Released two volumes of Larissa Heniyush

On the 100th anniversary of the outstanding Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush published a collection of her works in two volumes: the poems, chosen from the books in his lifetime, from publications in periodicals, letters, and 74 poems, which are published for the first time. This two-volume work — the most comprehensive, diverse genre, tekstalyagichna crafted and prakamentavanae edition of its heritage.

Two-volume edition Larissa Heniyush published in the metropolitan publishing "Limaryus" an edition of 400 copies. The first is made up of the poem and the poem. In 1967, the then literary consultant "Grodno Truth" Vasily Bulls Larissa wrote Heniyush"I am proud of your poetic gold veins …"

New photos from the family archives of Larissa Heniyush that never been published previously

The publication is truly unique — 74 poems found in the Rare Book and Manuscript Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences, are published for the first time. The book contains many rare photographs — from the studio portrait of a beautiful woman, made in 1939 in Prague, to a picture of her camp shirt sewn on the back of prisoners' room …

Tells the compiler of the two-volume poet Michas Scoble"The legacy of Larissa Heniyush — as well: on the surface of only a few tsybravinav, the rest — in depth. In two volumes, except for unknown poems, first printed 112 letters that are unknown about fifty shots for which I want to thank the grandson of the poet Mikhail Heniyush. Course, all it adds weight to this edition. remember how at the beginning of the anniversary year, we sat and talked with Michael Heniyush in the snow-covered village near Bialystok. I asked his namesake — what is the main lesson of life he received from his grandmother? And he said grandmother punishing her grandson — hold on righteousness, truth is not zaroesh and did not agree to the Gulag. Heniyush Larissa won — a truth. "

The second volume is placed prose: a documentary novel "The Confession" and writing poet, including the Basil Bykov, Maxim Tank, Gregory Baradulin, Zoski Veras, Danuta Bichel, to the then U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Lawrence Stayngarda.

Edition was published by the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva.

"I have great respect for Larissa Heniyush as a person, as a woman, as a poet from all angles and aspects. But the fact that she wrote her" Confessions "… When I first read it — and it was a long time ago — I just vzdryganuvsya. This confession, I saw a man demanding above all to himself, a woman who has been demanding for itself and does not spare herself the truth of this life. And now, having read her "Confessions," I fell in love and very, very sorry that through very petty circumstances something prevented me from learning to drive it, or something else, I could not meet her. This can be considered a drawback of her presence in my world, in a physical form that I could look her in the eyes, to hear her words. now it is only through the book … "- Said Nekljaev.

August 7, on the eve of the birth of Larissa Heniyush, Celebrations will be held in Zelva, including a celebration at the House of Culture.

Poet Michael Scoble says: "After the August 4 Zelvenskiy authorities disrupted plaque from home Heniyush Larissa, I doubt whether we have the moral right to take part in an event in the House of Culture, which organizes the executive committee. This will be decided at an emergency meeting of the organizing committee, which will take place tomorrow. "

The festivities will begin at Zelva August 7 in the morning of the 10th with a memorial service at the Holy Trinity Church. There will also be a memorial exhibition dedicated to Larissa Heniyush.



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