Sea lion, born in the Okhotsk Sea, found at the rookery in the Pacific

Scientists Commander Reserve on Kamchatka found on winter rookery in Avacha bay male sea lion, which was marked by still young in the hundreds of kilometers away from this place on Yamskie Islands in the north of the Okhotsk Sea, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Deputy Director of the Reserve "Magadan" Irina Utekhina.

"Information about the sea lions on the reserve labeled" Magadan ", came to our colleagues from the Commander of the reserve. They noticed a label on it, performed on him in 2004. For us, this is the first known case of sea lions, born in the north of the Sea of Okhotsk Sea, was discovered on another rookery in the Pacific "- said the agency interlocutor.

According to her, the scientists of the reserve there are cases when Yamskie Islands sea lions come to the Kurils, but the facts of animals out of the territory until the Sea of Okhotsk had little evidence.

"Tagging sea lion pups began on the rookery islands Matykil in 2000 to study the migration of animals, their survival and reproduction characteristics. Notice of" our "sea lions on the Kamchatka Peninsula has shown us that between herds being selected, this is important information for us," — said the interlocutor .

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