Renunciation of Pope: Holy place is empty. For how long?

All world news discuss renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI. Many questions: what are the real motives behind his decision, who will succeed, as will be developed further the Roman Catholic Church?

A holy place is empty — still happens or not? Formally, of course, the Holy See continues to Benedict XVI. However, up to the minute known when Pope resigned. It will happen on February 28th at 23:00. Voluntarily. And, God willing, during the life of His Holiness. The case for the Catholic Church, if not unprecedented, then, at least, it is extremely rare. Last alive papacy pontiff left 600 years ago. And now Benedict XVI.

Yes, young man. Yes, with certain health problems. But it is just a couple of months ago, he has mastered the "Twitter." And then this news. Like a bolt from the blue. After the departure of the Pope, by the way, in a convent in the whole world at once orphaned more than one billion people. Billion 196 million, to be exact — a congregation of Catholics.

That's the country where Catholics — 90% of the population. South America — almost at full strength. A large number of European countries. The three also includes Brazil, Mexico, United States.

Russia is a region where the distribution of Catholic ideas among the population does not exceed 10%. In our country there are about 800,000 Catholics.

Despite such a pleasant geography, the outflow of believers remains a headache for the Vatican. In the first place, of course, in Europe. It turns out that my father goes into a difficult time for his flock. Over the past two decades, only in Germany, the number of parishioners has decreased by almost half.

Played a role in numerous scandals in the first place, with pedophilia. Benedict XVI has condemned those who tried to hush up the case. It turned out that the Vatican each year receives about 600 allegations of violence against children by priests. In May last year the Pope Paolo Gabriele valet stole documents and personal correspondence, the pontiff, which spoke of corruption and sex scandals in the center of which — the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.

Was under attack and the Vatican Bank — he was accused of money laundering. And as a result, the Central Bank of Italy has blocked all electronic payments in the Vatican. Tourists and their year — about 5 million people, can no longer pay the "plastic". But on this issue is not over. Earlier this year, the British The Guardian has accused the Holy See that he has an entire empire of real estate in the UK, France, Switzerland, and built this empire on money Mussolini.

In general, all the hype popularity of the Catholic Church explicitly added. And yet, the question of the number of clergy congregation concerned, not only for the missionary point of view. It is directly connected with the finances.

Revenues Vatican are quite diverse, but it is predominant donations. Gifts of Catholics are divided into two groups. The first — "a penny of St. Peter," is begging tourists, pilgrims and parishioners Catholics. Second — contributions of Catholic dioceses and parishes.

While journalists expose untold wealth owned by the Holy See, the Vatican just barely making ends meet. According to official data, in 2011 the deficit was a record for the decade 15 million. And this tendency is kept for several years. The exception here was only in 2010 when the Holy See was possible to fix an unexpected surplus — almost 10 million euros. In 2008 — "St. Peter's penny" dropped by 4 million. Proceeds from the dioceses were about 30 million.

"The Vatican, in general, acts as a financial center" — confirms Tatiana Zonova — Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of International Diplomacy at MGIMO.

Scandals, financial problems, and that's against this background — a revolutionary, at first glance, the decision is no longer young Benedict seems logical. It is possible that the Vatican decided: the Holy See needs a more energetic leader to gather the flock disperses. And it must be done urgently.

On the likely candidates, of course, talking at once. Moreover after only an hour on the internet launched themed sweepstakes. Among the candidates — 68-year-old archbishop of Quebec Marc Uellet. World press calls him a moderate and the most preferred candidate for the papacy. Last year, he said that the financial crisis actually hides the human crisis. Save the world from economic shocks, in his opinion, should the growing influence of the church. Odds for Uelleta at bookmakers — 7 to 2.

Another popular candidate — Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Tarkson. Relatively young (he's only 64 years old), born into a large family (he has — nine brothers and sisters and 30 nieces). In this case, the cardinal — a prominent opponent of condoms. Argues that poor-quality contraceptives, which are distributed in Africa, only aggravate the situation with AIDS. He became famous for his criticism Tarkson and financial system. In particular, the cardinal from Ghana strongly supported the movement "Okkupay Wall Street." Do bookmakers Tarkson is the absolute favorite. At the moment, accepted bets on a ratio of 3 to 1.

In light of the fact that quite a while on the papal throne was the Italians, experts estimate the chances of bad Angelo Scola — 71-year-old Archbishop of Milan. The author of numerous scientific papers on the most painful for the church today topic — on biomedical ethics, sexuality and marriage — Scola stands for friendly relations with the Islamic world. Take bets on it at the rate of 8 to 1.

In the list of the main contenders for the papacy representative of New World black — which was never. But even more spice to the situation adds the so-called prophecy of the Popes, attributed to St. Malachy. This prophecy — 112 short phrases in Latin. Each of them describes the popes until the second coming. So according to this prophecy, Benedict XVI is the penultimate Pope. He described the phrase "glory of the olive." It would seem, what is it? The fact that Benedict XVI headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — it is — the Holy Inquisition. So on its coat of arms depicts the olive branch.

But about following Pope Benedict in the prophecy says: "Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep among the many torments, for the accomplishment of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge his people."

The document has been a matter of controversy for centuries. However, some matches can not be left unnoticed. Adds mystique and last event: the day when Benedict XVI announced his decision to the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome, struck by lightning.

But be that as it may, the Vatican, of course, no prophecy of the election of the new Pontiff can not stop. It is already known that the election of a new pope — in March. In the famous Sistine Chapel will Conclave — a collection of cardinals. The right to vote — in 118 bishops from 69 countries. Indoors, they will stay as long as choose a new pontiff. The candidate must score 2/3 + 1 vote, that is, to vote, at least 79 cardinals.

From the first time the Pope has never elected. The last time the conclave met for two days. Record set in the XIV century. Cardinals Prozasedavshiesya 2 years and 4 months and 6 days. On voting day, the world's attention focused on the Sistine Chapel chimney. If no candidate required number of votes is not gaining from it is black smoke. If a consensus is reached, the world will see white smoke

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