Psychokinesis — will change the world by thought.

I am sure that all looked fantastic masterpiece of the genre of the late 20th century — "The Matrix", and remember how he came to see the Oracle Neo saw a boy who look flexion and extension of the spoon. But few know that this skill is called Psychokinesis, which is characterized by the influence of the mind on the material world. Fiction, you say? And here and there. Moreover, the ability of people with this capability is not limited to corruption of cutlery, they can more …

According to the results of the latest research specialist at Princeton University, the people power of the mind can influence the world.

After spending more than one hundred experiments, which were attended by a wide variety of people, there was a chance to witness the reality of the hypothesis, according to which the psychic energy is able to change the process of electrical appliances, interact with real objects, and even to influence the weather in a given area.

So called psycho-physical resources of the human mind is not just a fairy tale, or some cases, are not able to go beyond the borders of the mystical seances and the like.

A lot of talented scientists have organized a series of experiments with a bunch of people that are undeniably indicate that the mind acts directly on the matter, then there is the phenomenon of psychokinesis actually have at our disposal.

The fruits of the research does not give us reason to believe and did not falter, as calculated by the possibility of random coincidences is less than a thousandth of a percent. We're not talking about any particular experience with levitating things or crook cutlery, but the results are still elusive.

We believe that found a great confirmation of the truth of this phenomenon. Predisposition to psychokinesis, apparently, was present in each test, why we believe that these properties are characteristic to each person, according to Professor R.Dzhen, commander of the Department of abnormal studies at Princeton.

The activities of the expert team and any of them was a superb scientist with an incredible professional authority ensued fifteen years ago. Then use the device to generate a sequence of numbers encoded in binary notation. From the experimental correction required the issuance of random numbers with his mind so that the pre-set number allocated to the general statistics of the most dramatically. As soon as got to work early traced mysterious relationship desires of people and a series of random numbers. Constant dependence rejected the idea of a simple coincidence. For a long time scientists have made every conceivable test, and nothing the results can not be explained except as psychokinesis mind of man can have an impact on surrounding objects.

The experimenters also used pendulums, shielded from direct physical factors housings made of transparent plastic, for sessions when test subjects, using psychokinesis, tried to influence the width of the rocking.

The computer controlled devices that transmit impulses pendulums. In general, a half thousand tests were involved 42 test subjects. Several of them have achieved the most significant results and have shown that they are able to act on the motion of the pendulum when and how they want. The others reached the lower level of skill, they came out to act on the pendulum only occasionally.

Similar experiments were organized with people located at a considerable distance from the pendulum revealed that the effect of psychokinesis virtually no distance is weakened.

A very interesting fact is that the stronger sex have achieved good effect on psychokinesis much more of the fairer sex. Why this happens is still a mystery to scientists.

In addition, studies psychokinesis discovered that rates increased in order for the organization session simultaneously with a pair of persons. Moreover, the effect is increased many times in cases where the members of the pair have already been familiar with and between them there were certain relationships or intimate companionship. This once again confirmed the faithful way experimenters.

Some researchers have expressed doubt about the work done, taking the view that it is extremely light weight in terms of statistics. True Professor Jen tried to dispel doubts about the weight of the experimental data.

"We wish to state that in the course of a long series of works was acquired data, we do not cause the slightest hesitation in faith. The experiments were carried out with unprecedented regularity before "- he said.


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