Salary for December — $ 500 April — 250

The currency crisis in Belarus is primarily reflected in the earnings. The amount that corresponded in December promised government $ 500 — half a million rubles — now in terms of the currency was halved. But they also have impaired salaries of public administration institutions are trying to cut, by performing a directive on budgetary savings.


Teachers will be taken away from 20% of salaries in rural — 18%

A resident of Brest Ludmila said, "Freedom", the teachers who work in the city, have to relinquish 20% of their earnings, and rural teachers — 18%:

"We state employees because of the crisis just blatantly take about 20% of the salary. Moreover, the authorities cynically explains that the teacher allegedly written statement voluntarily. As for the teachers working in rural areas, they have taken about 18%.'s Nothing to be surprised. Prior to the election gave money, and now they just take away. "

People are outraged, says Lyudmila, but no one can do anything. Yet now, before the summer, some refuse to make the advance payment for the holiday:

"Even now reached the point that they write statements renouncing the resort fee. According to the statement, allegedly provided money to the state, the type of loan for an indefinite period of time. This is difficult to understand."

"Teachers are vulnerable because they are linked contracts"

Deputy chairman of REP Zinaida Mikhnyuk said the teacher recently complained to such measures authorities. But many people are afraid to voice this information:

"Our plant" Tsvetotron "was previously sponsored five schools that are nearby. Some teachers remember me since then and during the meetings talk about such facts. However, they are very afraid and asked not to mention their names. They are linked contracts not can take a step alone. "

Nicholas Bucket, the leader of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, a former educator, said that the education system today, like almost all areas — political hostage of the system:

"In our country there is total control. Teachers can not protest. Besides, now all the schools are conducted comprehensive audits of Brest. The country is run by a man who can only scare off from work. But this — a dead end."

Gomel Oblast

"We have and so wages are less and less"

The Gomel region in the teaching community discussion on the possible reduction of wages in response to the financial crisis.

The teacher of Rechitzy said that they recently introduced a new collective bargaining agreement, according to which school teachers are cut bonuses:

"We sign a collective agreement. This year, we sent a version of the agreement that we have signed. According to this embodiment, the prize we will no longer be charged 20 percent, and 15. Director long we explained that the old 20-percent premium she could not encourage those who are working very well. And if there is a 15 percent size of the required premiums, then it will find resources for the promotion. "

"Obedient bosses will get more"

School teachers have provided the so-called directors' bonuses, but they are awarded fairly selectively:

"There's a certain position, to whom and how much. One who is closest to the boss, he gets. And who does not, he can get nothing. And your fault that you came and asked a question."

One of the teachers of the regional center reported that in general preparing the revision of wages to all workers of the public sector. The news brought a parents of students who are related to the accounting department. Teachers in these lists on the adjustment of salaries — in the forefront:

"Justification is that they are, these salaries were inflated six months ago — before the election. And now this error allegedly decided to correct that our salaries were justified, as we have raised them unnecessarily. Actually 18 per cent going to lower our salaries."

"During the financial crisis, the real wages of the Belarusian teachers — $ 200"

The teacher says that even without revising the wage, taking into account the current value of the dollar, many teachers do not even get the equivalent of $ 200:

"If you take the current exchange rate dollar and the teacher receives a million, and the dollar — 6-7 thousand, the teacher does not get real and $ 200. When half a million it receives, but it rarely, it is only $ 300. I'm on your earnings see that even without the adjustments to me compared to December then 50, then 100 thousand less and less. In December, one salary, and then — less and less. course, we are indignant. But where will we go? But we are little. And who will support us? It's MAZ — thousands of them. Well, come with us on the street 30 people — so what? "

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