Russians will live in harmony with astronomical time?

Daylight shooter offered to re-enter, but only one at a time

In Russia will winter

Chairman of the Duma Committee on Health Sergei Kalashnikov introduced a bill to move to winter. To do so would be to move the clock back an hour, according to RIA Novosti.

"We propose to transfer clock back an hour, saving time, while 54 regions will live on astronomical time" — said Kalashnikov.

The bill will come into force on 28 October — the day that will be transferred to the arrow.

Return to the astronomical time saw fit Rospotrebnadzor head, the chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. He said that Russia would be the right move to astronomical time and never touch the clock a few decades.

"Now is the right to return to the astronomical time, remove all maternity transfers, which were given in 1917. And it is necessary for a time to forget about this thing — for 30-50 years, as long as the state may already be in the system plan will not come back to this issue in terms of the economy, "- he said to Interfax.

Summer. Pro and con

Most of us have got used to live on the summer time. But the debate about the need to transfer hours and have not ceased.

Russians now live, two hours ahead of astronomical time. For one hour, the clock was moved in 1930 — for economic reasons was introduced so-called "standard time." The same considerations — energy savings are based on the introduction in Russia in 1981, seasonal time, known to all as the translation of the arrows twice a year. On the last Sunday in October at 3.00 clock moved back one hour, and the last Sunday in March — one hour.

Seasonal time caused many complaints. Although doctors and assured that the transfer of the shooter is not harmful to health, many people in this period complained of deterioration of health, irritability, drowsiness. And the economic effect (estimated Russian energy, time translation allows you to save 3.5 billion kW / h of electricity per year) often questioned.

On the dangers of translation shooter talked a lot and livestock breeders. If people, though with difficulty, rebuilt to the new regime quickly, the cows for a long period of reduced yields due to "temporary stress."

Daylight time was canceled in February 2011 on the initiative of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The President considered that the abolition of the transition to daylight saving time will be useful, especially for health in Russia: the process of adaptation to transfer the clock accompanied by stress and disease. Medvedev said that this practice brings dubious benefits at a substantial cost.

In autumn 2011, the Russians did not have to translate the arrow back one hour, while the March transfer took place on schedule. Thus it happened that the Russians moved in on summer seasonal time — two hours ahead of astronomical.


Abrupt change of time and change of time zones cause a condition called DESYNCHRONOSIS — this mismatch internal rhythms.

For centuries man has lived on astronomical time he woke up when the sun rose, went to bed when the sun was setting, and darkness falls. Electricity and other blessings of civilization led to the fact that in many cases we have lost sync with astronomical time, with its natural essence and in many ways a very negative impact on health.

Scientists have found that the mismatch of rhythms leads to various pathological phenomena in the body. A person can increase irritability, insomnia, decrease efficiency, concentration, he feels frustrated, lethargic, weak and could worsen as disease.

"Transfer of hours — this is absolutely not a simple procedure, our biological clock so quickly translated. Who moved the time from winter to summer. In physiology would be better to leave that time, we lived in the past 5 months, because it is closer to an astronomical time, to the rhythm, which developed and retained in humanity, in all of our distant and close ancestors for centuries and millennia — opined Senior Researcher, PhD, an expert of the "League of Nation's Health" Kholmogorova Galina Timofeevna.

Having problems with the technique, in which the time conversion was "sewn up" in software. Some smart phones and computers automatically moved the clock back, which caused a lot of problems for unsuspecting users.

Error technology to inform owners of all common platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Symbian, mobile phones and personal computers. Most unlucky owners of older vehicles and those that have not been updated in time. For example, "iPhones" with iOS 5 on the abolition of winter time know, and devices on the older firmware — no. The same is true with phones based on Android and Blackberry.

And reported the error in time to some city information boards.

Back — to winter time

In early 2012, the newly emerged talk of whether the transition to a permanent summer.

In St. Petersburg, during an informal meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, representatives of football organizations have raised the question of the disruption caused by the abolition of daylight saving time.

Supporters pointed out that due to the cancellation of transition to winter time broadcast matches of the Russian clubs in Europe have to look in the night. "As for the time, I will give to Dmitry Anatolyevich your thoughts. He signed (this decision), but it is not prepared, it could therefore nedodumali something there, "- said the prime minister.

During the presidential race in 2012 affected a "temporary issue" candidates for president. The leader of the party "Fair Russia" Sergey Mironov Sway election program promised, among other things, to restore to Russia Daylight clock hands.

While still a candidate for president and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the Daylight hours can be restored.

"When the current president made this decision to change (the time. — Ed.), He was not guided by the fact that someone hurt, and listen to those who say that it should be done so as not to violate the human biological clock," — said at a meeting with his trustees Putin. He then added: "And the cows. They say that people can wake up an hour earlier, and cows an hour earlier will not give milk. "

Putin called to discuss the issue with experts and the public.

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