Radiation levels measured at three hourly weather stations Primorye

Only three stations Primgidrometa, according to updated figures went into high alert mode and measure the background radiation every hour in connection with information on underground nuclear explosions at the site in the neighboring North Korea, according to forecasters Primorsky Krai.

Central News Agency of North Korea on Tuesday announced a report on the successful underground nuclear tests — to undermine the "light and compact bomb" great destructive power. Previously reported, all stations Primgidrometa went into high alert due to the DPRK's nuclear test.

"In connection with the receipt of information on underground nuclear explosions at the site in North Korea, in the Primorsky Territory stations Barabash, Vladivostok, Poset was put on high alert," — said in a statement.

Information from automatic sensors on these stations every hour goes to the regional information-analytical center of the seaside control hydrometeorological.

"The level of background radiation at stations varies within 10-12 microsieverts per hour. Excess levels of radiation were detected. Observed a moderate north wind was 6.11 meters per second", — stated in the release.

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