Ravenna. The tomb of King Theodoric

The tomb of King Theodoric — amazing monument that caught my attention the fact that the dome of this building crowned 300-ton megalith! This article is a theory of how this boulder transported by sea, as well as raised to such a height, but I think this is not real. It is also particularly noteworthy sarcophagus, Made from a totally different breed than the tomb. In general, read, judge for yourself.

A significant legacy of Christian Art V and VI centuries. is the city of Ravenna, once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, the Emperor Honorius.

Buildings of this period are a testament to the connection of the Roman traditions and oriental influences. They are characterized by the use of brick and rich mosaic decoration of interiors. So, next are the Basilica (Saint Nuovo) and concentric structure. A striking example of the latter — the temple of San Vitale. This building, in spite of its large size, the impression of ease and plenty of light. The dome of a very interesting way of complex shaped hollow bricks in the form of clay pots.

In Ravenna, close to the sea shore stands a massive and austere tomb of the Ostrogothic king Theodoric (about 526 AD. E.), Who tried in vain to unite under his power Romans and ready.

To this day, the tomb is the most interesting buildings in Ravenna.

The round tower tombs of King Theodoric rises above decahedral base. Instead dome mausoleum is covered by one of the largest monoliths ever used in construction (diameter of 10.5 m, height 2.5 m). This block, mined on the opposite shore of the Adriatic Sea, in Istria rocky and there hollowed out to reduce weight, was taken to Ravenna suspended between ships. Then the monolith was raised on an earthen mound in the level of the tomb, and crowned with a tower at a height of multimeter that shows how strong the tradition still building skill of the Roman time.

Though the architect, his vozdvignuvshy in VI. Probably studied Oriental and Roman monuments, their slender lost here somewhat rough simplicity, coupled with an impressive overall appearance.

Among the nations, to settle on the ruins of the Roman Empire, obviously still maintained such construction skills.



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