RACE, Russian. Faith, Religion. Orthodoxy orthodoxy.

RACE, Russian.  Faith, Religion.  Orthodoxy orthodoxy

Before us is the word (images). What they have in common, what is the difference? Much controversy — people pronounce the words, investing in them each his own concept. There is no agreement, there is no unity. There is no unity — not the people. A crowd. Everyone is looking for the truth, but apparently it's not anywhere close, although theories — a huge set. Can ask ourselves why not? The answer is simple — it is not and should not be. The truth is not in the explicit world. Truth is in the World of Truth. And this is a world of rules, that is, the world of gods. For some reason, many of the people it may not mean anything — not familiar with the word "right". Although often heard at all: "Orthodoxy." Where is the lost key to this image, in any century, among which events?

Let's try to remember.

Number of space-time dimensions of the World of Truth — 65 536 in extent 2048. Our four-dimensional world Reveal. Truth therefore our senses and the human mind is unknowable. To compare the difference in the perception of these worlds can be a drop of water and the entire world ocean. The same ratio — between the dimension of Time and Space. But there are laws that have brought to our world from the World Reveal Govern Perun, Lada, Velez, other gods. Through them the truth gets to us. Clerics keep these sacred texts, called the common word "Veda".

Now all the arguing — what faith is true, what is not. But wasting power: each nation may have its truth. When asked, and your faith is true? — Correct probably say: Truth — from the gods in heaven. And Orthodoxy in Slavs — is the original belief. But Orthodoxy — not the name of the Faith. There are — Ingliizm. If you discover the meaning of the word, we see that our faith itself, is reflecting the truth. Word-IngliIZM chetyrehrunnik if trace his runes, we get "Ingle" — "Truth" — "Earth" — "The World." That is, "Ingle Truth terrestrial world." Feed Ingle is notes of the particles that formed our universe and all living things, it is a single indivisible particle of God. Our ancestors called God "the unknowable essence" or "RaOmHa" (that is, three runes, "Ra", "Om", "ha", with images of the "Shine the Light", "materialized universe", "Positive Energy") . For these images you can imagine how our wise ancestors realized the Creator of the Universe. When I went to stream Ingle, or as stated in the Vedic scriptures (Harati Light) "RaOmHa rush of the great Light of Joy," began appearing Worlds (first multi-dimensional). The gods, the other inhabitants of the Worlds. Svarog "bungled" Svarga, World Reveal — The world of men, there was a reality (of reality, that is "re-ality"). Ality — a set of multi-dimensional worlds, we have not seen and intangible. Thus, our world — just an illusion, Maya, repeat ality (ie reflection). With the death of the person leaves it going to glory.

Therefore, to be faithful to his family, traditions. Culture and Faith, you should choose is primordial. And do not rush to apply the concept of "truth." Now focus on the primordial religion, faith.

Accurately understand the essence of all the concepts and teachings can be, knowing the word images that are displayed. All the laws of the universe, is subject to the same laws. Sound — color — thought — image (form) — Energy — together. Therefore rune letter traga — this is not just a symbol of the plane. The same applies to the word. Even the Bible says — "In the beginning was the Word." Therefore, look at the word images (here, drop it lies taught in school, the creation of academic Lunacharsky and other Bolsheviks — "learned" about the end, suffixes, prefixes — they were not there or not). Russian speech, words are made up of images that are connected together (hence the term "education"). The images are displayed runes trgami, initials, nodular letter figurative mirror writing, Glagolitic, samskrytom (over 6 only essential writing Slavs).

RACE, Russian.  Faith, Religion.  Orthodoxy orthodoxy 

Many say: "The Christian Faith", "The Catholic Faith", etc. How the word (faith)? This word — two runes, two ways: Fleece "Veda" and Fleece "Ra". Fleece "Veda" means "wisdom, knowledge" and "Ra" — "Shine the Light of God." (Rune — is writing one of the white nations, h'Ariytsev. Faith in four white people — was a single). Veda means-Ra (short for faith) — a concept referring to the perception of the world of white people, that is, of our ancestors. Thus, faith is a system of knowledge of white people, not related to religions and faiths of other peoples. But a word of faith originally used and should be used only with adjectives "old", "old" — that is ancient. The old system of knowledge about the Universe. Faith was the Slavs, many hundreds of thousands and millions of years ago, when there were no religions, including many people who created them, long before the settlement of our Earth. Therefore, the adjective "Christian", "Catholic", "Muslim" and the like are not related to this word, reflecting the very different images. For understanding is there to make an analogy: "Russian Negro." If a black man was living in Russia and speak in Russian — it can be conditionally called. But it is of white will not.

In addition, "Faith" (Vedara) is written with a "YAT" (after the letter "B"), the letter that you have withdrawn from the Russian alphabet after the revolution. It is in this writing the word "Faith" (Vedara) means "Shining Wisdom", that is knowledge. In today's writing, through the "e", it means faith without knowledge, that is exactly what is meant in the modern sense. This form was born recently and has distorted the meaning of that now uses all of society.

Now look at the word "religion." "Re" — a "repeat" (check: rehabilitation, re-structuring, re-incarnation, re-revolution, re-action), and the "League" — "public association" (eg the League of Nations, the Football League). So religion (D-League) — a "re-public organization." It is usually created for reconnecting with the Gods, or for another purpose.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and flow — it's religion or sect. Therefore the use of these systems the word "Faith" on probation. Here comes another comparison: In Australia, the animal is called Kangaroo. Everyone knows this animal. But why is it called? When the first white, once in Australia, Aboriginal people have asked how to call the one that jumps, they answered, "Ken Guru" — which means, in their language, "I do not understand you." And was included in the world's languages is the name of Australia and runs an animal, "I do not understand you."

This analogy describes vividly the difference concepts of "faith", "Religion." And if we call religion or sect faith — all the same it does not turn into a system of knowledge, and will be another system.

Distinction between "faith" and "religion" allows you to get closer to understanding the primordial.
But in the name of religion "Buddhism" has the same type trehrunnik "ism" — Truth, Earth, World. So the other people, the yellows lyutey (Chinese) — a system, showing the world its truth earthly world. We have this Ingle, they have — Buddha. In Taoist — Tao. The Jews — Judah. In post-Soviet times people of the USSR — the Commune. Each nation has its own truth of the earthly world (probably more accurate to say — the reflection of the Truth of God.) But the main difference is: if this "truth" is created by people — they may replace it. For example, when our ancient faith was replaced by Christian and Muslim religion, then Communism, democracy, and then just bezpredelom. Substitution values occurred quietly, smoothly. Breaking away from their roots, people lost landmarks. People, unaware of the past, does not control the future. But the future for him to control the other — who replaced. Now as the people do not realize that is only recover rb knowledge and system-parasite collapse like a house of cards. She kept on ignorance. And ignorance is SLO (evil), that is, Selo People On (so Uchi letter read by the images) — "that which is beyond understanding" — that such a sense of our ancestors put in a word.

Why is our belief the original?

Our forefathers said: "Az. God Veda. " They called themselves the aces. Acb (Az) — God incarnate in a human body. But since our ancestors descended from the gods, that is, were their children, how not to know their parents? There is another meaning: I acb (that is God himself), so God only knows. Thus, our great ancestors — Asa residents of the Aces — Asiya (Asia), having received the truth from their parents — the gods, kept it for millions of years in the form of the scriptures — the Vedas. Thus, the primordial is that which was given to the descendants of the gods — the people.

People live in a world waking. Of the dead go to glory. The gods live in the worlds of rules. Hence the other name of our Faith — Orthodox (Rule Slavlenie). Our ancestors glorified world of law — The world of the gods, so — Slavs. But there is also something else: Slav — Slavs Yang and Yin — masculine and feminine. This shows that the Slav — not a nation, and religion. Thus, we have different ways of showing our ancient faith:

— Ingliizm

— Orthodoxy

— Slavyansgvo

However, in some nations, formed after the settlement of the Slavs-Aryans from the sunken continent of North survived and other names of our Faith. For example, Icelanders call it Asaton — that is, "Faith of Aces." In Ireland, the system stores the knowledge Order of Druids (Druid — Priest forests). "Priest" — Retse Life — Life Rekuschy that is, "Knowing Life").

These images are parallel, intersect, complementary. All sorts of different ways to call the Faith, but it was a single and original. Should be added: four white people, settled in after their arrival at the Midgard-Earth (The ancient Slavic Aryan name of our Earth) North Mainland — Daar, two (Russ and Svyatoruss) — Slavs, like the other two (and da'Ariytsy h'Ariytsy ), but the latter is called the Aryan (aria). Their division of the Slavs and Aryans conditional. Externally, they are basically a different color of the retina: h'Ariytsy green-eyed, gray-eyed yes "Aryans, blue-eyed and brown-eyed Svyatoruss race. In Aryan nations adopted an appeal to each other, "Ara", which means "respected." This appeal is preserved among some peoples of the Caucasus (hence arias — this is not a nation, but a community Births, people). However, all four people were at the race (the word is abbreviated reduced images: Birth Country Aces Aces, and also false used in modern lexicon), praised the World and the World of the Gods of the Ancestors — Praise and right, so everybody — Slavs (probably correctly write this concept by a dash: "Slavic Aryan). The word race and have four white people, calling themselves Asami. To understand the worldview of our ancestors to be mentioned that many of the spaces that make up our universe, Slavic Aryans were divided into three worlds: Jav, Nav and law. Reality — The World of People (4-D). Nav — the invisible world of spirits and souls, consisting of multi-dimensional worlds, the right-Worlds of the Gods with more space-time dimensions. But the world is also divided into Navi Dark Nav (Sunshine) and light Nav (Glory).

Now back to the religion called "Christian", and to Islam, which are now spread across Russia, to be exact — to their primordial. For a more complete understanding of Christianity, it is desirable to review the information about the life of Asa Tham (Yeshua, Jesus Christ) as presented cornet Kuban Cossack Yuri Trosheem. It is based on a manuscript, written with the words of Mary Magdalene and had been kept in Ori (Cherkasy) the Cossacks Zaporozhye Sich.

So — about the history of Christianity. When the representatives of the Jewish community came to the rulers of the Roman Empire, they said, "we have the cult of …". That is, Christianity was a sect. They had no temples, they hid in the catacombs. Later, when the Byzantine Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the state religion, the sect began to seize our churches, and took over the system of the Church (the Church — it is not a building with a dome, and the organization). The word "church" comes from the old Slavic images Tse Generic Slave Fathers Circle (in the West and is now called Kirch or Church — "Contoured"). The symbol of Christianity is the original fish (early age of Pisces). In Greek, Jesus Christ — the Savior of the World. This symbol (fish), and is depicted on the walls of the catacombs of Rome, not the cross. (Cross — this is our symbol, which is taken by Christians later. However Kresge was crossed oblique beam — so there was another character that is crowned by domes of Christian churches in Russia.) The first followers of Christ called themselves "Nazarenes" or "Nazarenes" followers of Jesus of Nazareth.

Then came Saul (Saba) — Paul. He took the Torah, the doctrine of Christ, he added his own and got a fine weapon (the Bible) on the decomposition of the Roman army in Palestine (an ideological weapon.) First in Palestine, then in the Roman Empire. But in order that these weapons work, it has collected in two parts: the Old Testament — for the clergy and the New Testament — for the flock. (For comparison, we have one teaching for all).

After the conquest of the western lands of Christianity began moving to Russia. In 988 BC Christianization of Kievan Rus had fire and sword at the cost of two-thirds of the 12 million population of Prince Vladimir — the son of Prince Svyatoslav, who seized the throne of treachery and deceit, after the murder of his brothers.

But what was originally (and the name) Christianity? Take an old manuscript: Radzivilovskaya record (back sheet 8) states that "… all land rousekaya ecu performed on the Orthodox Christian faith» (XIII century). The Rules Peter 1718 said:

"… / / As a Christian sovereign, the Holy Church orthodoxy overseers …".
That is Christianity, as well as Islam, originally was devout, (or orthodox as it is now in the West — Orthodox Christian Church). This is quite natural, since Christianity and Islam — are two branches of the same religion — Judaism.

In Muscovy and other principalities was erased the memory of the Old Faith. When Prince Alexander Gromov of Pereslavl. Nevsky nicknamed, came to stand for the old faith, the men shouted, "do not want a pagan prince." At the Prince of ogvetil them, "not a lover I come to you, and stand up for the Orthodox Faith." But later in the IXX century Alexander Nevsky, as well as a magician hermit Sergius and St. Seraphim of Sarov, canonized (that is canonized Christian saints), although they were not Christians, but to preach the old faith. But beyond the Ural Mountains, on land Tarh God and Goddess Tara (Great Tartary) Slavic-Aryan clans preserved ancient faith. Therefore, learning about the invasion of foreigners, our ancestors gathered Horde (the word is composed of obrayuv "Or", "Yes." Rune "Or" is an image of "strength, power." That is Horde — "Adoption of force", translated from the x ' Aryan runes) and for a time they were able to hold back the invasion iudohristianstva. Then these events were distorted and presented to historians as the "Tatar-Mongol yoke" (modern official history falsified). The word "yoke" in Old English means "order." Hence — the ancient Russian name Igor (Igo Rekuschy) — that is, "to approve the procedure."

Thus, Christianity is fundamentally faithful. But that it would not be confused with Islam, Christian Believers still called themselves "righteous Christians," Where does the expression "Orthodox Christian Church?"

As though fighting priests (so called Christian ministers) to Orthodoxy — Old Faith, she continued to exist alongside the Faithful (righteousness) Christianity. Patriarch Nikon in the XVII century decreed — rewrite the prayer books and prayer books, replacing the word "orthodoxy" to "Orthodoxy" — to replace the concept erase the memory of the old faith and Christianity at the same time assign all the victories and achievements of Orthodoxy. That is, this is what lies behind the modern religion. After the decree of Christians led by archpriest Avakumov refused to accept the word "Orthodox" Nikon declaring: "We do not want to be like the Gentiles." Followers Avakumov called schismatics, or examined. [That is, according to the old rite Christians — Believers (righteousness), Orthodox]. Now often occurs puganitsa these concepts. Old Believers — the followers of the Old Faith (Orthodoxy, or Ingliizma), and Old Believers — the original wing Christians — Orthodox. Subsequently Avakumov was executed, the Old Believers fled east to taiga monasteries, where they were given shelter conservatives. Despite the difference in religion, conservatives realize that it 6patya by blood — the Slavs.

Despite the decree of Patriarch Nikon, led to a split in the Church, many Christian prayer books until the early XX century, continued to be the phrase "orthodox Christian faith", and only in the XX century, the word "orthodoxy" was completely replaced, and the word "Orthodox".

If you understand the essence of the other religions of the world (eg, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism), one can find evidence that most of the knowledge was derived founders of these religions in slavyanoariyskih sources. More than a dozen different Vedic Aryans left in northern India, were the basis of many movements, religions and sects, Hindus, Taoists, the Chinese. Each of the people took from these sources is necessary and reworked under. The closest to the ideological basis of religion to our old faith is Buddhism. It includes many of the teachings of the legs of the Worlds, Arlegov, Aran, Radiance and Peace World Nirvana, telling Gautam Budha — king-chieftain of one of the Aryan birth, lived in northern India, (later called Buddha). But other people have used the knowledge and wisdom of our ancient faith to restore communication with these worlds that have a large number of space-time dimensions. This allowed them to reach the level of perception of the world of God and accept the divine world order. They used as a means of such elements of our Faith, as the various stages of Yoga, mantras, sacred symbols of meditation, martial sisgsmy. Many secrets and special knowledge, borrowed from the Aryan tribes, stored in the Himalayas and Tibet Redskins tribes (the Redskins — a people's guardian). After thousands of descendants of the Vanir [Slavic-Aryan birth populated land of Lake Van (present-day Armenia) and Taiwan (the edge of the Earth Vanir)] will restore the lost ancient wisdom of their ancestors. This will help awareness of the importance of concepts such as "faith." "Religion", "Orthodoxy," "Slavs", "race".

To see proof of borrowing other peoples knowledge of the Old Faith Slavs, just remember some moments of our recent past, deliberately avoided mentioning the modern system of education: King Basil 2nd V. Dark, the ruling to the 4th Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible, was "a great King, Little, white, gold, Hearts, Silver Russia and India Three King. " This is the territory of modern Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Bulgaria, Wormwood, Serbia-so-called Great Veieya, Prussia (Pomeranian Rousseau). and Indo-sgan, Indo-China, Indonesia. Later Great Vienna (Wends) renamed to Europe. The word "Indus" on drevleslovenskom means both the question and the "distant place." Hence the "Indo-mill" — "Far Stan." The names of many lands are played in Slavic languages: Kazakstan, Pakistan. Afghanistan, Seared Stan (Palestine), Persia (Perunova This is the land), Iran (Irian — land came from Iria). Enumeration goes on, including the lands of America and northern Africa. That is why the presence of natural knowledge (faith) Slavic arisv over large areas, in different religions of the world.

Thus, Veda Ra (Vera) Slavic Aryan existed initially, before settling Midgard-ground (in other lands). Religion in its original form on Earth occurred at the origins of knowledge, which owned the other people (yellow, red, black, gray) initially (before the arrival on Midgard), and knowledge drawn from Slavic Aryan Faith, modified these nations under. Sect occurred on the basis of religious systems.

Now let's try to understand the concept of "Russian". We used to call it so, but do not notice that this word does not have the name of a family, tribe, people. Ego "adjective": Russian language can be a song, tradition, and culture. Mauger! be Russian black man — a man with dark skin, who was born in Russia, for example, AS Pushkin. But the nation is called "noun", such as: Swedish, Belgian, Hungarian, Polish. Means — not the "Russian", and Rus, Rusich, Rasich, Russia. White Ros. Silver Russia (Serbia), Borus (Borussia — Divine Russ, now Germany), Svyatoruss, and so on — it was a lot of labor clearing drevlyans, Krivichi, Uglich. Therefore, pronouncing the word "Russian" (and now "Russian"), we do not notice that they have lost ancestral memory and do not know what we old-tribe. Which belonged to leave our grandparents, great-grandparents? But before Russes (and originally aria Slavic people) knew their ancestry to hundreds of thousands of years. (For example,

Alexander the Great — a descendant of the Slavs by blood, he knew the family tree is more than 150 thousand years, kept her from Kogov). After settlement of Slavic-Aryan birth from the area of the island of Buyan (Western Siberia) in different directions in the west, east and south after tens of thousands of years in these areas formed the people with the peculiarities of culture, language, customs, different from each other. When there was a substitution of concepts, and delivery began to lose its roots? The beginning of these times is the time of Christianization of Rus. But if you look further into the thousands, from the beginning of the Night of Svarog (about 6000 years ago) and to some extent even further — from the time of the great catastrophe, death Fattah (average moon Midgard-Earth) and its fragments fall to Earth. And realize now, in the modern "Darkness", their roots, their culture, language, religion and ancient heritage of our great ancestors will help keep us in the Russian lands and scattered all across the Internet nuggets of Ancient Wisdom.

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