March 11. Kremlin hopes to use Belarus as a European counterweight to U.S. missile defense echelon.
This almost everything explained and Russian economic preferences Minsk.
As stated on February 27, the board of the Defence Ministry its president, Vladimir Putin, methodical samples taken outside to undermine the strategic balance in the world. Practically running the second step of creation the U.S. global missile defense system, probed the ability of the forthcoming NATO’s eastward expansion.
According to Russian favorite, the dynamics of the geopolitical situation asks to have in the coming three to five years, the Russian army entered the «fundamentally new level of opportunity» in the respective external threats.
Note that the top management of the Russian Federation and its generals have not once claimed to have anti-Russian Euro-tier U.S. missile defense. Since December 14, 2012 the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces mission (RVSN) Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev meeting with journalists once again reminded of this danger.
In his view, the implementation of the U.S. global missile defense development plans with the placement of its parts in Europe could neutralize Russian nuclear potential. Although the founders of creation of this system they say that are deployed on the European mainland missile facilities are designed to protect it from the Iranian danger in Moscow behold the danger in their first imagine.
Noteworthy that almost a few hours before Vladimir Putin’s speech at the College of the military department of foreign minister Minister Sergei Lavrov denied featured in the press information on the probable exchange between Moscow and Washington Declaration on Cooperation in the field of missile defense, and non-European missile defense against Russian strategic potential.
Following the meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, which was accomplished in the evening on February 26 in Berlin, Sergey Lavrov said that the NATO missile defense system is a problem for the security of the Russian Federation and «declarations so there is no longer enough.»
Earlier, in February first Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin at a meeting with members of the French parliament has allocated if the European missile defense system will be deployed, «we can not sit warehouse hands, but it’s not our choice.»
We note that in May 2012 in Moscow international conference «missile defense factor in the formation of a new place of safety», which was organized by the Ministry of Defense, already open a discussion of risk measures neutralization of European missile defense. A lot of these measures have been described in the speech of the then Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov Russian.
This list was included equipping strategic missiles and the Navy Strategic Missile new highly warheads and decoys complexes. Moreover, as stated by General Makarov, c considering the destabilizing missile defense system temper Our homeland as needed can make a preemptive strike on the facilities of the European missile defense system. One of the possible options would be the destruction of infrastructure ABM deployment of new strike weapons in the south and north-west of Russia for fire damage missile defense systems, including the deployment of PTRC «Iskander» in the Kaliningrad region.
In fact, immediately after the conference in the media has become thrown in by the information that such missiles may appear in Belarus. Emergence of a new missile on the border with Poland, which is going to locate missile defense, compared with the «pistol, the oversight of the temple.»
Another current method of neutralizing anti-strategic potential danger to the Russian Federation, according to the views of a number of military professionals may be placing on the western borders of Belarus ultramodern air defense missile systems S-400 or S-300B upgraded. Their technical properties allow interceptor missiles to shoot down on the initial phase of their line of motion.
Realizing the importance of Belarus itself as a platform to counter missile defense, Russian military and political control amid increasing tensions with Western countries considered likely to meet in Minsk to solve their economic problems more outrageous. And today’s warming in relations between Moscow and Minsk not the case. Indeed, progress in the area of ​​economic integration, the formulation of the Customs Union, and then one economic space accompanied by obvious enhanced military cooperation.
As an example, the entry into force of the united regional air defense system, the supply of arms to the 120th air defense missile brigade of the Belarusian armed forces 2-batteries Russian air defense missile system «Tor-M2» (and the signing of the agreement to purchase another).
On a permanent basis of operational training activities conducted Belarusian-Russian regional grouping issues with working transfer, deployment of troops, a joint defense operations. In practical plane translated role of Belarusian companies in the municipal defense order Russian Federation.
Another thing is that during the presidential campaign in the United States the issue of Belarusian-Russian military cooperation was submitted in the press of both countries rather flattened. Maybe, in order not to create problems Barack Obama, who put on Moscow.
But now the American presidential elections behind, and issues of strategic interaction between Minsk and Moscow is likely to re-nominated for the first plan. The more so for this occasion there are operational — the preparation and conduct of large joint exercises «West-2013», which will host the active phase of the terrain Belarus.
Source «Belarusian News»

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