Russia: scientists figure out where in the Chukotka region took rhinos and buffaloes




An international scientific expedition organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, began work in Chukotka. Paleontologists England, Denmark, Russia will be using the latest technology to study ancient deposits in the area of the river Main. According to the researchers, the main question that interests them, that's life in Chukotka in the Pleistocene, the most recent geological era. "We know that nature then was very different from today's. Here roamed herds mammoths, rhinoceroses, horses, bison. Scientists have long sought to understand the climatic and environmental conditions have caused this abundance of wildlife. We are trying to use the latest modern scientific methods. Our team will explore, in particular, the fossil insects from frozen deposits in Chukotka, "- said the head of the expedition Andrey Sher. Scientists are also exploring the genetics, the DNA of ancient organisms in their fossils.

Battery News, 12.08.2004 15:31
Source: RIA "Novosti"

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