Russia in 2020 will reduce greenhouse emissions by 25%, confirmed Medvedev

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that by 2020 Russia will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to 1990 levels.

"I confirm that by 2020 greenhouse gas emissions in Russia will be 25% below the level of 1990," — said Medvedev, speaking at a conference on sustainable development climate.

He expressed the hope that other countries will also meet their obligations.

Medvedev added that Russia is ready to be a member of a global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions.

"But it is global, which will be open to all, not the individual's major economies," — he said. Developing countries, China and India do not take commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. U.S. said not to participate in the protocol until 2013.

The Russian prime minister said that it was necessary to develop a sustainable production and consumption, which will ensure sustainable economic growth and put off critical threats to the environment.

"We need a new paradigm of development that will ensure the well-being of society, without excessive pressure on the environment. Interests of the economy, on the one hand, and nature conservation, on the other hand, have to be balanced, and should focus on the long term," — said Medvedev.

He added that this is necessary to ensure the growth of energy-efficient "green economy", but asked not bureaucratize transition to a model of "green growth." According to him, each State is free to follow their own agenda, but it is important that these plans were publicly announced, and that their combination is sufficient to meet global development.

Medvedev also noted the importance of establishing mechanisms for the exchange of best practices and technologies through a "green development." According to him, the UN should play a leading role.

Russia's emissions in 2009 relative to 1990, was set as a base under the Kyoto Protocol, have decreased by 35.6%, or 1.19 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent.

Earlier, the Russian government has stated its readiness to reduce emissions by 15-25% from 1990 levels by stipulating that this figure will depend on the "accounting potential of Russian forests in the context of a contribution to the implementation of the commitments to reduce anthropogenic emissions" as well as "taking any legal obligations to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by all major emitters. "

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