Russia is advantageous weak Lukashenko

Students discuss trips to the regions of Alexander Lukashenko, his statements about relations between Russia and Belarus, as well as talk about the different concepts of the origin of the Belarusians.

Student of Maladzechnaresents a publication that appeared recently in the presidential newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia":

"In Saturday's issue of" Security "printed" yesterday the president worked (PRATSAVAV!) in the Vitebsk region. "Yes, I have said that the president has once again demonstrated the performance, making it difficult to work the other, indirectly causing the show" Potemkin villages ", wasting public funds . "

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko shares the view of the listener "Freedom":

"As for Alexander Lukashenko, he has long working day. I often see the motorcade and the 10th in the morning goes on Karl Marx, and in 14 and then comes back is not going anywhere. Regard to travel in the region, the harvest time Lukashenko each trip — it Polundra. Everybody starts to deal not harvest, and the organization of the reception. Ie — cows rubbing, as this was not the time to lay asphalt, etc.

Anatoly Lebedko

I think that we have prepared personnel, who themselves can sort out when to sow, when to reap as much to harvesters. Therefore advice Lukashenko only one: do not interfere in the harvest to harvest. All the more so if it is accompanied by tales of geopolitics, the milkmaid or combine these conversations just to one place. "

Here's another call from our listener concerning statements of the president of Belarus on relations of Russia and Belarus during trips to the regions:

"Our leader is touring the region and all the scary people that finally someone wants to embroil Russia and Belarus. Want to say that we lived in Russia next to you, Alexander G., we will also live without you. And if you have not developed personal relationship with the Russian government, it's your problem. And then the entire Belarusian nation? And never identifies himself with all the people. "

Listener "Freedom" from Minsk, named her Hope, a continuation of the theme "Prague accent" commented on the position of the Russian leadership in the change of power in Belarus.

"So I do not think that Russia is really interested in civilized relations with Belarus and is keen to change our dictator. Many years Russia is subsidizing the Belarusian economy, not because this is good, but because it is interested in the Belarusian economy has been unreformed and dependent on Russian subsidies and the Russian market. And now the Russian oligarchs can then dictate terms — that they are trying to put pressure on our dictator to fulfill its promises. And he promised to Russian oligarchs — is unknown. fact that analysts know — is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed there is and backstage arrangements. And this network backroom agreements will be compromised if a new contender for the presidency. And this can be blackmailed, so they will crush it and blackmail to the last to believe that they will get him to subdue. "

Lavon Barshcheuski

Renowned scholar and politician Lyavon Barshcheuski commented saying listeners "Freedom":

"Of course, Russia is not interested in how to replace Alexander Lukashenko not to change the flea, as Alexander Lukashenko has always pursued a pro-Russian policy. Whatever he spoke with a temporary tactical reasons. For today's Russian leaders weak Lukashenko profitable. Therefore, they goal — not to change it, and to weaken. In such a situation, if Alexander Lukashenko was a courageous person, would resign. known that for 16 years he has promised a lot of things Russian. It is associated with promises, and their surroundings. need a weak Russia Lukashenko, and it is bad for people. Lukashenko should resign so that the country could turn away a new page in its history. "

The listener "Freedom"
read the calendar "Native Land", on 9 August — International Day of Indigenous Peoples, and raised the question of the origin of the study of the Belarusians.

"There is a question that has not been answered: Who are we, the modern Belarusians? And scientists and policy makers, especially in recent times, adnagalossem argue that Belarusians — the Slavs, but there is evidence that the Belarusians, Lithuanians are not actually Slavs, so that never in a evicted, and after the retreat of the glacier since ancient times lived on their land. We the people, from whence came the Slavs, we Protoslavic, the local. necessary to know the truth and not lies occupiers and politicians of various stripes. "

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