Russia and Japan are preparing for the space race for the moon

While NASA representatives continue to monitor the flight of the first private spaceship — "truck» Dragon, Russia and Japan have announced their plans to build space bases on the moon, reports The Daily Mail.

"We are not talking about the repetition of human achievement 40 years ago. We are talking about setting up permanent bases, "- said the head of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), Vladimir Popovkin.

Roscosmos has previously announced its intention to land a 2030 Russian cosmonauts on the surface of the satellite. In Chile, these plans have been announced, and at the International Conference on Space Research, which, as said publication, absent the United States and China — one of the leading space powers.

Currently, however, the Russian space program is going through is not the best of times: Roscosmos has repeatedly stated its ambitious projects, which in the end were not implemented, says The Daily Mail. Thus, a grand failure ended Five Billion Martian Space Agency project.

November 9, 2011 the satellite of Mars Phobos was launched vehicle "Phobos-Grunt". After separation from the carrier rocket "Zenit" device did not come out to the launch into orbit. After unsuccessful attempts to regain contact with him January 15, 2012 is not burned up in the atmosphere fragments of "Phobos-Grunt" fell into the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, interest in manned missions to the Moon and expressed Japan, writes InoPressa. "We see the moon as our next target human exploration of space" — shared the deputy executive director of the Japanese space agency Jaxa Yuichi Yamaura.

In the Jaxa not exclude that later on the site of lunar bases may form the whole space settlements and colonies.

The new space era

Meanwhile, after a successful launch to the ISS is the first private spaceship Americans announced a "new era" in space exploration.

"The significance of this day can not be overstated — the head of the American space agency NASA, Charles Bolden. — The first attempt to dock with the ISS spacecraft, launched by a private company. And although there is still a lot of work for the successful completion of this mission, we are very pleased with a good start. "

The head of SpaceX Elon Musk said that the launch of a new era in space exploration, when an increasingly important role will be played by private companies.

In Russia, whose share of the market of space launches can now be significantly reduced, carried out and start all equate to the emergence of new space powers.

"The Americans want to give up dependence on Russia. These costs are minimal. We know that the space shuttle launch costing about 600-700 million each, and now for a few years of regular delivery of U.S. astronauts pay an amount commensurate with the cost of a shuttle launch. There are important, rather, political moments, moments of prestige, "- said a member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Andrew, son of John.

In the next five years, the Russian "Soyuz" will continue to provide flights to the ISS, but then to replace these ships will come something new. "This ship, as the Dragon, he is certainly more competitive than the" Union ". He is a seven-seater, more payload goes up and down. It is reusable. Its benefits are obvious, "- said the head of Space Adventures in Russia Sergei Kostenko.


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