Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis


Before a person who thinks seek psychological help, the first thing faces two major problems that seem insurmountable to him. The first — is the abundance of different names and designations of schools specialists. What is the difference psychologist from a therapist, a psychiatrist from a psychologist and psychoanalyst who among them? How to understand the various psychotherapeutic directions?

Let's start with the most important.

Psychologist — A specialist without a medical education that no one heals, and is engaged in studying of the functioning and development of the human psyche. The confusion stems from the fact that in everyday life is often referred to by psychologists psychotherapists.

Psychotherapist specialist, who works with mentally healthy people who are faced with life in various problems, difficulties and internal conflicts. In most cases, psychotherapy is complete without prescribing, and reduces to raise awareness of the patient — their pronunciation, memories forgotten. Psychotherapist helps the patient find ways to solve their problems. Psychotherapeutic help some confused with psychiatric.

Psychiatrist — Doctor which working with mentally ill people. It deals with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment. Last often carried drugs.

There is also neuropsychiatrist: This is a psychiatrist specializing in neurosis and other border states of mind.

And where in this row, the psychoanalyst? Psychoanalyst — is representative of a psychotherapeutic schools, acting on a par with psychodrama, existential therapy, gestalt analysis, art therapy, humanistic approach and a variety of other destinations.

But the second global challenge — how to find a competent therapist (in any of the selected areas) — this is a topic for another discussion.

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