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Sciatica — an inflammation of the spine of one of the spinal nerves.

Sudden onset sciatica. It would seem that there were no signs of trouble, and suddenly: awkward movement — and dramatically "to come" in the back. So much so that the tears from his eyes, and not to bend or straighten impossible. Those who at least once in your life is experienced, to explain what radiculitis, is not necessary.

If you believe the statistics, suffering from sciatica every eighth person in the world over forty years. But, unfortunately, over the past few decades, the disease greatly rejuvenated. Today, theradiculitis complain not only old people, pensioners, but also quite young. Very many of them professional athletes and those engaged in intellectual work, for example, those who spend days sitting at the computer.


Between all the vertebrae have holes through which the spinal cord nerves depart. If these nerves are damaged or inflamed — there is sciatica. Approximately 95% of sciatica — a manifestation of degenerative disc disease, and the remaining 5% — the result of long-standing spinal cord injury, or herniated discs. And provoke an attack of sciatica can be awkward movements, weight lifting, sleeping in an uncomfortable position or infection.

What way?

The main symptom of sciatica — pain. What exactly will be hurt, depends on whether, in what region of the spine become inflamed nerve root.

Cervical radiculitis characterized by severe pain in the neck and back of the head, cough, and any movement of the head that pain amplified. In some cases, a person with a neck sciatica dizzy, deteriorating hearing, and there was reeling gait.

At neck and shoulder sciatica there is a sharp pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.

At breast— There are bouts of severe pain, which is like encircling the chest.

And finally, the most famous form of sciatica — lumbosacral. The one where "neither sit nor stand up." Loins hurts like hell, especially when walking and slopes.



If you feel a sharp pain in his back, poison for a consultation with a neurologist. The main task of the doctor — sciatica distinguished from all the other diseases that are accompanied by a similar pain. After the doctor listen to you and examine it carefully referral for x-ray spine. This is the only way to estimate how much and where the spine is damaged.


If you rolled a sciatica and the doctor has not yet arrived, urgently go to bed. It is desirable that it should not be too soft. Drink a painkiller pill. Rub the sore lower back (or that you have a headache) and a good analgesic ointment Cover the woolen scarf. Special treatment of sciatica include drugs, reduce inflammation, pain, and warm-up facilities (eg, bee or snake venom, a tincture of hot pepper), etc. During 1-2 days, it is important to observe complete rest. Good effect in the treatment of sciatica have physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage and manual therapy. If sciatica was the result of herniated disc, you may need the help of a surgeon.

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