Russia predicting some exceptional situation in the coming world order

In a crucial period of human history has always stepped up various predictors. Who are older, observed the Sabbath of astrologers, psychics, and other sorcerers in the end of the rebuild, just before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, it seems, came the Renaissance Neo-old seers. There are plenty of the latter-day prophets that broadcast of the coming end of the world, but …
That is what is essential: they prophesy Russia some exceptional situation in the coming world order.

To all this, it would be possible not to pay attention if the situation in the world before our eyes did not go into uncontrolled separation. Human civilization is even seem to be flying into the abyss. So we will not make fun of visionaries, thought that the prophecy "work." The problem is to understand it. Not in the interpretation of the desire of political expediency, namely to understand.

The same Vanga. Now all of a sudden started talking about it a lot — almost all TV channels and on the pages of many newspapers and magazines. Of course, remember her predictions about our country. And, of course, claim that it is absolutely clear to say about the fall of the socialist system, the destruction of the Soviet Union, after which the inhabitants of the former Union will be truly free. And how, in her view, is not only the capital of the new Russia, and the world will become St. Petersburg, Russia itself is a great flourish, and admired her. In general, do not do anything, do not engage in economic modernization, left to lie on the stove, like Emel, do nothing, and wait …

Twenty-sixth day of March one of the federal TV channels showed a great film about Vanga. The basic idea is the same: Russia is destined to be the ark of humanity, save it, and reap the benefits of the most fallen on her majesty. Now down from heaven on the guilty dreamy our land. What is the Great Russia? This — the USSR, like someone or not. Russian Empire remained within the Soviet Union, even under the red flag. But under the tricolor — imperial — flag remained stub Empire, the Russian Federation, the former RSFSR. So it is unclear what exactly the Great Russia will save the world. What, then, to save humanity must revival of the empire, that is, the Soviet Union?

In this film about Vanga said that in the totalitarian Soviet Union, no publications of this great fortune teller could not have come at all. Only during the widely publicized know about it in our country. Seer came to the journalist, of course, progressive views, which blindly announced that he would be the first person of her truth in the Soviet media. So — according to the channel and raised on the story of a journalist. But then came the Internet link to Igor Ushkinina brochure, published in 1964 by the publishing house "Knowledge" in 1000 copies. That edition also has a long-standing prediction of Vanga future of our country. Here is what the great prophetess of our country: "New times marked by many signs, which will start to appear in 1990. In life, people come great changes. People will change beyond recognition. Natural disasters will shake the earth, disaster will occur everywhere and affect all nations. "

Then — most importantly, perhaps that is why this prophecy, published nearly fifty years ago in the "totalitarian USSR", not advertised in the new Russia.

"Poor people, — said Wang — will ultimately prevail, and thieves, scammers and prostitutes will not count. Feelings completely worthless, and only a sham, vanity and selfishness will encourage most people to a relationship. Everywhere will thrive usury. Marks the beginning of the apocalypse will be coming to power of the black king in the west and the two kings in your country. Although this alliance will initially appear strong, it will be destroyed. In North America, a great catastrophe happens on the water, organized person. Water all over the world will be black, and it will not be drinking. Stop the underwater currents, and winds will bring in all the land at first terrible heat and fire, and then very cold. From the East comes the third world war. At first it will be a short war, but then it will capture the whole world, and then it will use nuclear weapons. American continents will permanently uninhabitable. In Russia will be a civil war, and will begin its simple people, rob their rulers. People will go without clothes and shoes, to live without food, fuel and light. Water will become more valuable than gold. Disappear different plants and animals. All religions expire. Then it starts the epidemic of unknown diseases. People will fall dead on the street, even if does not hurt before. Then on earth peace is established. Russia will be the ruler of the land. Will be a new religion. Final peace is established in 2040, the year ".

Now — a few comments to the above quotation. The main and most terrible sign happened in Chernobyl. Fell to Earth Star Wormwood. No one in the then Kremlin did not understand. Vanga interesting words that people will change beyond recognition. Just look at the pictures of people heyday of the Soviet Union and is the late eighties. The blind see. Sighted "superintendents of perestroika" and even more excited by "freedom" to the people, not beheld. There were beautiful people, inspired the great purpose. Became — the electorate who is in a constant state of psychosis, very evil, devoid of any meaningful existence was, besides obtaining funds. And degradation of the people — now Russia — continues. Wang said the epidemic unknown illness. It is more than likely because of the enthusiasm of genetic engineering. Man has long samoobmanulsya that he is a king of nature, and it is free to do whatever they want. Well, get a result in the form of genetically modified soybeans biomonstra or simple tomato.

Prophecy prophecies, but were in the Soviet Union and the serious scientific institutions, which are also involved in predicting the future.
Their long-term conclusions differed little from what is said of Wang, which was recorded in other predictions. According to their calculations, at the beginning of XXI century, the world could really sink into chaos, which would have only survived the Soviet Union — as the most controlled country on the planet. The collapse of the Soviet Union did not fit into the scheme, which drew analysts and which left the country's leadership marked "Top Secret". Perhaps those reports were not only in the Kremlin and the Old Square in the Central Committee. In any case, some of the leaders of Western countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union said that they always frightened not only the missiles, "Satan", but also a huge potential for mobilization of the Soviet Union, almost perfect handling enormous power. Another thing is that in a strange way to leadership positions in the last years of the State appointed a completely incompetent people. In our days, this practice was simply dominant — if not mandatory. Amateurism other top managers, taxiing very difficult production and even ministries, shocking. With these shots even perfectly adjusted management mechanism can be smashed.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, almost all centers of strategic forecasting, even those who were working under the roof of the special services were closed. But many scientists are somehow very quickly passed away on seemingly natural causes. However, in a new Russia had similar structures, trying to see into the future with no predictors, and relying on the scientific foundation. With one of the employees of the center I talked recently.

In fact, he confirmed everything Wang said that was published back in 1964. True, except for the "inevitable greatness of Russia."

Our country does have a chance to become a kind of life-saving ark for our civilization, but it must first build an ark.

And this building is just not there. On the contrary, everything is done to our country in solidarity with the Western powers failed in Tartarus. Imagine, said my companion, if Noah, knowing that he had the save life on the planet, pulled up to his nose, said all of his saving mission and was just waiting for the Flood. And where would be the old man, the flood really did not come for? There will also be, and Russia.

According to the analyst, the critical point has been passed. Planet awaits a series of horrible natural disasters that are least affected by the northern regions of Russia. Japan, by the way, according to their forecasts, will never return to its former economic might. Moreover, the archipelago of the rising sun will soon go under the water. Of failure of plant "Fukushima" many times greater than on the negative impact on wildlife effects of the Chernobyl disaster.

But nuclear war, most likely, will not. For a simple reason — fail to activate any of the nuclear weapons. It seems incredible, but as if the conclusion made after special calculations. Now, as we said, is changing the energy grid of uranium and all its derivatives. When this process is complete, then start a chain reaction becomes impossible, whatever supercritical mass is not collected in one place. However, even before the end of this little-understood physics of the process, even some people may take it into one's head to force someone to democracy with the help of an atomic bomb. And yet, according to the analyst, the structure of water: very soon, most of it in the world will indeed become unfit for drinking. The price of "Aqua Fountain" is higher than the cost of oil and even gold. There are many more interesting things uttered the man. However retell his predictions useless. Scientific and conceptual base, which he operated, will be completely incomprehensible to an inexperienced person. But this does not mean that his conclusions are incorrect. Quite the opposite.

Known: Booked — is forearmed. Our higher authorities warned.

But the conclusion is made until one disarm the army, build and equip the police to the teeth, and each "dear Russian" foist electronic passport chip to control the high-level nanotechnology each step more and more unpredictable electorate.

So, it seems, people in trouble will become a thing of drowning. Would have to know where and how to be saved.

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