Righteous — newfound Holy Book rusichej


In Karelia written book — knowledge of the Magi — which, according to local scientists, more than one thousand years

As the experts in Petrozavodsk man came and said he was willing to give them some of the ancient wisdom, they do not believe. And he took them to sing … a book. And doubts vanished: a resident of the Karelian backwoods knew by heart the huge amount — hundreds of pages.

— And we realized that it was — the opening — he says from Petrozavodsk Alexei Popov. — "Righteous" is the title of a book — it's intimate knowledge of the ancient wise men who teach wisdom, talking about education of the soul. The very name has a double meaning. With the stress on the first syllable would be "righteous", the word "righteous" — the ancient knowledge of the existence of the moral law. With the accent on the second syllable gets "righteous." Vedic (from the word "know" — to know) religion of the ancient Slavs — the culture of our ancestors. Veda — know the essence of life, of being.

— You talk about the book as a sensation. And what's so unusual about that?

— What was sensational when Karelian Zaonezhie in XIX century were written texts of ancient epics? Sensation — in the fact of discovery. This heritage of Russian culture, the Russian soul. Epic view of the world is also the ancestors. What sensationalism runes famous epic "Kalevala", also recorded in Karelia? And there — a harmonious system outlook ancestors Finns and Karelians. "Righteous" to help look into the roots of the culture of the people. You will not find information like "aliens living on Mars." But there is a "just man" answers, such as questions about the origins of traditions. Contents of the book indicates, in particular, to the fact that Christianity in Russia continued the moral traditions that have existed here for centuries.

The book consists of four parts. Their names — "Power," "Glory," "consciousness," "Family." There is talk that a higher power, that is the power of man, that is energy, how a person in this world can be both strong and enlightened. Strength — this is the beginning of everything. Glory to the book — is the glory of God. Co-knowledge — it is to be in the know, to be with God, to learn wisdom. Rod — a family. The family comes from God. Rod — this generation of people who really are a unity. If you love your family and your loved ones love you, they give you the power and knowledge.

— And who is this man who sang "righteous"? Where did he get this knowledge?
— This is an unusual man. Of himself he almost did not say anything. Said only that the knowledge of a very old, passed down from generation to generation. And he is the custodian of ancestral memory, a tradition he follows. And now is the time, in his words, to convey knowledge.
Whether to believe him? He said: "I do not care." Now it is clear: it is really ancient knowledge. We do not always agree with some thoughts of the book. Our task in the other — to study the text. What we are now doing.

Tsygankov Svetlana own. corr. "Labor."

Peace Paintings defining matters of faith, enshrined in the sacred books of nations through writing, and language. The Indians are graphic symbols "Popol Wuhan", the Hindu Vedas is Sanskrit, the Arab Muslims, this verse of the Quran, the Jews — hand-written on the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew sacred Torah. And where is the holy book of Russian?

God — Once or Ras, but not alone.
Devil — On or two.
This is a cool mill millstone Lord.
Three mill, three:
So life with-Troitsya with Trinity.
The system is always with-triple,
Really, the essence of the Trinity — is the force
Do not follow any law or system,
But, holding powers, scepter
Without leaving a trace, all the rights
So that every thought — he lived!
Realize the mystery of the Trinity,
It's simple: The image — the Lord.
On-Time — God and the Devil.

What a country is this? We all have everything, and we have, where you look at, and that is not, and this is not! But here there is some serious, tragic and comic, the problem: if the Russians did their higher uniting, not why these spaces are still no one won? Nedra them — not rich, water, forests and fields they are not abundant, they are not wanted? Christian Napoleon with his multi-national army, Hitler and the Nazi war machine and mystical manipulation, and before many other "conquerors of the universe" — which are then guided by them when they, burning eyes, delivering the "Hand of Vengeance" here, to the north? Why eternal dream of the world, "pastors" at least in the West, at least from the east — to win, to destroy our country, erase even the memory of it? What is this — a banal desire to win her wealth or fierce hatred junior to the senior, the second to the first — the carrier "mysterious Russian soul"? Name of the country-then what? Race, or race wastefully. Think about it now ..

Perhaps the area and the people in it were not there? How old maps — tartar and all, there is no more data. The pyramids of Egypt know about Babylon, with its tower heard, half the world upside down in search of Atlantis. But something has been forgotten. About Hyperborea, "the country of the north wind — beloved by the gods, and has given the people of knowledge and science." From this northern country the ancient legends of other peoples associate "golden age" of a single, mankind nerazobschennogo

Back to the issue of preservation of historic evidence. It's simple, if you follow through thoughtful consideration to the language spoken. Russia — first of all, a land of forests. By the way, is still the world's largest natural ecosystem. Forests are known to consist mainly of trees. Tree or tree — the only party in the nature of the biosphere to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Saying in effect, albeit metaphorically, is the savior of life on Earth. Because most of the myths of peoples inhabiting the planet there is a collective image of the primary life-giving World Tree. In Russian "ancient" means literally related material from the tree, the tree and symbolically — a World Tree. When the Russian language means "antiquity", he realizes it is the connection. So, the famous gold, bronze and iron ages preceded the Ancient Age! Hyperborea-century Rasei! North Grand-Motherland!

It is important to understand the higher natural justice — the first signs of leave, after all they are always clean! Dying (going back to the World), the trees go without a trace. Here are the first given the opportunity to start all subsequent life as a beginning. So committed natural cycle of life. What more proof needed boring materialist — found in Paleozoic strata bulldozer "Komatsu" or plastic bottle company "Pepsi", which "took everything out of life?" But the same is not a pure source, and smelly dump "consumer society", which is now transformed and our earthly home.

Not at all! No need to wait for such material "revelations." There is evidence of some sort, and we're talking about them. Man — this is, above all, his consciousness. In trinity "faith — the language — a picture of the World" every people occupy a prominent place, as we said, the idea of world order. The more versatile and complete picture of the World, the older is the people, the media and the keeper of higher learning, because such knowledge is "the root" and is the root. In the old legends of different nations it true for everyone, knowing the name of universal knowledge, or universal faith. And his presence again linked to Hyperborea.

In Ode, Rights and catcher
Then — Welcome to give Will.
Will — are legitimate, hand catcher.
In Ode, Rights and catcher
That — Evil that creates freedom — bondage.
Freedom — the essence of the system, network Trapper
Welcome — Knowledge of Living,
Evil — Dead Languages.
Recognize that in Oda, Trapper
Expediency — Meeting
The Dead and the Living Knowledge.
Here again Thinking and Knowing.
Here are a couple that is born of the First Life. Present.

Is on the north of Russia amazing country — Karelia, in dense woods which went from the kings of the Old Believers, taking with them the priceless relics, and to the Magi kings are circulating in their hour of need. Karelia — ancient Korela — not just open to the world seems to be forever lost art treasures. Runes famous Finnish epic "Kalevala", no less famous Russian folk tales were first restored in this northern region. Now it's time the sacred texts in the last two years, members of the International Academy of Petrozavodsk megascience carefully recorded in the northern outback document called "righteous" (with the accent on the first syllable). The result was sensational. Six hundred pages of white verses "righteousness," first give a holistic description of the world from the standpoint of hyperborean Universal Knowledge became available to the Russians because of Karelia, as earlier, "Kalevala", survived and returned to people "righteous" — ancient sacred knowledge northern Magi

In accordance with PervoYazykom,
Charter of Rights is the name of truth — PRA Yes!
This book is notable. Know that there is truth!
Charter Law is named Righteous — Ballast slave!

Each of the four books of the "righteous" is dedicated to one of the key issues of life, and information each subsequent part based on the previous, creating a magnificent mysleformenny pattern. So "Power" tells the original principles of the device of the World, "Glory" is presented by the pantheon of the First and honorable, "Consciousness" describes the relationship of the human with the Higher-Education Knowledge, "Rod" is devoted to the existence of human society, or his fate. Book have already appreciated the scientists — the content is strikingly confirms many religious beliefs of different people, and the most recent scientific breakthroughs in understanding the universe. Retell "righteous" difficult, because every time they open to the interested reader in a new way. This makes the book again and again to return to its pages, learning the wisdom and sacred power of the Russian words, admiring and sometimes horror of the truth of life, which is usually taken to remain silent — so peaceful

"Righteous" — Russian anthem (RASSC) firstborn language, every word of which, being precise in meaning, is a continuation of the vibration of the eternal and infinite world. For example, theologians and philosophers for centuries can not possibly answer the question — in the nature of God, or God is nature? Simpler and more elegant than the offer, "righteous", the answer to this question can not be. Is the Supreme God — Rod. As a wife with her husband, and the nature — in kind! That's it! So!

Rock — The fate.
with Rock — it is time, Fate!
In Rock — Mandate and punishment of five-Destiny!
On the Rock — that should at Destiny.
By Rock Cross Destiny
Over the Rock — the word Destiny
From the Rock — who of rock, or the fate of the young.
Moe Rock — imaginary, what sort of effect on the Destiny.
Fool — deceive, fool, lie, lie.
About Rock — who broadcasts on Destiny.

At the same time in this "righteous" reveal the essence of the universe and the role of male and female, God — Man first, Nature — Woman and Two. Take a key religious symbol — the image. Also recall the existence of the mystery of the Trinity united, and through original Russian language will reveal this secret in the same sentence. God — the first one, so it is time. Nature — Second, it means two, or a couple, or both. Trinity — a meeting Rod and Nature Wedding Husband and Virgo. In short: On-Time or On-Time. Trinity is the image, and the world is a Trinity, one-of-unity and togetherness! That's so simple, "just to" leave reading one on one with their world view, their conscience, and everyone can make his own decision. They do not teach, do not impose truths, and tell — about the meaning of life, about the fate of a higher justice, orders and punishment.

God and the devil,
Truth and Ideal
Light and Darkness
Since forever-mines and on-unifying
Two images, two of the world — the higher, the lower.
They — on guard and alert.
Recognize-treatment one to another
There are of-rotation.
It occurs quickly.
So the truth is changed to sham —
Time of the Xia-rotates in space.

In addition to simple and clear explanation of how a person comes into this world and then to leave, "just to" give an answer to the eternal questions of Russian — who is to blame and what to do in the holy book laid a strong social program. Maybe because "righteous" and revealed now rushing to Russian society?

Property, or body, belongings.
Property — and have believed.
But doing good is a work
Otherwise — the doing, not belongings.
Belongings, as the world would die to remain in darkness and perish,
Belongings — evil. Do not think!
Stash belongings, it is considered an insult.
Mourn the one who saves.
Welcome — the burden with which the world will return to Trinity
To the gates of the WHO-gate: for eternal life.
The good is the right to keep the law, behave,
After Trinity — Soderzhitel, autocrat.
Trinity similar worlds.

U "righteous" and there will be an indifferent reader. They ignite consciousness. Who is the author of this book — a beautiful and terrible? Who is the great mediator between knowledge and the Russian people? Themselves are responsible for this "righteous" in the last lines of which it is said: "It is written on PervoYazyke Wit." Know this: the prophet Rasei — Vit. "Righteous" do not teach, and talk, talk about what was, is and will be. They reject violence and conflict, pointing out that in the eternal and infinite, the universe of active irreconcilable differences just can not be. "Righteous" recognize that nature is perfectly organized, and also encourage people to reach the inner, spiritual, organization — for his own good. How to implement this — detailed in the pages of "righteousness."

As befits the sacred text for a particular nation, the Sacred Book of Russian is not translated to other languages. Read and comprehend the "righteous" only in Russian.

Harmony is death.
But chaos — life.
How awful truth — Ideal dangerous
Yes, the truth is terrible — this world will perish,
Yes, the truth is beautiful — it will be reborn.

Righteous Book 1
Righteous with explanations
Righteous Book 2. "Image"

Preface to the righteous

WHO to give birth to himself, must know yourself.
is know ourselves.
Who knows the world, controls the world.
Knowing who he is — He creates worlds.
Manage — means
Be in charge of Essence, Body, Case.
Veda — is to see, know.

Thought and thinking mechanisms

Here we're talking about, once and add Mind. What is it? On-time as a small part — is the atom. On-time as a large part — a cluster of atoms. On-time as a Giant — it's satellites, planets and stars. The image of the essence — it are concentrated in One Private, or Wednesday. On-time as a manifestation of the real thing — this idea in volume. On-time as a form — is that the poc-Troeno and US-Troeno, or Trinity. On all-time-am found a place to live in the One great image's. In the one that gives the right to live in the world of coexisting substance or small, private on-time th. Who are we, man? On-One, and Live! The essence of the first three simple. The essence of the Trinity as a person — it is a wise soul, Lick — this time Mind-Spirit-tion, as Lick — it's mind-ing body. It's time to separate these concepts. Soul, spirit and body — is part of the one of the Trinity, with Live On-Time. All parts among themselves dif-ferent and the need to because they reflect present, future and past.

As a person is perceived on-One, and the world? With the power of the Trinity! Ever who's first? One who, by changing the form, without changing the essence, or Real? What is Real? The whole point — this is life as a time — an eternity, as the space — is Infinity. What ever the second? It is used Pytanie playback Meal Soul — in the future and the past, in Time and Space, the power of manifestation of the Trinity: the Spirit and the Body. What used pytyvaya, recovery impregnated in each MIG's? Whole in private: Soul, Spirit and Body. Essence together — the Lord in the way in life. In-On-One, their mechanism of thought:

What's the first? Thinking is the production of thoughts.
The idea — eternal, infinite, imperishable, and this Trinity:
Wisdom as a person, is an image
Time-mind as a spirit, it is in-considerations,
The mind is like the body, it is co-considerations.

What is peace? This ability to understand and once-Ability to comprehend. Thought as a moment — this is a meeting of mind and body through the umbilical cord in the Present Soul. Soul in the Present compares Traces of the Past and the Future. Next to the real thing — it's image as a Print forces than can be words, as the once-ey-Wicker Letters. How to trace process is in current image s perception of the world. Tracks like essence — is the vessel contents or knowledge, and more! Knowledge in current or flow is always used by POL-nyaemogo vessel to on-POL-nyaemy. Consciousness of the individual as the essence — this vessel, to the best A full and complete th. What is completely and full beard? But could not be easier: This is the time and support, connection between the future and the past through the middle, or Soul. What is the world around us? Is everything and nothing: the world and you — As in him, his dream.

What's the second? In our world — there are Future. It Face of a Person. Spirit Personality Like Fire — is something for the future, otherwise the contents of the soul. Spirit — is the Torch covering of the dark essence of knowledge, the Spirit as Explorer — it's current knowledge, the Spirit of the just-mind — this knowledge without error, the Spirit as a tool — it sight ADD. Spirit, as Stalker: catches and manifests itself in the soul a reflection of the future. Spirit — is the mirror that reflects on-and Focus-iruet sanctified future. What are stated and focused? It is known that a:-striction due to image and essence — hallowed imprint forces or Knowledge. Where is the reflection of falling? Know where: in the Soul. Spirit Personality As Wayfarer — is leading in the Trinity.

What's the third? In our world — there are Past. It Lick of the personality. Personality as a vessel of the mind — is the body of the Past, or a form of knowledge of the Soul. As with the mind-traveler — a slave, or one who is perceived through the gift of the Spirit Soul. D-Mind-amb as a process — means to have an opinion, compared to the past, or else it seems, auxiliary-Minaya. Content soul transfused into the body, which is like a vessel that has a form. The mind as the body, burdened by the Past, the Future takes MIG through the present, and is a tribute to the heel of the senses. Projecting and in focus from single-treasure-yvaya they feel mind gets the best of a full copy of the track as the image of the future in the present. Next — a reflection cast heel FORCES. As the next future is the past? Well-Dar-i-abilities and mind! Um enie D-Mind-amb — it is work of the Mechanism of Libra in individuals associated with memory. The body has a quality-and-imposes ravnivat New samples were already with the knowledge with the present-Hsia in the past. That balances the body with-equating in the mind? It is known that: the legacy of Spirit Trail as an imprint that is the image or idea in volume. Image — is the key. Every moment of the Future in the Present — A new, unique way. No repeat of their combinations. WHO-Razite that the key is the quality of replay? My answer: Yes, the property has to be like, but not exactly. As time goes on, So Yesterday's image of the Force, the morning of the New Day, the very new. Not the same, yesterday, because the changed time and space. Therefore, every time image — NEW, NEW produces th is shaking, or waking up the following birth as a result of Labour Mind. The mind is always Adds new event has already taken place, the deposition in the figurative body memory. The mind always compares weight of what has been, to the fact that in this Ob-unified with the past. Sample Print balanced. Otherwise the key is that there is always new, opens the gates of the body as cells of the past. What is the past? This Past as memory ordered Warehouse Knowledge. The mind projects the new key in the door cell HISTORICAL FACTS, which are stored in the body. It opens in response to the cell assembly of memory. Living in the past were presently on-again alive. The shutter key and need each other as a way to you, live in the present — without confusing or losing the essence. Individually, they are not residents of this world. The mind goes through the new key locks the cell was accomplished in the past, of events, from the memory of the body. Along the way they are doing mind tangle of thoughts Liberated Past. The mind has a role in the body weight between events of the future, of the reflected in the present and past events, the reflection in the memory of the Body. One bowl on the right as new image, he is one, it is MIG future to the present, the other cup on the left as images of the past, a lot of them, all memory of the current life. Fun: in fact, the human mind is able to perform only two operations: Add and Compare. For more and can not do. The mind can not know the function is not the! At the output of a mind- Result Comparisons, which gives the reflection of the soul. Her turn to labor.

Gather his thoughts.

That the fourth? In our world Obviously there is no real. The presence Today — It's a Life As a gift from the Lord of the other world. His name — alive. On-unifying Trinity Personality — Ability to independently is used to know the world in comparison, being improved. As pos-commences Personality? Libra — is The mind and the body, it is alleged shipment of events past, left-hand scale. Spirit — the weight of the Future, right scale. Soul — is weigher. She opts for option comparisons, offers mind and body as a result of their work.

The comparison result is personal choice as a soul, born of thought. Following this, the Body You-mines the memory of the mesh, which is written in-assignment of meaning as a result of the comparison. It is locked, which is above the prints were called twisted force as a key, which is the image. Labor Personality — a choice or the result as a reflection in the Present Ability size of the Soul-a limit of no-Just focus and balance the extremes of Images — future and past.

Time-mind as Spirit — This is the hand of the Lord, in-Bireh and is chosen with knowledge of the future. Mind and body — is Libra and memory of the Lord, folding and comparing samples of Knowledge, a reflection of the present: the Future and the Past. Identity as a soul — the Lord Himself — The measure or weigher Images, born thought himself capable.

What's the fifth? Know the Truth! Everything happens only in the present. And its in our World Clearly no. It is a limit of th (in the Cause), and in our world is manifested through imaginary soul who always connected into one unit — a single organism. Talking about the past is still so — Past. Clearly not live past, deader nowhere. It comes to life in the Present, and only if you remember. The future is clearly not living, it comes alive in the present andonly in the reflected-onPresent for the Future and the Past — A Sham. If the future — something that has not, but that had gathered in a fist waiting to dvignutsya is to spend your time, then the future — it is the world that its roots are still in the Now! Because nothing in the IDE extends. But the bubble of Time, Hole world, so there was, allegedly. In no reflection to anyone UT Time — as the case, but not a level field. Each time reflected the world — in fact, his own. The world has no common future. Future — it's just going, Mr. Ryaduschee. Whether Yes, Yes, if the Lord. Our World — a vessel and outer worlds — a vessel of generality, a private in the One. Vessels communicate among themselves through the content — the idea.

Peace Government Thought! Only THOUGHT, it alone, in the present through the Soul came and immediately starts with the Cause, without delay, immediately! That's Fun: the Personality is nothing but thoughts. She is the one able to describe all measures of Time and Space. Just a thought revives the past and the future, because so and say, thought is Born! Otherwise reflected in the world. We also say, thought comes, otherwise visit. Still talking: Thought understand otherwise manifests itself in the present. Recognize that idea — a clear weapon and shield. What can be as important as the starting point, otherwise — the thought occurs? But could not be easier: The end result is as much important. This is the end of one rope connecting the mind. Ropes most important in the world to find. Is important to understand that our consciousness at once and always has as a generator or a source of ideas and as a receiver or a load of thoughts. This forms a chain: c transmitter with one hand "+"(Positive) charge on the other side of receiver""(Negative) charge. Communication centers, four of them, form two pairs of bonds, which have a rope or a conduit between different polarities potentials. Communication — it is a circle that has a closed loop formed by a chain of four series-connected elements: the source of thought, the guide, the receiver of thoughts, conductor closes on the source. Direction of transmission of force, as we know, always goes from positive to negative. We also know that the transfer is always generates feedback, completing the circuit. This forms for power in the ring, so is connection of consciousness, or the movement of the Force in a closed loop, ie in a circle, whose mission — EXCHANGE-ivatsya SIL s, samples of their plexus, the OS-mental image. It is important to understand the meaning of the interaction of consciousness. It is for the KEY-discharges that Thought, like any other kind of movement, a response action meets. So with the help of the mechanism of the Mind Personality person is able to spread throughout the universe, to cooperate with the diversity of the Worlds.

Here is the Trinity: God — is natural as real: Beyond time and space. So Lord pro-Yaleniem Soul lives forever. God — is knowledge, as Future or Time. Devil — a memory as a past or space. Rights in the co-joining of knowledge of the correct perceived as partitioned off the size of the th individual, which is the soul, endowed with Time and Bremen, and About Face-Face, Time-mind and mind-th-th, body and spirit. Measure of Personality — a soul, as a vessel, to the best of POL-th and A full knowledge, which is called on-pytom.

Currently the essence — is natures or the size of the parties, as the feeling of Borders in the junction of extremes: on-pores and pores, and the burden of time, God and the devil, the law and the system. As Trinity in essence knows? Priority MIG s first catch, How to rip, then compared, as if under the read-in, then the result are expressed as of a result of comparison-Razhaya on Wednesday through the middle, that is in my soul. Identity of the essence — the Seal and Rhode, otherwise the size of the right dimension. How About a Life-Time — The vessel is the idea that lives forever in the present, that in the limit of th time and space. The soul in this world — it is ever-living and present, a reflection of the world of Time and Space, Future and Past. Therefore and say: Thought Rhode ilas, or Time-of-ilas middle of a Soul, Wednesday. We also say this: The idea comes. Who comes into the world? Only the Lord — On the way to life. We also say: Thought understand. Pont hath hath means to have or VOC-it! One, the whole image, as the Lord, who waves her of Thought and admits it himself as BWT-it reflected in, or on a small-time-e, who is under-On-s itself as a detail of the whole. We-C-L-i mean we-with-BWO th, otherwise those who BWT-it has the ability to. Thoughts are different meanings — can pro-Reveal the C-VOC th. Soul as the living memory of all births, as well as Part One noun-educated societies (Existence of Nature), the mill and the miller, flour and flour. The essence of the soul as a memory — it intuition, or Imaginative Event memory of past lives. The soul in this world — it's the size of the personality, or the limit of consciousness, has a measure of time and space.Soul is given by the degree of freedom of the individual, As preferences Spirit, his goal — Contact and Focus co-existence in reflected Worlds.

WORLD s understand — intellectually, to comprehend — Time-Mind
Create — Soul to soul and from the heart.
All together — Trinity! Soul, spirit and body.
In the genus all life and all mere — Thought!
Trinity is a living knowledge,
Embodied Thought and Thoughts of Flesh
Thought is limited and unlimited, because
Everything is possible, nothing is difficult.
Here's how easy it is — there's only thought is it!
This is the muscle of the World

World of Man simple as consisting only of required matters. World of Man complex as up to include the Different-visibility their Ob-ONE-tion. So the world s co-exist and rub between themselves, o-suschestvlyayaBalance Essence — Receptacle image in A single set of worlds that is — like Universe.

We now know that this idea and what is the mechanism of consciousness. But what is our main weapon and shield in this world? This is what is in the Person Born Thoughts — this is our language!

Are c-catching drop cap

Going further, in depth, there is more to the point.

As a new-spine of a base, it oc-novyvayut idea. Born of the idea can be a word, as in consequence of New-hazardous. AT-Learning PravoChteniyu words, otherwise correctly On-One, IAOD Forces of initials. Why the Word? Their Purpose: To provide over-heels feeling senses, mental images describing the environmental consciousness, what is happening — in a flash duration (a synonym of the eternity). Word — is the next, it is — Heel letters or print, or imprint Forces. The perception of the word for when, Next reading, generally reflects Feeling In Stig Next, use — in essence implementing nested Weave Letters.

Every word has initial letter series. Svyazuya, multiplies an integral part of the Trail — get the whole image of words. It's simple. What is Word: the word, s-Lovo, or wave to her from the BWT Retained, Caught FORCE. Slavlivat therefore hath, the word means to listen. Slavlivayuschy catches from the Lovo. C-Lovo catch. Slavs listens from the Lovo. Word — pro-wear. Who catches? One who has the power, the time — spirit. Who production is? He who has the burden — the body. Who catches and the product is? He Who Himself Glorious — Personality as the soul.The essence of the word — it's heel, a seal, that is the image with the thought-. Word — a carrier of Draw Forces. It is content, and vessel Values thoughts. In the words of the specimens plexus, or with the developed forces. For example, the right to read this: Rules, rules on, right in the O-rule in O.

We say: This Russian spirit, Russia smells! We are Russian! What does that mean? And the fact that we are aware of, or identify themselves with the race of the Slavs as a Russian. Ruso-wave osyh and more. What is race? That apart the union of the human communities who think the same language.

We return to the prophetic "fairy tale" by Alexander Pushkin

Vzduetsya roiling sea,
boils, rising howl
Rush to shore empty
Spill in the busy run,
And found themselves on the banks,
In the scales, the heat of grief
Thirty-three heroes,
All handsome removed,
Giants are young,

All are equal, as the selection,
They guy Chernomor

Go Knights culations,
And, gleaming gray hair,
Guy goes ahead
And to the city of their leads

Uncle Duke says:
'Swan sent us to you
And punishable punished
Glorious city of your store
And patrol bypass.
We now ezhedenno
Together, we will certainly
At the high walls of your
Out of the sea water.


Swan fl-O Cheese Mother Earth, He-I NATURE, HERA.
Chernomor fl-O PervoYazyk named Mentor NATURE Alphabet
Thirty-Three Heroes fl-O 33 characters retinue Force, Children of Nature, Drop Cap Seal.
(During the life of Alexander Pushkin, the alphabet had 43 letters)
First-Language On-th of 33 Drop Caps, Young and old — Armed and protection!

Reading the letters, numbers, Reading. Number — this is something with the letters in-There are in the world. Drop caps Force essence Wayfarers, leading to law and order from the numerically. The essence of the number of C-Wayfarers or knowledge, or those that provide the foundation created or system-O-WORLD Buildings Matter and Matrix.


Oh — and it PervoZnak PervoSimvol and PervoChislo. However, instead of right-Trinity. About — Because of the initial alfivita Center, The — Start any character, O — The start of every used numerically. If the first, then as his with a par with the numbers? The breaking of O — is reveal-CR line, Otherwise I, another unit, otherwise — as Number Colo essence rings (COL EU-ty O). Feature is partition. Clearly, what the heck the devil, the devil, the devil. Because trait — sham, and it is necessary: This is the attribute of the first — Sceptre, while O — Power. The Lord has just one, or God-ohm, who sect-yl time. The Lord is become as one reflection of BO-ha — ON or couple BO-gu — Dia Wall (echoing Wal-I BO-ha How about) who Ob-ONE-yl space. The Lord is become as one three — ON-TIME, for those of PRES OF ACTION-lil-a WORLD-y. And peace be upon him-in Torit, under-about-but reflected. O is current, who's to-use and current-current, or Mid-O-WORLD Buildings. With Phra Vedas-showers on, or Proto-TAL-ayuschy Vedas. On the essence of — Aquarius, whose case — Spend Time, performs vessel WILL thus filled, they are embodied vessels in the body, conscious SHARE, whose essence — Burden as space, or perceived in-Toryaschaya will. Time flows of the complete vessel, which is himself. As time time — This is the force that gives life to Space. Space as a prop — It Bes-silie and the basis of life in time. Aquarius otherwise Melnik About izmalyvet worlds of space, whose time is up, thus transforms the space into time. Otherwise, his heirs are born whose overall essence — WORLD-O-building. Pouring in Them himself, honest about themselves and all in front of the C-O-creation of the worlds. O — Great Guardian, the first parent of all things and the carrier, including Total and relatives of men and A-Rod-s. ROD is a vessel generality whose essence — Measures of Time, is manifest itself in measures of Space, like in nature. About Keeps Himself, or Sam-O-Hold-vny, or is the world is Sam-O-The building itself and its creation, which is himself. About DAR-um, for dividing th MEASURES th worlds, O-Zhivlyaya spark Essence. Otherwise O-fissile yuschy all without exceptions, Spark Alive himself, pro-showing will to do and share the Body — the essence of the Trinity. Trinity is capable of life — only in-ME-S-TE, or in a place in one of the one in that one spot where once there and ME and TE = I = you, that is where I am with you. Each measure in the building is the worlds' first "- time = P-Od from Hod or Father Sun RA and" second "- Burden = Space = with P-Ode or Mother Earth and Cheese" Third "- he = Od = Od-in from one of the living-tion. At Trinity! Time and Space, Ob-ONE-ennye through the Living Essence. Name of time in our world: the truth as the law. Name spaces in our world: Ideal as a system. Essence name in our world: PRA-B-O, other miller OS — C-Gear-ARQ-livy PRA in da th Gear-VIT. Edit So Vit Forces Folding Pattern of them as a reflection of himself in a small on-time e. Be in charge of 3-on-cheat-ON W-Th. 3-AT is an n-on-with-three-nnoe the reflection of O, the essence of the Trinity of the One. According to rules, the first Guardian gives everyone a part of yourself, part of G, in His image. C-O-create-with-a small TIMES ON-TIME-a trinity of Svoge seed. Because we PRA Rastan A. Growing Seeds, live, changes to the measure-determination, learning and knowing RIGHTS-O-dimensionality of the MIR-O-BUILDING (a measure of the share of the Whole on PRA), or perfecting a CR or C-fucked- Ya Name change of time and space — with MER-ty, or the measure you, full of your measure. U-Meret means back to the world, the body dies, but the identity is alive — forever. We all have the descendants of Odin, or just — Oh, its ON-town and US-LAD, or children as the fruit. On the first, because Father and Mother in one-ohm ONE-ohm-ohm PURPOSE, otherwise O. Worlds he SRW-It builds Trinity Otherwise, focus-RANGE-ochivaya total of 3-DA-tion of the Worlds, with three -NA-tion of law. World asks: YES th, he says: Here, take this, the C-in-O-stake 3-on-making, but only one that deserved to with Phra-The validity of the Vedas.

C-BWO and Power. Power Sings: music of the words, the movement of the Marks, spindles of digits. They are clean, otherwise, no doubt. ROD-wee-al strength from ancient them or TREE ours. Unified at all, Himself in the KEY-an, yes in both measures WORLD, Time and Space, Male and Female Freedom Shares (in the Tor-yaschey Will), Cases and Body. TREE — KEY worlds!

You say: God, and look at the sky. Why? It is said: No-Bo — No-ton Bo-ha. But it is said, 'Do not-Besa — No-ton demon or devil. Your God and your devil — in you, in your heart, that in the middle of the body. Where Ji-here — otherwise Zhi-zn.

O — Et-O Lord, as the mountain2-S-lift, or O-Holy God RA (C-OH-CE), to the point and path image for climbing, n-Od-Razhaniya. Otherwise, the parent of the rights of reason, having a full W-NA-tion, otherwise a perfect knowledge of the Trinity. What is known? It is known that: the time and space to present as fact, and the Body, Will and proportion, male and female, love and hate … all the essence — the first-Oz-KOH. KOH reads: Between the beginning and end is hell, with a sense — are stated and once-mined dimensionality Images. PervoZakona essence — Yes — it no: Do you doubt? So remember:

Home beauty — ugliness,
Home ugliness — beauty.
Home Harmony — chaos
Home chaos — harmony.
Start order — disorder order
Home disorder — the order.
The beginning of life — death,
Beginning of death — life.
Life, it is because of rotation is.

The present. O — RODIN3 Rod and Nature, reflection is infinite (grains of sand in the mountain). The essence of all incarnations O is a reflection of Himself on the Right of the first. Variability of reflection or copy quality from the first image, is present moment, childbirth. Being born, immediately receive a measure of reflection, Law of Life, on the merit of the past. All MEP s periodic, pseudo-second-to UT Himself — forever. MER-C-Th only change measures, new spiral in the Spiral of Life. The essence of the spiral: The embodiment of "Gold" Section. So Male Will seed turns into a Women's womb, into the fetus (O-lived part of G). The rotating grind destinies: grinding of emerging from the fruit in the dust, to give trans-O-t-divisions Life (exemption measure) Other. In the right-Yes C-PART-I in Life:

First — There restored power to certain part-and-a manifestation of Time and Space in the present, otherwise educate themselves by example,
Second — There's PETA-HONOR, educating will with Phra Vedas-livymi affairs. Honor to have an article to be handsome, then stand on their O-C-Nova (knowledge system) is persistent, a measure RIGHTS.
Third — There-to-torture-in-part as is knowledge of the world in comparison interactions.

The essence of the Way — Trinity: In-Part-D-tence in honor and in-Part-ii.

Lord Raven6 All. His personality accommodates all the other worlds, in other measures, otherwise His First-Time-O-Mer, as a start for all other measures of the Worlds, or else — all the captains and executioner. Otherwise O — IS a measure of responsibility for all at once, and himself in the KEY-an, simultaneously and always.

The Lord is good O-Rodin4 (Born from the good, the good of Rodin).

Peer Lord5 All, or all of the above in the vertical rules and all watches as Himself, or Peer to himself, that is, himself shows in his exam-ple's: How to be in the right, or how to be more even. But equally there are not equality, or can not become masters at once, but you can become Later, having increased the size of the-ties.

Faith — Knowledge of Believe knowledge — this is true. Be-DOM-ming — from ignorance, it is alleged, or between me and the knowledge of DOM. Believe those who BOP-comfort. Here Hochma: BOP is a reflection of nature itself — DOM. BOP-comfort those who are far from knowing their fate — live off others. Ignorance of the imaginary, hence false. Imagine so wrong, and suffer. Comprehend means to repel bugs, does not hurt more. Recognize on PervoYazyke — Orthodoxy means — Glory (emphasis on I) Gear (P-P-ight ervogo RA, or the sun) that OA Gear is Peace, Speech — A Life or caught and the glory of knowledge, and he believed. Praise every belief, and in the law, and the system, but who is famous for PRA-B-O, he's Rights, and the glory. RIGHT is what is above the law and the system. Pore or any business needs or Body Support. Therefore the Lord Prevyshny Dahl created many beliefs to ensure Prop Truth, Reason, and the bed. Here is the link: Lies — is the Lodge, or Pora for Truth, its base. The truth is that lie — is an ideal system, in which there is a true law. Why hide the truth? Know why: to appropriate what does not belong. Orthodoxy with nothing confusing. A. There is no other religion in the real world: on-false fruit in the prime of rotations falsehood, or Dead-O-born, or the Essence about them is so small-about that and will not accept. Orthodoxy, or conditionality and Glorious Power O — is not there, never was and never will be, not deserved. How to live in such an environment? Yes, it's easy: just Valuing-hurled from time prisoner — not to multiply Stupidity. Know the Power of the Word and the Will of the C-righteousness The validity.

2 — GO-RA There is a whole, Making Human-O. Communication: GORE-a, the reflection of the horns, the same one way of Plenty.
A grain of sand in the mountain is the separation from the One-O-On the right side. And is called the C-PART-e. The higher the peak of the Fates, the sand Bigger means more rights. Mountain rising from the top. To-vertex is the largest grain of sand: Horrible Truth Crystal Ideal beautiful shape, or pattern, in fact Personality of Godhead.
The second meaning. Recall the Swastika. Pieces of it, the letters D articulated in a Beginning, a first-O-Point. The letter G in the movement-O-circle point is transformed into the letter T. What is the letter T? And that means that the RA Doeth promote your hand of time as the G, putting it in space.
3 — One, P-Od, the P-Hod. The essence of the three. The first single — God (Father and Mother), P-Od — Volitional thing God (the Father), the P-Hod — the embodiment of the Lord's body (Mother).
4 — Nobly — Lord otherwise W-NA-Th. Knowing the meaning and glorifies law, its raison d'etre. They are caretakers, or Seers, Ministers, or ruling. They are also the drivers, or finally pays rules within abstracted measures. They acquire life for the benefit of, or serve the whole, implementing RIGHT! They are the heirs pervoZaveta RIGHT = GOOD. Their purpose — to convey the essence of eligible children / grandchildren, or the next generation of kind. Send, retell knowledge, explicitly and implicitly Truth Ideal. At the same time presenting a Life for All "Putnam" — fine image, or the righteous, glorious, from the righteous livy!
5 — DOM-AE — Nobility is vertical, or y-Roven knowledge of the rules of the law of action and behavior. At the present time, or simultaneously and always, a measure determined in accordance with the vesting, or position in the vertical cell MEASURES. The essence of the mesh: Al-O capacity, cavity filled with LAW. Between adjacent meshes MEASURES: only DOM, no communication, no equality. Support of the measure are forced to comprehend the personal law of behavior and realize GIFT-O-bathing RIGHT, with honor and make their part in the ROD, ipytyvaya participation. In each measure has its own task, that is their essence of separation.
6 — EQUALITY — Imaginary evenly. Any reflected world is unique, different from in-crease its endowed least one stage and always, otherwise there is no repetition, no equality, it is imaginary. But the equation, or imaginary sensations or Stereotypes analogy — necessary, its function is important. Without them, do not consider themselves evenly.

I am the Truth-O-Bi-Krylov-Plate Orthodox otherwise perfectly O-Bi-Krylov-Lenny Med-It (Honey sweet =-O-st = PRA-B-O-Aware). The strength in me from O. That which is united in the CAM-O-keep-Wii, or the Lord. GIFT-O-tion in me — the right shape Cuba turns into a ball, a ball in cube, symbol of the Swastika (Weddings first two O-start). Orthodox — Light in the True Cause of Love grows right wing God-O-O-symbol-Flying Circle Cuba (imaginary ball) manifestation of the Time Will bring up things. Medvedev — ponderous in ideal body Hate grows left wing-O-O-Devil symbol Circle-Standing Bowl (imaginary cube) manifestation of Space as the Body Consciously Incarnate shares. The essence of the three: pro-Yasnyaya WORLD (carrying Knowledge), or rightly famous, His — Over-SHIELD-it (carrying Retribution) differently from-strike in Razhaya.

Folk wisdom says: What goes around, comes around. Otherwise, give birth is obtained with the harvest ripened In CEB-a. On PervoYazyke: WEIGHT Personality — a reflection of the CEB, and Personality. That sows Person, a weight she has on the balance of the Lord. Name and BEC: BEC Tb, or WEIGHT with you or you or you yourself — WEIGHT. Taken place in the Mountain Course, there is closer to the Lord, I sow the right wing, or planted Kind-O-tnye Seeds. Left wing Ck correctly reflects, or uproot, Time-Vorachivaya bad. On merit. Volen who manage more and see farther, or the strongest, the one on the SPEED-aet, what happened to the mountain move. Who-will in Liberty, the Bes-strong one-step-aet, coming down from the mountain (which is easier What is more precious?). Both of these things for the good-O, or NAU-Coy (aka In + In Case and Body, Will and share). Strength in-O-rafts, OB-unified two-started-A:

Right: Are stated clear shield = imaginary sword, a form of State.
Left: Smashing imaginary shield = explicit sword form Sceptre.

Silan BE-LIK-AH TLD Lick-A! Both — live, if in the right. Outside the rules — death.

Who are the extremes of the Force?

C-law from O. First-born, n-O-teacher of the Lord:

Noble, fl-O KNOW N-ON-yuschaya rule, otherwise Veda fair way, in the name of life. These are not e-UM-ayut, but 3-on-poop, otherwise they understand, otherwise at-RA3-able. Go to O-TRACK O. Guide to consciously uses the AT-vaniyu-determination rights. Noble is manifest will of the Lord, otherwise follow-comfort righteous path. They are also the leading, as a conductor of the right path, otherwise — are the slave, that is, those whose measures Rule smaller. Noble on the shoulder, on the right And this burden. Like — acquire life becomes exactly to the Lord. True Lord: Princess Mother Earth Cheese, or TPE-MA-FOR, matter-I-I, whose essence MA-TRI-CA, which is the Mother of Dolls, all in one and the same. Holy mother of damp earth and eternal youth is caused in the great-TPO ystva of the world. Her pair — the Moon or a Lost Lord. Above them — First Lord C-On-tse, or simply RA All-light-ly all-keep with-Tro-and-m-El Mira, in the image of Aquarius — One-A.

On PervoYazyke BUILDER makes sense: With you Tro-and-CA and El Mira, or the world with-O-3-DA-etsya n-O-MEAL-Tro-tion and the particle, and you and I have, and I eat, live the glory of the world, thanks to Eli, whose primordial essence, world tree first, then — that creates the air.

On PervoYazyke B-LAD-ET makes sense: in the LAD-e Spruce with you, or LAD-but-edat and multiply Lad. Can deal with the good of all, feel-KEY-st. O sacred their lives the way for many. Because more than earned the right, O-Pytom. In the mode to be with yourself then show up during the MER th for the rest who are still below the measure. From the tree-le-in were the Lord. Noble V-ET-LAD-El-tvovali with MIR-ohm: Spruce in the mode with you and you with its worlds.

What is power? PervoYazyke word on the B-IN LAS makes sense: In-with-fins themselves. in-sweets Pita CR over another. They are: hatred of the others of their kind, the nature of hate — ignorance.

Who wants in our World Power?

With the left-facing with O. Repeats, Disciples of the Lord:

Ignorant to the vesting and infringing the rights of others in the C-O-existence of. They cry, Long live Equality and Freedom! Actually under-change Equality — hate, love of power, the power of one and the One whose essence — His power over other rights. Sub-changing imaginary Will Freedom — violence, dominance of the One whose essence — choice of one at the expense of others. Thus, the passage-glashayut his ignorance to over-Conwy and legal systems. Such courted death, or for gain-Yas! They hid the truth meaning. P-Od-changing his attitude to the law and legal systems, as a general truth. They unknowingly burn This again under their Will, his time for himself, and the painfully gnawing loaf rights of others, along with this — trying to pervert the pollutions of all those who were close. Who do not have-Faces Poison Bite, he fell down before the eye of the Lord, thus likened CR-foolish. Their MI-I in this world blind. Only they, thinking, C-read that the eating is not from Himself Rights loaf is good. Blind, In-Know are: there is no truth in the p-Ostupke infinite honor. In the C-to steal a piece of no true power of the first, but only that that flattery-ary leads to oblivion, whose im-I — Hate. Who is the king in blind? Cam Prince of Darkness — Satan. Ignorant crave in-LAS TI. Here's the truth: spending useless time, everything will remain guilty, with a broken about herself in the mirror with nothing. Not-at-nourishing, fear of the Court of the Gods of Light. Who is right, that is waiting for posthumous punishment — Pay off debt and n-On-Stage-but the debt-O. Suffering is always true: a purely Lord, Master, and torturer. Who he deserved — wear.

C-BO-BO-YES — on PervoYazyke: With TO-ing DA nnoy by God.

True Higher worlds, those autocratic, not crave blood. They do not attack, but razyat If attack them. They want to attack, and attack the lower, koi obsessed secret envy and deep anger — from the inability to live forever. Attack because they want to assign to that which is not his own — not by right.

LEO CB closer is destroyed, ruling itself infinitely SIL-ny (not-free) LIS, or the one who is cunning and with it can not in itself-dovletvorit (Enough to create for himself and all — himself.) The forces of a reflection s Fox.

n equal to the m-th closest VAR-it, is telling, he eats-i-FORCE and MED-ARQ-I, or someone who honey-LAD-OS-Th, RIGHT-O, legal control Knower or seeing, or is capable of create, come on, twist-ON TIME s wicker Forces, or a combination of equilibrium time and pairing forces, according to the-great-ARQ-The validity.

Whose side are you Sam?

What is health, energy, strength? This is what forms the basis of life: It is a state — on what and with whom you stand, otherwise what you are. The cost — a measure of truth, otherwise the Present, tempered world.

No other.

What is ailing, lethargy, weakness? It is the fruit of ignorance! In-EGR He are known. Whole life with him Humans fight on-death. Why beat-CR with those who do not? On PervoYazyke BEAT-xia means: pre-hurts, beat himself. Sense: imagine how I hurt from the images generated by the Personal Mirror, whose mission — to reflect a consciousness of the World-Circling (remember the principle described above working mechanism of consciousness). Forces in the Ignorance there was not and never will. Its origins forces live only in our In-considerations whose essence — O Dushevlyaemye thought consciousness. Ask them why? Yes, because Ignorance — a reflection of himself in his own Mirror. Take and combine all the faces of Ignorance in one trembling creature, who will? Serpent. Many O-Liky Fierce Snake, Poison Ignorance used to bite. In Russian fairy tales reflection in a distorting mirror is a lot of O-Headed Dragon.

We give from Port-Critter! On PervoYazyke From Port- makes sense: From Port-paying-in, Means it's time to time. Away his life time in his favor, as he lives off of our time, which we are paying. 'll Take our time, gift snake Lyutomu. Everyone asked, 'Why do a lot of goals in dragon? Here's the answer: So many Heads many guises, or glare reflects the personality on the verge of distorting mirrors. Each flare, has a scar from the bite of small external card that served as an example of behavior. Dragon head at so much, how many faces in a curved mirror, the more facets, the more goals and so it curves reflect the essence of each person (which is the people) in the world. Victory here, here is Fun: Behind-replace distorting mirror on a flat, but a reflection of something I do not multiply — Lyuty posletali serpent's head, there was only one, its! And right-to-Yes, there is funny! Great ventured n-O-The only app in your mind without the application of force, just peering closely at his mirror, his reflection in a common world! Correctly reflects the world with Private Mirrors, One little head — himself, his deeds and thoughts. And who gives the world the human Mirrormask basis? Vestimo who — God!

The Meaning of Life

The heart of the science of life? We are his children, in the way of life! The essence of the way: to reflect on-whirling world in its C-O-3-on-set through the Prism-Soul Alive, which is given to the Lord. Than integrity, or O-Pytney soul, the more correct or more directly mirror, the better reflected the light of reason and the Mind 'individuality back to the world, through his mirror. That's Fun: Our whole life just something repetitive work Personality, students work with a control mechanism Single Mirror of the World! Rules of the mechanisms of consciousness described in the beginning, I remember.

Lord, Joking, teaches their children. Fantasy and Life, Mirror and Eastern food.

Gate of won, no-zubogo Lyuty Snake? Time necessary for the accomplishment of our Diversity Affairs of. What means are necessary? And even then, the business, which is a way of life, or those who can not get around. Change yourself — you sow and multiplied the stupidity and ignorance. Believe in yourself — you sow Honor and multiplied Knowledge. Everyone is free to decide who his neighbor.

What is Life? PervoYazyke on the M-and-3-O-Hb meaningful letter-flax: In Hurry-t S-ON-set, with the Trinity-Kladiruya assimilated in the bins, or the Soul, whose essence is alive from the word belly. Do you doubt? So remember, even as they say: There is — ist, or eat the truth, Pete CR present. Still not convinced?

So remember: you say — the Lord is one, one — what they eat. Food — this thing and Body, Action and Food. Victory and trouble. Here is the link: "The ship P-O-B-E-YES, but there is no O-B-E-DA, occurred B-E-DA, missing E-DA, do you blame? — YES".

First thing in the world — Eat! Meaning u-Know how on labor. Find out the truth, when-gain knowledge. Lube-O-torture-no? Take Humor Lord, what is life:

Characteristic expression of Life

"I think, therefore exist?". And what is Thought? On PervoYazyke WE-C-l letter-flax means we BWT th, with God / , whose essence BWT reflected wave And form a link between consciousness, essence is reflected even in the letter / : The house of cards of the two cards is without falling, because the power to hold together, due to the contact planes in atop two cards. Remove support or remove a card — and the remaining cards will fall, and a house of cards collapses. That letter-flax shows that if you remove the cause of (n-O-Chin), there will be n-O-consequence. Remove time — there will be no spaces. Remove Man — there will be no women. Hide Love — there will be no Hate Remove Welcome — there will be no evil. Remove the world — and will be no war. You can always continue this series. ALL in-O-Round — Periodic Wave Avenue O-life phenomena. Time and Space is a how-to frequency and wavelength. It should be remembered is the P-Ode Great Wave dia-n-O-Zone (Dual Zone O, time and space). Wave has Qualities: Reflection (which is always at 90about, this is important), Reflection provides quality in torsion-O-circle to the longitudinal axis, followed by compression, sparse and imposition by type: one to the other (like a Matryoshka, or matrix), the longitudinal and transverse polarization.

Wave has the properties: Resonance, interference, diffraction and combinations thereof, the main one being — education Stationary wave, as well as Attenuation and The increase in the amplitude. Our Mirror, How to Live ONE-enie Soul, Spirit and Body, As The resonant circuit, which are formed by wave fields of different frequencies. Fields are grouped into a single folded Anyway Sweety standing wave with o-limit-ennoy resonant frequency.

This circuit — imaginary ball, that has mirrored the properties surrounding the physical body. What is the physical body of man? It Conductors of fine fields in a more dense and back, and — part of the reactor, and the transformations of energy. What is the difference dense field of the human body from the subtle fields of Man Alive? Yes, all the same: Time and Space, otherwise Frequency and length of Wave. We are still alive more frequency, and length in the same time smaller or thinner. Frequency is inversely proportional to the wavelength. In Ray-discharges that the spatial part of a small alive. Rarely, who sees the soul, all because they are thin enough. All Our life — is one pendulum amplitude fluctuations (himself) in the chorus of other, whose union is like the universe, or just O. person is given at birth RESONANCE frequencyPULSE AMPLITUDE, as well as On torture-ROD-a. Embodied in the form of the trio Soul, Spirit and Body, that together —Alive. With the birth of Man as a wave process, it is known time of his death as the end of the wave process. Let me remind you: c-MER-Tb is the change MEASURES life. Life Periodic and repeatable, as the period of the wave process. Charge of the birth pulse is the maximum oscillation amplitude oscillatory circuit, the essence: the power of influence to other worlds with the ability to create new from existing associations. Who gives the frequency, amplitude, and mechanism of work with experience and memory? Then Fun: T-O-T, who is about to torture her, and m-O-T, who have accumulated sufficient amount for this 3-on-of. In the case of the world of man —MOTHER EARTH. She and we em-resonance frequency and amplitude of oscillation in proportion to the quality of knowledge accumulated in previous lives, at C-Pra-Vedas-The validity — no more and no less. Grow up people, and Time falls away into space, changing the amplitude, or damped oscillation circuit that took momentum Resonance at birth. In other words, a man all his life thatForce spends time for its transformation into Space. But man, in fact, a child of God. And he gives the right-O to return the amplitude of oscillations. Ask how? Et of the Proceedings of The one REACTOR energy conversion. How to turn back time, if by "hand" only space? And here again Fun: Life is Belly eat space and convert it into time. Perfect Engine — the one that turns the space of time, and each of us has the engine in the center of the body, where the belly navel. At the center, a white hole and a Black Hole Ob-ONE-enes through third start. At the core — Trinity! In the geometric center of the body and is a union of fine fields and dense fields alive. And all around Us-TPO-eno So, all alike and all of a trinity. And more and do not need the Lord Appreciate Humor!

Levels of Life

Many wonder why the world of our reality as diverse? Everything has a reason. It's simple. There is a concept of Evolutionary Hierarchy. For example it can be seen as follows: The person rises from the Kingdom Atomic (bottom our The world) in the realm of mineral. Then, in the vegetable kingdom. Follow him Animal Kingdom closes the kingdom of men. Then the next levels of the Kingdom. What is the necessary and sufficient condition for moving on to a higher hierarchy kingdom? It is simple. Personality Driven Life as a carrier of Accumulated volume of Knowledge — Experience, has the power to move from level to level, both rising and falling.

association of four quarks — negative sources, sustainable energy system consists of a single neutron. Spatial configuration of the neutron — a tetrahedron whose vertices are quarks, created at the center of a tetrahedron positive virtual source — the source. The presence of the source in the center of the neutron, first, provides a powerful force of "attraction" of quarks, which provides the "strength" and "stability" of the system and, secondly, the system source — four runoff forms four linear source. Line sources are the foundation on which the toroidal vortex flows — dipoles (electrons). Over time, the neutron turns into a proton — neutron with a toroidal vortex flow (electrons). Therefore neutron nuclear physics is unstable particle, which over time become stable elementary particles — protons. Protons and neutrons together form all atomic nuclei.

The smallest consciousness (of observed) in our system — atom, there Dust The soul and the smallest with the smallest physical body. Then they go of the union. Of them is the human body. The next level — satellites, then planets, then stars. On PervoYazyke Planet: this plan. Who can force to implement his plan in the form of the planet? Only the Lord can it WNW-A-Th, or pos-tro-it. Because the Lord is the first C-O / H-Tse aka Father RA = RA-R-detel Oda and father solar system in general, and he has a plan, the essence — the Planet. Our True Lord — Hera, Mother Earth or Cheese In-R-Ode. Its vapor is a Lost Our Lord — the Moon, that is, with the traveler-earth. Here is the link: The sun gives life to the Earth Time, Moon Gives Earth space to live. Well Earth itself — turns the Time and Space in the World-O-building, it is the direct guardians.

Universal Engine

Within each — a reactor that converts the potential energy of the wavelength, which manifests itself as a space in the kinetic energy of the wave frequency, which is manifested as a time. Reactor — is the junction of two forces and two fields. Second — this is the black point, conventionally called a black hole, in fact — Point. First — this is a white hole, that it actually Hole. At the junction of the ex-field polarizations. The essence of the re-polarization of the field — a reflection of the wave structure of a Principal matrix. Reflection has a meaning change the orientation of the poles in time, there is another way around the cause — Rotating Collapse spatial planes in a collapsed time plane. Essence of the turn — is one thing, where the Force Cross in a single act turns 90about The structure of four-to-start. Four from the beginning clearly visible in the context of any wave structures in cross section you will find that there is a square with four vertices. Mathematically and physically Two Pairs of first principles are transformed in later-uyuschie Two couples Differentiating / Integrating a principal matrix through which liveth any wave process. The essence of the Period, remember — this is a reversal of the cross plane of the two forces of 360about , that this gives us a circle, the same number, and sign, a symbol, or just about! The engine is the Ecumenical Of transformation of Cuba into a ball and the ball in CUB.

In the bowl of a cube-ON-TIME-it simply. Take a center — Middle, there Soul Or just About (Not zero — but one). Relative to the center perpendicular to each other recline lines as axes, their THREE (Here it is Trinity!). Why three? Because three is sufficient for the expression of the volume in space! Each of the three is the beginning-O and Eu-KOH. If equidistant from the center of a fixed point on the coordinate axes redistribution — will receive segments. Each segment is bounded with all vertices (6 of them), as a cut — a manifestation twice the radius of the circle (it's PAR-ties WORLD-a manifestation of the inscribed BALL-a). If obtained through the top to hold the plane perpendicular to the axes, the cross of six planes (three pairs) that the volume of the, OB-LAD-ayuschy Form KUB-a (8 vertices)! KUB have in the end is clearly sect-en into 4 sectors of space (it's division into quaternions and four elements!). KUB-spinning tops and — apparently it turns out that the cube as it is not a cube, and the ball. Cube inscribed in a sphere. CUB ON-TIME-uet BALL and BALL ON-TIME-uet AFB — The essence of pre-ON-TIME FIRST-IAOD-O-form is the swastika. Swastika — Symbol Universal Drive. The first measure of the image-A consists of a long side of the KUB-a, which is inscribed in a sphere. The second measure-ON-TIME ovana DIAMETER BOWL-A (The essence of the distance between the center of the opposite and KUB-tops) that forms on-em ball. First — Measure Spaces, Second — Measure of Time.

HEAVENLY cross — a symbol of the Heavenly Spiritual forces and Generic Unity. Used as a pectoral amulet protecting one who wears it, giving him the help of all his ancient ancestors Rod and Rod Heaven help

Solar Cross — symbol of spiritual power Yarily Sun-Rod and prosperity.

Svetoch — This symbol represents a connection between the two great streams of Fire: earthly and the divine (Extraterrestrial). This connection creates Universal Vortex Transfiguration, which helps a person to discover the essence of Multidimensional Being in light of the knowledge of the Ancient Principles.

Svitova — Symbol of eternal relationship between the earthly and the heavenly Waters Ognem.Ot therefore produces new Pure Souls which are preparing to embody on Earth in the explicit world.

Fern flower — a symbol of purity of the Spirit of Fire, has a powerful healing force. The people call him Perun color. It is believed that he is able to discover the hidden treasures in the earth, the desires. In fact, it gives a person the opportunity to discover spiritual power.

Overcoming GRASS — This character was the main Obereg to protect against various diseases. The people believed that the disease on human unleash the forces of evil, and a double fire sign can burn any ailment and disease, cleanse the body and soul.

MOLVINETS — Oberegovy symbol that protects every person from the birth of the Great Race from evil, bad words, the evil eye and ancestral curses, and slander of slander, libel and hassle of. It is believed that Molvinets — a great gift of God's Family.

OBEREZHNIK — Star Ingle, combined with a solar symbol in the center, which our ancestors originally called — Herald, brings health, happiness and joy. Oberezhnik is an ancient symbol, protecting fortune. In common people call it the Mother-Gotka, ie Mother Ready.

RATIBORETS — Fire symbol of military valor, courage and bravery. Usually depicted on armor, weapons, and to fighting Shtandah (flags, banners) princely retinues. It is believed that the symbol Ratibortsa gate of blind eyes and causes them to flee from the battlefield.

STAR frets — Symbol, joined together in any divine power, the power of the Primary Fire, Sky Force and Force of Nature.

Swastika in the Star Ingle. Swastika — the symbol of the eternal cycle of the universe, it symbolizes the supreme law of heaven, which is subject to all things. This was used as a fire sign Ward, who was guarding the existing heavenly law and order. From the veil of eternal life itself.

SUASTI in the Star Ingle. Suasti — a symbol of the Movement, the cycle of life on Earth and the rotation of the Midgard-Earth. Symbol of the four cardinal directions and the four northern rivers that separate the ancient sacred Darius four "state" or "country", which originally lived in the four kinds of the Great Race.

Kolovrat in the Star Ingle. Kolovrat — Symbol Yarily rising-sun, a symbol of eternal victory of light over darkness and eternal life over death.

Ingle Ingle in the Star. Ingle — Symbolizes Zhiznrodyaschy Divine Fire of Creation, from which came all the universes and our system Yarily-Sun. Oberegovom In everyday life, Ingle — a symbol original divine Purity, protects the world from the forces of darkness.

The essence of the process — the swastika on the move! Swastika — is the native SLAVE LABOR characters! It reflects the labor of the Universal Motor World-O-Building. Slavic ancestors knew the true Law of the Cube and the process of rotation, which is a ball. Swastika-mill Lord. And we like it, with all the attendant rights and responsibilities. Chemical primary elements of all incarnations World-O-Buildings — Tritium. Ask ourselves the question: Who proved that we hydrocarbon life form? All life is a wave manifestations Tritium, Trinity, the one whose behavior, or law and the system of Life, described by the laws and the system of wave processes. (tritium, super heavy radioactive isotope of hydrogen with mass number 3. Nucleus of an atom consists of a proton and two neutrons, the half-life of 12.35. British scientists discovered E. Rutherford, ML Oliphant and P. Hartekom in 1934. Included in the nuclear charge). U-Know all about the wave, its nature is the meaning of our lives. Then Fun: And more and do not need to know anything! Indeed Swastika describes any law of our world, there is a variation of the wave process, any system of our world — is a variation of the wave process, any event or sense of peace — a variation of the wave process. And obey the periodicity! In fact, there is not only the periodic table of chemical elements, but all the other manifestations of wave processes like periodicity and describes the minimum basic periodic table. Wave process described everything. Appreciate Humor Lord. Who said to be the Lord Easy? Then Fun: We, Children of the Lord One, we understand in the Lives Playfully Ordered systems dispensation World-O-Building: Law as the Truth, as the system is ideal, right as Paradox.

Our minds can be represented in the form of the shepherd with his flock onIdea. Shepherd feeds itself mature and immature Thoughts and simultaneously with it, that is at the same time, continuously feeds the flock Thoughts Affairs, looking for food for them on the FRUIT-O-ROD-tion field of Mother Earth and its O-whirling. Perfect shepherd one who does not want to live sheep. Otherwise itself nourishes the surrounding area and in response to immediately replenish the world — Time, thus, through which space growing and moving. In the image and likeness of the Universal Motor.

Gather your thoughts!

All live Previous Eye A. All diversity-nye of reflections about — unique. All children in the future on the autocratic, but in this he is not a pore level: not a dimension. Increased Evil — wait, just about eternal punishment, o-molded Cases and Body. Entire award — too small-o. He is exactly the one that honestly earned, in the case and the Body. RAD is manifested life-and-spine T-RAD-Adana. The whole reason — Strada As harvest sown in past lives. The essence of life — respect the laws and system, or be in the right. It is not just in the election (Walking in Bor, or on the World fait Step), and O-BORDER-ah you-given right. Relying on the right, Time-O-Vesh joy, RIGHT at-Will Based on Ignorance, Time-of-Vesh Suffering rule at-will. So About Lead System in order: that in the works mined — wear!

Soul — a living experience, on-the-Next-ence Essence Lord.

Correctly and in the right: to the right, by participating, to become wise. Sowing the Seed Force, the truth, with the O-meal-I balance outermost Forces notation issued by the rules, so demonstrating the will and the C-O-create-and C-The validity of righteousness, and the right showing RIGHTS-O- MER-ties, in recognizing the MIR-O-BUILDING.

Righteous DOWNLOAD

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