Russia to build three new anti-missile radar

Russia to build three new anti-missile radar
According to Russian military officials, Our homeland will build three new radar station class «Voronezh» in 2013 in order to improve the capabilities of missile defense
Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin, spokesman for Russian Troops military space defense, said that the station will be located in the Krasnoyarsk region of Eastern Siberia, the Altai region of southern Siberia and in the Orenburg region of central Russia.

A new generation of radar Voronezh-DM have 3700km range and able to track ballistic and cruise missiles from the North Atlantic region, reports the publication

Creating a class of radar «Voronezh» justified modernization Russian missile defense system, the Kremlin calls a «new strategic objectives» in response to the missile defense shield in Europe, deployed under U.S. administration.

Zolotukhin said that the new settings are more advanced than the previous Dnepr radars and DTV, and have the best combat and operational properties, allowing to Russian system of missile warning to control not only the ballistic target of cosmic objects and also aerodynamic purposes.

«Modernization of cosmic-tier system of missile warning associated with the creation of a unified system of detection and command and control», — he said Russian information services.

First station last generation was built in St. Petersburg (Leningrad region) in 2006 and is on experimental combat duty today. Two other radar «Voronezh» work in Armavir in the area of ​​the Dark Sea and Pioneer near Kaliningrad.

Another radar in Siberian town of Irkutsk has taken up pilot duty in the past year. In accordance with the plan of National Defense, the Ministry of Defense is going to change all the Russian radar range far and close all the holes in the radar overlap on the borders of the Russian Federation until 2020.

In November 2011, the radar «Voronezh-DM» was commissioned in the western Russian enclave of Kaliningrad Oblast. The then President Dmitry Medvedev said that it should be a signal to the western states of readiness of the Russian Federation to respond quickly to the dangers that appear in connection with the deployment of the NATO missile defense in Europe.

As a consequence of modernization was the fact that our homeland has been the introduction of radar «Gabala» in Azerbaijan because of disagreement with the increase in rent, and did it just because of the brand new radar «Voronezh-DM» Dark of the nearby sea.

At the expiration of the protracted negotiations over a year, Moscow and Baku have not been able to reach a compromise on the extension of the lease term.

The Russian Defense Ministry took this step after Azerbaijan has indicated its intention to increment rental price by 10 times in comparison with annual rents of $ 7 million, will be charged in over 10 years under the contract, which expired on December 9, 2012.

«It’s very good, that our homeland has decided to abandon the Qabala, and we will not depend on Azerbaijan in such a fundamental issue as a missile warning system,» — said Alexander Hramchihin, analyst at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, — «I very much hope that the lease contract would not be renewed. «

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