Russian Navy submarine fleet in the XXI Century — Battle modular platform

Russian Navy submarine fleet in the XXI Century - Battle modular platform
RIA Novosti, Sergei Safronov. Over the next 15-20 years the base of submarine forces of the Navy Russia amounted submarines fourth generation classes «Northwind», «Ash» and «Lada» development of 2-leading Russian design bureaus «Ruby» and «Malachite».
After 2030 we can talk about the development of submarines fifth generation of the respective instruments to them on the ballistic missile «Bulava» and cruise — type «Calibre».
In the long run, in other words, for the period up to 2050, which provides for the construction of modular multi-purpose platforms for submarines and surface ships.
In stock: «Three + …»
Now the base of naval strategic nuclear forces constitute the third generation submarine project 667 «Dolphin» and «Squid» (Systematization NATO Delta-IV and III). 6 «Dolphin» are deployed in the Northern Fleet and four «Squid» — In the Pacific Fleet.
Meanwhile, the head boats fourth generation has started coming to the fleet. So, in January 2013 in a combat fleet entered a strategic nuclear submarine (NPS) fourth generation «Yury Dolgoruky» (Project 955 class «Northwind»). In the same year should be adopted for service monotype «Alexander Nevsky», in 2014 — «Vladimir Monomakh».

Multipurpose nuclear submarines of different projects (945, 949, 971, etc.) will be changed one — 885 «Ash». Head boat «Severodvinsk» will be accepted for service as this year.
For the replacement of diesel submarines of projects 877 and 636 should come diesel-electric Project 677 «Lada». In 2010, the Navy took the head of this project boat «St. Petersburg» trial operation, but so far the boat passes the tests. Follow boat class «Lada» will be equipped with air-independent anaerobic power plant.

«….. Plus two»
Development of new projects in Russia submarines currently engaged in two design bureaus — «Ruby» and «Malachite».
Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering (CDB ME) «Ruby», which is currently headed by Igor Villeneuve accompanies currently two projects — 955 «Borey» (Chief Designer Sergei Sukhanov) and 677 «Lada» (General Designer Yuri Kormilitsin).
Specifically on «Ruby» lies the whole burden of responsibility for the creation of strategic submarines fifth generation after 2020.

St. Petersburg Naval Machinery Bureau «Malachite» under the control of the General Director Vladimir Dorofeyeva develops multipurpose nuclear submarines of Project 885 «Yasen» (General Designer Vladimir Pyalov).
In Russia, there is still one design office, «Lapis», which in Soviet times was engaged in the development of submarines, but at the present time it has been practiced for civilian purpose products, including tourist submarines.
Our homeland is now offering for export only diesel and diesel-electric submarines of the third generation Project 636 and fourth generation projects «Amur-950» and «Amur-1650» (Export analogues Project 677 «Lada» different displacement). In the midst of procuring now Russian submarines of this class — Vietnam, Algeria, India (tender), China (negotiations).
In addition, Our homeland along with Italy is developing a project submarine S-1000 only for export. While negotiations with potential customers the ability purchase these submarines.
Fri individual in this matter stands cooperation with India, which in 2012 was transferred to the lease for 10 years for 930 million dollars submarine «Nerpa» (Project 971, code «Pike-B» Indian title «Chakra»). Divide now expresses more intrigued in the completion of the 1st Corps submarines of this class at the Amur shipyard for the next transmission state Navy on the same criteria.

The coming prospect
According to RIA Novosti Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov, increased attention should be paid to maintaining the highest level of combat potential of sea-based strategic nuclear forces. «Their construction and development should continue as part of 2-groups nuclear submarines strategic focus — Northern and Pacific fleets,» — said Teals.
In other words, strategic submarines as before will be based only on the 2-ocean fleets — the Northern and Pacific.
Of the 24 submarines, which at the request of Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu must start fighting the fleet until 2020, eight — Strategic Project 955 («Northwind», three units) and modernized 955A («Borey-A», 5 units) .
In addition, the Navy will receive eight attack submarines Project 885 «Ash». Head boat project «Severodvinsk» will be put into service in 2013, the first serial «Kazan» — In 2015.
Another eight submarines will be assigned to Class diesel. Most likely, this will be the submarine project 677 «Lada» and 636 «Varshavyanka.»
Continuation of construction of Project 636 submarines of the third generation (improved design 877 «Halibut») justified neuvvyazkami identified during testing head boat «St. Petersburg.» Despite the fact that the boat was accepted into trial operation of the Navy, yet her last tests so far, and this spring, «St. Petersburg» go to deep tests to the Northern Fleet.

Follow boat project «Kronstadt» and «Sevastopol», the construction of which up to 2013 was «frozen», will be completed. At the same time, it is planned that «Sevastopol» will be completed with anaerobic air-independent propulsion system (VNEU). This is expected to happen in 2015.
Average prospect
According to the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy, during the 2021-2030 period would continue the planned replacement of strategic submarines, served their terms of service for boats fourth generation.
«We should immediately deploy the work to create a promising ship missile complex strategic focus and submarines fifth generation. Serial production of such missile unfold after 2030 «- said Teals.
But at the moment we can come to a conclusion about what the main requirements will apply to the construction of boats last generation that increase stealth, a significant increase in travel speed at maximum low noise, improved communications and control equipment robots, excluding direct confrontation with enemy ships also increase the depth of immersion.
Submarine Fleet middle of the XXI century
Despite the fact that only the chief designers head profile CDB Marine Engineering «Rubin» and «Malachite» can at the moment to know the approximate properties submarines fifth generation, and experts can only dream to find out about it, yet the Navy is presently argues that the term «submarine» sixth generation can go down in history.
«On the 3rd step spanning the period from 2031 to 2050, provides for the establishment of head and serial production of the latest generation of submarines based on unified platforms underwater» — said Teals.
The term unified necessary, for sure, be aware that it will be multi-purpose modular combat platforms, when a multi-purpose boat will be transformed into a strategic and vice versa. It will need only put the respective module, in other words, missile or other weapon with the appropriate features.

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