Seconds From Disaster: The Tragedy of the cable car. Cmertelny terror in Tokyo

American documentary film dedicated to the investigation of man-made and natural disasters in modern history, as well as analysis of the causes and events that led to each of the disasters. For the reconstruction of events per second in the series are used official documents, interviews and testimony.

Seconds from disaster by cable car tragedy

Tragedy on the cable car. Analysis of the circumstances of the tragic incident in 1998, when a drop cable car with a 100-meter-high, killing 20 people.

Seconds From Disaster — Cmertelny terror in Tokyo

It is the largest single aircraft disaster in aviation history. Boeing crashed into a mountain to the north-west of Tokyo. 520 passengers and crew members died under a pile of metal debris. In operation around the world are more than 600 Boeing 747, and experts need as quickly as possible to understand the causes of the crash. If they fail to find answers quickly, the disaster could happen again. Disasters do not happen just like that, each preceded by a series of decisive events. Unravel the fateful decisions and count the last seconds before the crash.

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