confidence. And here and the competition in the city announced: who knows how to do something different, can get $ 1,000. And the money in the family Shinkarenko never enough. So decided on a brave step — to lie on broken glass:

— Now I am not afraid. Though where I can and even when. The fear was gone. And that's just afraid.

In addition to the main tram conductor profession, she and psychic, and even biotherapists:

— I take off the pressure of its own energy. In addition, I can treat the nervous system, circulatory system, spine corrected.

At work in the barn Svetlana Shinkarenko called a star. About her talents and abilities wrote in a local newspaper. Co-workers even asked for autographs. Meanwhile, residents of Angarsk, a new goal — to perform a belly dance.

Svetlana Banko, "News-Irkutsk"


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