Reported poetry contest winners named Larissa Heniyush


Poetry contest was announced in March to support talented youth. The contest was organized association of Christian writers "Ringing of church bells." Participation in the competition was nearly three dozen artists from all over Belarus.

The authors evaluated the ability of a jury of journalist Paul Sevyarinets, poet Branches Korzeniowski and writer Nicholas Trofimchuk. As a result, were declared winners of two special awards, seven winners and seven winners.

Spetspryzami awarded Galina Yaroshevich from Baranovichi — the author of a song cycle on poems of Larissa Heniyush, as well as historical and patriotic club "Heritage" from village palace Dyatlovsky Grodno region.

The winners of the poetry contest began Elena SURBA andZoe Beetle from Grodno, Edward Grakovich of the Minsk district, Mary Borovik with Glybochchyny, Ales Kornev of Baranovichi Maryla Shlikov andAles Verteyko from Minsk.

Valuable prizes were given Yuriy Kostyuk of Novopolotsk Aldona Navtsyankova of Klecka, Elena Bogdan from Brest, Catherine Gluhovskij andRagneda Malahovskiy from Minsk Alexei White of Baranovichi Elena Artemov from Vitebsk.

The award ceremony was held in the office of the Belarusian Language Society named Skarina, BelaPAN.


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