Scientists have found that Altai denisovtsy imported materials for tools and ornaments from Mongolia

February 12, 2013 18:08

Denisovtsy — representatives of a new subspecies of ancient people, previously observed in the Denisova Cave in the Altai, — have been actively involved in the metabolic processes that have taken place in the Paleolithic era, news agency "Interfax".

"The Denisova Cave found stone bracelet, and it is well established location of this material — 250 km to the west, in the Ore Altai. This rare and unique material has been deliberately brought into the cave, "- said the deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Michael Shunkov.
He emphasized that such exchange processes have been observed for other parts of the ancient ecumene — particularly in Eastern Europe have been found a sea shell jewelry, brought from the coast of the Indian Ocean.

In addition, said the scientist, found in Denisova Cave products from ostrich egg shell, in more ancient times, who lived in what is now Mongolia. "In what is now the Gobi desert and in the Trans-Baikal in the sand blowing in a lot of this material is found, and the Altai — no. The question is, how did he get there? The answer is simple — import ", — said the researcher.

This does not necessarily talking about sending special expeditions to Mongolia and Transbaikalia for this material — it can gradually penetrate to the Altai in for generations.

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