Rymashevski created in Gomel campaign headquarters


In Gomel, co-created campaign headquarters "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymasheuski, which is advanced by the party created presidential candidate. Staff was headed by a member of the BCD Gomel Yuri Klimovitch.

"This is my fourth regional headquarters — says Mr. Rymashevski. — When traveling, we are strengthening our regional structure, together analyze past activities and plan to in the next six months. Our plans include how to prepare for the presidential campaign, in particular, the formation of staffs and strengthening work in the regions. Despite the rapid presidential election, we do not forget local issues of concern to local residents. We will try to solve them and move forward. "

With the participation of Vital Rymasheuski in Gomel was an educational seminar, which was considering the hrystsinska-democratic ideology, strategic planning and public relations.

Today Mr. Rymashevski had a meeting with local activists, which set out its position in the presidential campaign. According to the speaker, he is a representative of BCD goes to the polls to Belarus lived on the other, the rules of the Christian people to know what is good and what is — evil. Model existence of the state BCD takes no theory of Marx and the Bible of Christian values.

"Neither I nor Paul Skvyarynets — we do not create a new party — said Rymashevski. — We are reviving that was Belarus by our grandfathers. It was the strongest party — she fought with the Bolsheviks, was an alternative to the Polish imperial influence. I would be happy that the Lord has given me a fraction of the force that was at the party founders Vincent Godlewski, Adam Stankevich, who carried the banner high Belarusian Christian Democracy. It was a party that stood for Belarus, with the Belarusian people and for honest politics, built on Christian principles. "


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