Robots taught to deceive

Robots taught to deceive

South American scientists trained bots impale each other. As a reference for the «imitation» engineers took behavior squirrels and birds
In naturally occurring proteins to fool relatives often misleading them. It is clear that forest mouse supplies store acorns and nuts in the recesses. They often visited in their store to check everything is in place. And if all of this notice near another protein or a beast, then try to put it on the wrong track. For this, they pretend to inspect the places in which Tipo hidden food.

A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology decided to use this strategy in the development of programs from automatic model. Thought failed: robot-deceiver «powdered brains» another bot and drew it in a place where there was an empty cache, reports the website of the institute. Specialists believe that further technological development may find application in the army.

«A similar strategy could be used robots guarding warehouses or ammunition on the battlefield — says the creator of research Dr. Ronald Arkin. — If an enemy bot is able to change strategy and impale people or other bots, winning time waiting for reinforcements. «

Arkin and his team also made a computer model of a strategy based on the behavior of the Arab grayish-talkers blackbirds living in Israel. These small Ptakha able to fool and expel large predator, stumbling in the pack and creating a frightening noise. As a result of their manipulation misguided predator prefers to retire. «In military operations bot, unable to defend himself perfectly, could mimic the ability to fight, — commented the scientist. — «Honest» bot in a similar situation in danger of being captured or destroyed. Cheating, if used at the right time and the right way, can eliminate or minimize this danger. «

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