Russia does not consider the UN climate talks in Qatar successful

 UN talks on climate change in Qatar, which ended on December 8, can not be considered successful because they have not brought significant results for the process of international cooperation in this area, told reporters presidential adviser, Special Representative of the President for Climate Alexander Bedritsky.

"I must admit that the results of the conference in Qatar were not relevant to the process of cooperation in reducing the burden on the environment," — said Bedritsky at a news conference at RIA Novosti on Thursday.

He noted that an amendment to the Kyoto Protocol that runs the second period of the agreement, "can safely be taken a year ago," at a conference in 2011 in South Africa.

"No it did not stop, no it did not interfere, and it is difficult to understand why those countries that are most played and talked about the need for the Kyoto Protocol, to submit their proposals for the obligations", — said the presidential adviser.

According to him, the current situation of a formal amendment to enter into force, which requires ratification by three-fourths of the contracting parties, on January 1, will work only conditionally.

"This practice is not very good, it is uncertain process," — said the head of the Russian delegation at the talks.

Bedritsky said that Qatar had taken decisions that affect development of the next agreement, and "perhaps it's a positive thing." In particular, it adopted a "roadmap" for a new agreement, and in the documents was possible to reflect the most common vision of its elements and structure.

However, little attention was paid to the process of negotiations on the implementation of real action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, which is due to start after the new agreement, for example, in terms of creating new market and non-market mechanisms to encourage such actions.

"I think what is considered the conference a successful no reason" — concluded Bedritsky.

Head of Multilateral Cooperation in Environment Department of International Organizations Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Oleg Shamanov added that the conference is partly fulfilled one of its tasks, for which technical experts called "reformat" the negotiation process.

"But I am absolutely convinced that the conference really was one-sided," — said the Shamans.

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