Scientists: Global warming will lead to the Earth aliens

Aliens can find Earth on ongoing changes in the atmosphere caused by increasing emissions of "greenhouse gases", and, finding the rapid development of our civilization, decide to destroy it to prevent the possible expansion. Such a hypothesis put forward in the journal Acta Astronautica by researchers from the American University of Pennsylvania.

According to scientists, the inhabitants of an extraterrestrial civilization can "time" the change in the radiation from the Earth's emissions of "greenhouse gases" and decide that we can begin to conquer other "worlds" in the search for resources. "Such a scenario is very unlikely. We are not saying that the events will unfold that way. However, this possibility exists," — said one of the study authors Jacob Haqq-Misra.

According to him, "scientists in the world are also using the method of analysis of radiation for the study of other planets." "Astronomers can fix the spectral changes in the light coming from the large planet at a distance of 200 light years from Earth. By the standards of the galaxy, it is a very short distance. However, probably more advanced civilization can" see "much more", — explains the researcher.

The authors noted that this is only one of the scenarios of possible contact with humans by aliens, according to ITAR-TASS. "Maybe the aliens will be very peaceful and decide to help us. But maybe they do not like the way we manage our resources, and they are angry" — suggests Jacob Haqq-Misra.

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