Pura Tanah Lot. The temple on the water

Churches of various denominations and faiths are being built around the world in the most unexpected places. Inside the rock on top of a cliff in the desert and even on small islands in the ocean. The most striking example of such a structure is a Hindu temple Pura Tanah Lot. Insanely beautiful, unusual and mysterious.

This temple is located on the Indonesian island of Bali. It attracts pilgrims from all over the world to pray, as well as tourists to see so many unusual structure.

The name of any Hindu temple has a definite and often very beautiful meaning. In the local dialect Pura Tanah Lot is the following: "the temple of land that is in the sea," and it lives up to its name. Pura Tanah Lot is located on a detached rock that looks like a ship. To get to it you can just walk at low tide along a winding isthmus that connects the temple to the island of Bali.

At the very pagoda tourists are not allowed, this includes only allowed the faithful Hindus. But see it from the outside and appreciate the uniqueness of the building and allow all. At the foot of the rock, the foundation has two small caves. One is equipped to guard this sacred places: poisonous snakes, which should ward off evil spirits, while the second makes its way out of the rock fontanelle, the water of which is healing almost any illness. It was for her sake, and here come the majority of pilgrims and tourists.

In the early 80's rock on which the church is beginning to sink, which could lead to the complete destruction of the shrine. Then the funds were allocated by Japan, to strengthen what nature has destroyed over the years. So thanks to the efforts of those who have one unusual monument of culture managed to save from extinction.

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