Radio tower + music = a blade of grass!

At first glance, an interesting effect is observed guys, putting a blade of grass in a powerful radio antenna mast: at the point of contact is the smoke and begins to hear the music! But if you look closer, the young people themselves — such as a blade of grass, through which there is a high current! That is, it is possible that their health is clearly shaken, if not worse …

Here is one of the opinions that explain this phenomenon.

This CB antenna Toli Toli HF radio. It uses amplitude modulation of the signal, ie the beat of the sound changes the signal strength.

Since power is very large, and the field strength near the antenna is also very large, the grounded between the mast and the man who keeps the grass occurs RF current, which is the point of contact with the mast grass ignites the arc, for the modulation of the intensity of the arc varies in time with the signal of the radio station, that generates a sound that we hear.


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