Samsung patent the walking humanoid, and the wallpaper on the wall at the same time become more kachetstvennee

Samsung patent the walking humanoidSamsung is to focus on creating robots and at the end of 2011, filed with the U.S. Patent Office four patent applications that were published at the end of June 2012. According to popular tehnobloga Engadget, the company decided to create a robot that moves independently on two legs, and imitate human gait.
Engineers strive to create a humanoid-like person, improving already existing models, such as the robot Asimo. Specially installed hinges on the chest will lift and lower your chest to simulate breathing. Robot before driving will analyze a given route, and program the motion "joints" on each of the distances.
When moving humanoid able to control the center of gravity, creating a complete similarity with the human gait. In the future, Samsung plans to patent a few more models. The description says that one of them will be able to "understand" human language. Another model will be able to assist pedestrians crossing the street.

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