Psychology of family life.


Family psychology deals with the study of human development in a family environment, characteristics of family relationships, structure and development of the family.

For any family is characterized by integrity, repetitive patterns of relationships life and development according to its own logic.

The term "dysfunctional family" is commonly used in a broad context to the family system, which is a source of non-adaptive behavior of one or more of its members, does not provide the necessary conditions for their personal growth. According to the modern family and psychological research, dysfunctional families have the following characteristics: the existence of any problems in the family is denied, lacks the level of intimacy, a sense of shame are used to motivate individual behavior, family roles are rigid, individual identity is sacrificed family identity, and the individual needs — the needs of the family as a whole.

Psychologically help the family — then promote that intrafamily relationships have been adjusted for the better, and it means — to family help each member develop effectively.

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