Scientist: The memory can fool the stomach

January 29, 2013 21:40

BRISTOL, January 29. Memories of the great portions of food can make people feel more full, while vague memories of eating have the opposite effect, the researchers said.

Jeffrey Branstorm, an experimental psychologist at Universtitet Bristol in the UK, believes that our memory affects the amount of food we eat.

In the new study Branstorm and his colleagues took a group of 100 people. They showed pictures with a plate of tomato soup: one half — with 300 ml of soup, the other half — with 500 ml of soup.

Then each participant was taken to a cabin where they ate a bowl of tomato soup. In this case, the subjects could not say exactly how much they ate the soup, because the experimenters used a pump that evacuates the unnoticed or added to soup plates. Immediately after dinner, people who ate more soup, feel more full, than those who ate less.

But after 2-3 hours of the photographer with the soup, which they saw before dinner, began to play a predominant role. Those who have seen the pictures on a large bowl of soup (500 ml), felt less hungry than those who showed a picture with 300 ml of soup.

Thus, the portion size in the photo was crucial after meals, transfers Kedem. Jeffrey Branstorm notes that at this point the memory dominates the hunger, not the actual number of calories consumed.

In addition, scientists have argued that such food labels as "diet food", "low-calorie" pre-tune our brain that plenty enough of these products fail.

Another interesting fact is that the people who eat in front of TV, computer, or simply reading a newspaper, does not really think about what they eat. Distracted by food, the memory does not form persistent memories of eating, so these people consume more calories than you should be, and a few hours after eating may feel hungry again.

Thus, fuzzy memories of ingested food may increase the appetite.

This study is not able to provide any radically new strategies for weight loss, but the data can be used to treat people with hyperphagia, when people do not remember what they ate, and uncontrolled use food.

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