Scam aimed at Russia

On the way to the New World Order

Realities of history, its true hand, careful analysis suggests that the roots of all evil Russia should look in the UK. And everything to do with all the ills of the modern world, comes from that country. They live puppeteers — the secret rulers of the social, political, social and economic processes taking place in our world. Even Henry Ford once said that, for the abolition of all the wars and conflicts in the world, it is necessary to destroy the "world behind the scenes."

Imagine a theater. On stage is a confrontation between two empires: Russian and English. All other states act as spectators and permanent participants of this battle between good and evil. The other did not exist, all the processes of everyday events and find their place in this confrontation.

Secret world government to control us invented many interesting things, they even managed to impose on us a scenario of history — in which we are involved and we can not to this day to avoid this. Two world wars, many local conflicts (in the Caucasus, Afghanistan, etc.), the terrorist Osama bin Laden, the AIDS virus and SARS, a form of influenza, drug trafficking, climate weapons — this is not a complete list of inventions puppeteers.

All of our everyday life and the rhythm of life is subject to conceive and implement plans. Drawing a bright picture for us a wonderful future, they divert our attention from the real causes of events, create the illusion of universal justice, humanity and democracy.

Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of our enemies can be considered a well thought out device capitalist model of the world economy. Such a system is not ideal and harmonious, and is aimed at ensuring the return of those who are on top of the social pyramid. This is the origin and the economic crisis that they themselves created and managed in order to enrich themselves and to impose the desired interest. United States of America — one of the most important projects of the "world behind the scenes." The whole country in the minds of many is paradise, but in reality has absorbed the worst directed to the wickedness of man and the pursuit of the golden calf.

The ideals of a better future you draw power

Today we face every day with a lot of negative information. She goes and on television and just finds us in everyday life. Corruption, drug addiction, alcoholism, demographic and life's difficulties, diseases, natural disasters — news of this meet us every day. The power of a sluggish and ineffective attempts to solve these problems.

The impression is that the Patriots do not have the power and the country's leadership carries out a planned order for the destruction of Russia. How else to explain the deterioration of living and production assets, changes in the army, education, the family and the destruction of its infrastructure. In the eyes of the public all or renewed and becomes simply different forms of disorder and chaos.

One conclusion can be drawn: in the post-reform under control. Our enemies have created the country's public and charitable organizations, foundations, companies, universities, and through them, form an opinion and thinking people, especially young people. Instill values, which are based on misconception.

Puppeteers well known human psychology. Along with that they have to find the keys to the psychology of the Russian ethnos found weaknesses in our nation and is purposeful destruction and extermination of Orthodox inhabitants of the Earth. All conditions for the degradation of the Slavic peoples, their decline, its quality.

The world needs a new system

Have you noticed that the science is presented in terms of the business benefits (profits), which will be available when it is applied character wear?

Capitalism has brought into our lives a lot of science that are relevant only to the model of the device of the World Economy.

Among these disciplines can be identified marketing — the science of psychology customer, competition, supply and demand of goods and services. The important thing is that our people all these things and others are not critical in our world.

Russia needs its own, the model victorious World Order, not dictated by someone else.

The most important thing for us now is: we need an idea to build such a system. What should it be, to be the perfect, harmonious and suitable for us?

Approach in building a socialist economy is not well suited Slavic people, but much better and closer than capitalist.

The second question — not least — the introduction of the Russian model unit of the World Economy. Just because it will not be able to build a "world behind the scenes" is not highly profitable. Likely to be implemented in the life of our system, you will need a way of revolutions and wars in the world.

And are the people: patriots country, associates — all of those people who care about the future of our country!

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