Rainbow eucalyptus. Prettiest tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) — The only species of eucalyptus, which grows in the northern hemisphere. Besides the fact that eucalyptus growing up to 70 meters in height, it also shines with all the colors of the rainbow: its bark can be painted in yellow, green, orange, and even purple.

The unusual phenomenon is due to parts of the cortex, flaking at different times. Various colors — indicators of bark age: recently lost, the outer bark is bright green. Over time the crust and varies from dark blue to purple and then reaches maroon and orange colors. It turns out a kind of natural camouflage.

Rainbow eucalyptus are used worldwide for processing in the special ingredient for making paper. This is the perfect tree for creating high-quality white paper.

Of eucalyptus trees, processed into paper, only 16% were grown specifically, 9% is the old wood, and 75% — forests third generation or higher. These trees grow for decades to eventually be recycled for a small amount of paper. Recently, however, there is a positive trend of increasing cultivation of rainbow eucalyptus trees and reforestation.

In 1929, the seeds of eucalyptus have been taken to the Hawaiian Islands, and then to Florida. After some time, they have spread all over the world: South America, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia and other countries.


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