Ratings of Putin and Medvedev fires do not damage

This was stated in an interview with Radio Liberty, the Russian expert sociological institution "Levada-Center" Denis Volkov. He denies the facts of the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", which on Tuesday wrote that the ratings of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin allegedly impaired:

"Newspaper" Vedomosti "is not quite correct to use our data, because, if you look at the trend, according to data lipenskimi the contrary, we have recorded some increase in ratings of Putin and Medvedev. Comparing the data of May and June, then there really is a drop in the four Interest Putin and Medvedev in one. For 11 years we have been monitoring Putin's rating, and it hovers around 40-50 percent, and the fluctuations of 4 percent is slightly higher than the statistical error. Therefore we can not speak of a tendency to fall, according to our the data is not visible. "

"You carried out a survey of confidence in the Russian government before the peak fire. How can they affect the position of the Russian government?"

"Our next survey will be in a week or two, and I think, that dramatic changes will not be exact. If we look at how the theme of fire is fed to the media and how they behave the first person, it seems that the position of the ordinary, but the authorities kept quite competent. When sank the submarine "Kursk", Putin did not interrupt the rest, and now he's in the fields, on the front and it seems that the Russian state is in an emergency situation is much more efficient than in everyday life. The specific events of the first concrete steps ratings are not very dependent persons, leaders are perceived as guarantors of well-being, and people look at them as symbolic figures. "

"If the Russians will have to choose between Medvedev and Putin, who now has a better chance?"

"We see that Medvedev is perceived more independent figure. It is next to Putin in the perception of public opinion, I'm not talking about the distribution of power within political groupings, and for understanding. Regarding the elections, it all depends on how you ask the question. When they go together, then Putin will automatically lead. When we put an open question, who would you like to see the president, the gap is significantly reduced, it is about 10 percent. "


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