Secret World Government: John Coleman — The Committee of 300

Photo: 3-year-old Prince William with a characteristic gesture of the Illuminati

Photo: 3-year-old Prince William with a characteristic gesture of the Illuminati

Committee of 300

Imagine a powerful group (which recognizes no national borders), which includes banking, insurance, coal mining, trade, medicine, oil industry, whose members are responsible solely to the members of this group. It is the Committee of 300.

HIERARCHY conspirators: HISTORY OF 300

During my career I was an officer in intelligence received repeated access to strictly confidential documents, but during my service as an officer in the Angolan political analyst, I had the opportunity to study a number of top-secret documents, the content of which was unusually frank. What I saw filled me with anger and indignation, and I embarked on a path from which no longer folded — my goal was to show people what power monitors and controls the governments of Britain and the United States.

I was very familiar with all known secret societies, such as the "Royal Institute of International Affairs" (RIIA) (Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA)), «The Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) (the Council ON Foreign Relations (CFR) ), "Bilderberg» (the Bilderbergers), «The Trilateral Commission» (Trilaterals), cionisty (the Zionists), Masonry (Freemasonry), Bolshevism-Rosicrucianism (Bolshevism-Rosicrucianism), as well as all branches of the secret societies. As an officer intelligence, and even earlier — during my college youth — when I was in the library of the British Museum in London, I studied up and down all the information about these companies, as well as many other organizations, who I thought should been known to the Americans.
But when I came to the United States in 1969, I found that such titles as "The Order of St. John of Jerusalem» (the Order of St. John of Jerusalem), «The Club of Rome» (Club of Rome), «German Foundation Marshall »(the German Marshall Fund),« Cini Foundation »(the Cini Foundation),« Round Table »(the Round Table),« Fabian Society »(the Fabianists),« Venetian Black Nobility »(the Venetian Black Nobility), "Mont Pelerin Society» (the Mont Pelerin Society), «Hellfire Club» (Hellfire Clubs), and many others were either completely unknown here, or, at best, their true function are poorly understood or not understood at all.
In 1969-1970, I decided to remedy the situation by issuing a series of books and tapes. Much to my surprise I soon found plenty of people who are willing to cite these names, as if they knew about them throughout his writing career. However, they did not understood the essence of the issue and did not want to specify the source of the recently published information. I consoled myself with the thought that the fake — it is the most sincere form of flattery.

I continued my investigation with the same energy in the face of constant risk, the attacks on me and my wife, financial losses, constant pressure, threats and slander. All this was part of a carefully designed and directed program of my discredit, conducted by governmental agents and informers, embedded in the so-called movement "Christian right» (Christian rightwing), «The motion for the approval of the person» («Identity Movement») and right "patriotic" group. These agents have acted and continue to operate under the guise of a powerful, fearless and open opposition to Judaism — supposedly their main enemy — in what they are trying to convince us. These agents, informants are under the direction and control of a group of homosexuals who are very loved and respected political and religious conservatives across the United States.

Their program of calumny, lies, hate and misinformation about my work, and recently more and attribution of my work to other writers, continues unabated, but so far it has not reached the desired effect. I will continue to do its job, until finally completely tear the mask from a secret parallel government, operating at the highest level, which controls the United Kingdom and the United States. This book — part of my ongoing work.
Dr. John Coleman.
November 1991


Surely many of us know that people who work in our government, it is not the people who actually make decisions on political and economic issues, both in domestic and foreign policy. This prompts many to seek the truth in the alternative press, those writers of newsletters that, like me, were looking for, but did not always find the root of the fatal illness of the United States. The formula of "seek and ye shall find" is not always appropriate for this group. What we did find is the fact that people live in deep darkness, for the most part without worrying about where their country is moving, and staying in the firm belief that her nothing ever happens. It is this attitude was brought up most of the population, and this position is on the right hand of the secret government.
We often hear that "they" did "it" or "it." It seems that "they" literally getting away with it, even murder. "They" increase taxes, "they" send our sons and daughters to die in wars that do not bring any benefits to the country. It seems that "they" are always beyond our reach, beyond our field of vision, and when against "them" trying to finally take action, "they" like ghosts slipping through his fingers. It seems that no one can say who "they" are. Such a situation has been going on for decades. In the course of the book we will establish who the are these mysterious "they", and after that the people themselves will decide how to address this.

April 30, 1981 I wrote a monograph, to reveal the existence of "Club of Rome", defining it as the body of the Committee of 300, engaged in subversive activities. In the United States, this was the first publication of both these organizations. I asked readers not to fall into confusion as to what this article is supposedly divorced from reality, and drew a parallel between my article and the warning issued by the Bavarian government when the secret plans of the "Illuminati" got into his hands. Later in the book we will return to the "Club of Rome" and the role of the Committee of 300 in U.S. policy.

Many of the predictions made in that article in 1981, has already been realized, for example, the appointment to the post of Prime Minister of Spain Felipe Gonzalez unknown policy, the return to power of Mitterrand in France, falling Giscard d'Estaing and Helmut Schmidt, the return to power of the Swedish aristocrat and Committee of 300 members of Olaf Palme, the destruction of the results Reagan, and the erosion of the U.S. industrial sectors as steel, automobile and house-building, carried out as part of the post-industrial zero-growth policies pursued at the direction of the Committee of 300.
Important role Palme was that "the Roman club" used it to supply technology to the Soviet Union, the export of which is prohibited by the U.S. Customs Office, as well as its global network links used to focus global attention on psevdokrizise hostage in Iran when Palme cruised between Washington and Tehran, trying to undermine the unity of sovereign and transfer U.S. psevdokrizis jurisdiction of one of the Committee of 300 institutions, namely the World Court in The Hague, Holland.

Open conspiracy against God and man, which includes enslaving the majority of people left on this earth after wars, disasters and massacres, acts very openly. Scouts have a rule: the best way to hide something — put it in a prominent place. For example, when in 1938 Germany wanted to hide information about their new superistrebitele "Messerschmidt" aircraft was displayed at the Paris Air Show. While secret agents and spies to collect and transmit data through caches in tree holes and masonry, the information on which they hunted, they lay right under his nose.
Parallel high-level secret government is not acting out of the dark cellars and secret dungeons. It is situated in full view of the White House, Congress, at 10 Downing Street and the British Parliament. It is akin to intentionally creepy and chilling film about the "monster", where the monster appears with distorted features, long hair and even longer teeth, growling and spitting in all directions. These films only distract attention, THESE are the same monster suits and go to work on Capitol Hill in limousines.

These people — to see. These people — the servants of the World Government and New World Order. Like the rapist who stops the car and offers to drive her victim, he apparently does not look like a monster, which is the really. If he looked like his quarry, screaming in terror, would escape away. The same is true for the government at all levels. President Bush did not look like a zealous servant of the high-level parallel government, but make no mistake about him — he is a monster, like the ghosts of horror films.
Stop for a moment and consider how President Bush ordered the brutal killing 150,000 Iraqi soldiers in a convoy of military vehicles with white flags, returning to Iraq in accordance with the Geneva Convention on the agreed disengagement and withdrawal of their fight. Imagine the horror of Iraqi soldiers, when their waving white flags were shot at point-blank American planes. On another part of the front 12,000 Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in trenches they occupied. Is it not monstrous in the true sense of the word? Where was President Bush's orders to act in such a monstrous way? He received them from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which received its mandate from the Committee of 300, an organization known as the "Olympians."
As we shall see, even the "Olympians" do not hide their faces. Often they pretend play that is comparable only to that of the above-mentioned Paris Air Show, while the daffy conspiracy kooks to spend time searching for these plots in the wrong place and in the wrong direction. Have you paid attention to the fact, as Queen Elizabeth II, performs the opening ceremony of the British Parliament? There, for all to see, is the head of the Committee of 300. Have you ever witnessed the swearing in ceremony of the President of the United States? There, for all to see, is another member of the Committee of 300. The whole problem is only in the human perception.

Who are the conspirators who serve the almighty Committee of 300? Most informed part of our society is aware that there is a conspiracy and that the conspiracy hiding under various names, such as "The Illuminati", Freemasonry, "Round Table", "Milner Group." For them, "Council on Foreign Relations" and "The Trilateral Commission" is associated with all that they do not like in the domestic and foreign policy. Some even know that the "Round Table" made a great contribution to the affairs of the United States, through the British Ambassador in Washington. The problem is that the real information on the treasonous activities of members of the invisible government is very difficult to obtain.

I quote the profound statement of the prophet Hosea, which is located in the Christian Bible: / 4.6. / "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Some readers may have already heard my expose the scandal of foreign aid, in this publication, I called several conspiratorial organizations, whose number is legion. Their ultimate goal was the removal of the U.S. Constitution and the inclusion of the country chosen by God as his country, godless New World Order, managed by the World Government, which will return the world to conditions far worse than those that existed in the Dark Ages.

We now turn to the specific historical examples, such as the attempt to de-industrialization and communization Italy. The Committee of 300 has long been held that in the future the world has become a better and less — much less than now. That's what their idea of a better world. Billions of useless eaters — the consumers of the limited natural resources — should be discarded and destroyed. Industrial progress also contributes to the growth of the population, therefore, the covenant of the Book of Genesis to be fruitful and to work the land to be altered it.

The inevitable consequence is undermining the foundations of Christianity, the slow but steady destruction of the industrial nation-states, the destruction of hundreds of millions of people, considered the Committee of 300 as "surplus population," and the removal of any leader who dared to stand in the way of global planning Committee of 300 for the above purposes.

One of the first blows were inflicted on the Committee of Italy and Pakistan. The late Prime Minister Aldo Moro was one of the leaders who spoke out against the policy of "zero growth" and population decline, prescribed for his country. In this he has angered "Club of Rome", which "Olympians" instructed to carry out this policy. At the trial in Rome on November 10, 1982 a close friend of Moreau testified that the former prime minister threatened an agent of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), who is also a member of the Committee of 300, while acting as Secretary of State. The person who called the witness, was Henry Kissinger, and his rapid rise is discussed in detail below.
Recall that Prime Minister Moro in 1978, was kidnapped by terrorists "Red Brigades" and later brutally murdered. During the trial of members of the "Red Brigades", some of them testified that they knew about the involvement of senior U.S. officials in the plot to kill Moro. Threatening Moro, Kissinger, of course, is not carried out U.S. foreign policy, but rather to act in accordance with the instructions, "Club of Rome", the foreign department of the Committee 300.
Witness whose evidence in open court bombshell was Gorrado Gertsoni, a close associate of Moro. His stunning testimony was broadcast on Italian television and radio November 10, 1982, and published in several Italian newspapers, but in the U.S. the most important information is simply ignored. Such famous bastions of freedom always know everything about everything, as the "Washington Post" and the "New York Times" is not given this matter a bit and did not publish a single line of evidence Gertsoni.

In my exposure of this heinous crime, published in 1982, I showed that Aldo Moro, a loyal member of the Christian Democratic Party, was killed by assassins linked to the Masonic lodge P-2. The aim was to make Italy murder obey instructions "Club of Rome" by de-industrialization of the country and a significant reduction of its population. Moreau plans to stabilize Italy through full employment, reduce tension in politics and the economy would strengthen the Catholic opposition to the Communists and make it more difficult to destabilize the Middle East — the main purpose of the Committee of 300.
From the above, it is clear how far the plans of the conspirators. They think not on the scale of five-year plans. Should recall the statement of the Catholic Church concerning Weishaupt to understand what forces were involved in the murder of Aldo Moro. Death of Moreau removed obstacles plans to destabilize Italy, and as we now know, made it possible to carry out plans for the Middle Eastern conspiracy 14 years later, during the Gulf War.

The Committee of 300 has chosen Italy as a test site. Italy is important for the plans of the conspirators, as among the European countries it is closest to the Middle East region. It is associated with the Middle East, both economically and politically. Italy — a stronghold of the Catholic Church, which Weishaupt ordered destroyed, and home to some of the most influential in Europe oligarchic families belonging to the ancient "Black Nobility." If Italy had been weakened by the death of Moro, it would have consequences in the Middle East that would weaken U.S. influence in the region. Italy is important for another reason: it is the entrance gate to Europe during the transportation of drugs from Iran and Lebanon. Then we will return to this subject.
Since in 1968, was created "Club of Rome", various political groups united under the aegis of socialism to shift several Italian governments. Among them were the "Black Nobility" of Venice and Genoa, the Masonic lodge P-2 and the "Red Brigades", and all pursued the same goal. Police investigators in Rome, investigating the murder of Aldo Moro "Red Brigades", came to some very famous Italian families, work closely with the terrorist group. Police also received evidence that in at least 12 cases, the well-known and influential families offered their homes and other property for the organization strongholds cells "Red Brigades".

American "aristocracy" has also contributed to the destruction of the Italian Republic, stressing tried Richard Gardner, who was President Carter's official ambassador in Rome. While Gardner was acting under the direct control of Bettino Craxi, an important member of the "Club of Rome" and a key figure in NATO. Craxi was a key figure in the attempts of conspirators to destroy the Republic of Italy. As we shall see, Craxi almost succeeded in destabilizing Italy and, being one of the main actors in the hierarchy of the conspirators, he was able to push through the Italian parliament laws permitting divorce and abortion, that resulted in far-reaching and devastating social and religious consequences: it was one of the strongest in the history of attacks on the Catholic Church, to undermine its authority and, consequently, the morals of the Italian nation.

After the election of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in December 1980 in Washington, an important meeting was held under the auspices of the "Club of Rome" and the Socialist International. Both of these organizations report directly to the Committee of 300. The main issue on the agenda was to find ways and means to minimize the effectiveness of the Reagan presidency. The conspirators took a joint plan, and if we look back, it becomes clear that the plan was very successful.
To imagine the enormity of the conspiracy, and inclusiveness, we should mention here the goals set by the Committee 300 for the upcoming conquest and control of the world. There are at least 40 known "branches" Committee of 300, and we list them all together with a description of their functions. As soon as it becomes known, it will be easy to understand how a single central body of conspirators can so effectively and why no power on earth can resist his onslaught against the very foundations of civilized progressive world, based on the freedom of the individual, as it is stated in the open Constitution of the United States.

Due to testimony Gertsoni made under oath, in Italy and Europe (but not in the U.S.), people learned that the death of Aldo Moro was Kissinger. This tragic story demonstrates the ability of the Committee of 300 to impose its will on any government without exception. As a member of the most powerful secret society in the world (here I do not mean Freemasonry), Kissinger not only threatened the Moro and implement their threats to "destroy" Moro if he did not abandon his plans for economic and industrial development of Italy.
In June and July 1982, the wife of Aldo Moro testified in open court that the murder of her husband was after serious threats to his life, made, in her words, "a high-ranking political figure in the U.S.." Mrs. Eleanor Moro repeated the exact phrase uttered by the testimony Gertsoni Kissinger: "Either you stop your policy, or pay dearly for it." The judge repeatedly called Gertsoni and asked if he could name the person referred to by Ms. Moreau. Gertsoni replied that it was indeed Henry Kissinger, as he said earlier.

Gertsoni further told the court that Kissinger threatened Moreau in his hotel room during the official visit of the Italian leaders in the United States. Moreau, who was the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, the country — a member of NATO, was a man of high rank, such people should never be subjected to pressure and threats in the style of the Mafia. As then, so now Kissinger is an important agent in the service "of the Royal Institute of International Affairs," member of the "Club of Rome" and "Council on Foreign Relations."
Kissinger's role in destabilizing the United States by engaging the country in three wars — in the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam — are well known, as well as its role in the Gulf War, in which the U.S. Army acted as mercenaries for the Committee of 300 for his return Kuwait Control. Of Iraq have made a good example to other small countries did not even try to decide their fate.
Kissinger also threatened the late Ali Bhutto, ppezidentu sovereign state of Pakistan. The "crime" Bhutto was that he helped his country acquiring nuclear weapons. Being a Muslim state, Pakistan felt the constant threat of Israeli aggression in the Middle East. Bhutto was killed in cold blood in 1978 by General Zia ul Haq — the representative of the "Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) in Pakistan.

During his planned rise to power Ul Haq prompted frenzied crowd set fire to the U.S. embassy in Islamabad in an apparent attempt to show the CFR that he is an independent leader and to attract more foreign aid, and, as it became known later, to kill Richard Helms. A few years later, ul Haq paid with his life for the intervention in the war in Afghanistan. His "Hercules C-130" was struck ENCH momenta (electric low frequency) shortly after takeoff, causing the aircraft made a loop and crashed to the ground.
"Club of Rome", acting on the orders of the Committee of 300 to eliminate General ul Haq, remorselessly sacrificed his life several U.S. soldiers who were on board the plane, including a group of "Defense Intelligence Agency» (US Defense Intelligence Agency), headed by Brigadier General Herber Vassomom. General Ul Haq was warned by the Turkish Secret Service not to fly airplanes, as it became known that he planned to blow up the plane in the air. With this in mind, ul Haq took a group of soldiers from the United States as an "insurance policy", as he explained to a narrow circle of close advisers.
In my work in 1989, "Terror in the Sky", I gave the following description of what happened: "Shortly before the" S-130 "Ul Haq took off from the Pakistani military base near the hangar, which was a C-130 was spotted a suspicious truck. Since the tower was given a warning dispecherskoy protection service, but so far managed to do anything, the plane had already taken off, and the truck drove away. After a few minutes the plane suddenly began to loop the loop, and then hit the ground and exploded. Explanation of this behavior of C-130 was not, the plane had a reputation for safety, and a joint Pakistani-American commission to investigate the accident found no errors pilot or any mechanical or structural problems. Unexpected Nesterov loop — that is to say, a recognized "brand" aircraft struck ENCH momentum.

The fact that the Soviet Union had the ability to produce devices that generate high-amplitude RF was known in the West for the Study of the Soviet scientists working in the intensive relativistic electron radiation "Nuclear Energy Institute. Kurchatov. " Among these experts were A. Vinogradov and AA Rukhadze. Both scientists worked at the "Institute of Physics. Lebedev ", which specializes in electronic and X-ray lasers.
With this information, I began to seek confirmation from other sources and found that in England, "International Journal of Electronics" published some material that appears to confirm the information on the method chosen in order to bring down the C-130 General Uhl Haq. In addition, this information was confirmed from two sources in intelligence. Some useful information I received from the Soviet scientific newspapers published in England under the name of «Soviet Radio Electronics and Communications Systems» («The Soviet electronics and communication systems"). I had no doubt that General Ul Haq was killed. In the truck, which is seen in the hangar, was undoubtedly ENCH mobile unit of the type which is known to have in the Soviet Armed Forces.

According to the written testimony of Bhutto, secretly left the country when he was in prison, Kissinger severely threatened him: "I'll teach you and all the other horrible lesson, if you continue your policy of strengthening the country." Bhutto confronted Kissinger and "Club of Rome", calling for the implementation of nuclear power programs in order to turn Pakistan into a modern industrial state, in the eyes of the Committee of 300 was a direct disobedience of his orders, the Pakistani government passed Kissinger. Threats Kissinger Bhutto were not part of the official policy of the United States, it was the policy of the modern "Illuminati."

We must clearly understand why nuclear power is so hated all over the world and why a war against the use of nuclear energy fake "environmental" movement, created and funded by the "Club of Rome". With nuclear energy, which allows to produce large quantities of cheap electricity, Third World countries would gradually become independent of U.S. financial assistance and began to assert their sovereignty. The electricity produced at nuclear power plants — is the key to bring the developing countries from the backward state that the Committee of 300 orders to save and continue.

Reduction of foreign aid would reduce the IMF control over natural resources in developing countries. The idea of genuine self-determination of developing countries was excommunicated as a "Club of Rome", and stood over him by the Committee 300. We have seen how the movement against nuclear power in the U.S. has been successfully used to lock the industrial development of the country in accordance with the plans of the Club, providing for "post-industrial zero-growth."
Dependence on U.S. financial aid actually keeps foreign countries to serve the "Council on Foreign Relations." The country's population, which is a help, got only a pittance, and the bulk into the pockets of government leaders who allow the IMF to plunder the natural resources to pump out of the country. Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), is a prime example of how the foreign control of the country's natural resources, in this case, over the quality of chrome ore. Now all feedstocks Zimbabwe fully under the control of Lonrho, a giant conglomerate that operates on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, an important member of the Committee of 300 Angus Ogilvy. Population while sinking deeper into poverty and hunger, despite the $ 300 million allocated by the United States.

Lonrho has a monopoly on the Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) chrome and can set it any price they wish, but this is not the Smith regime allowed. Reasonable price level was maintained for 20 years before coming to power, Mugabe. Although during the 14-year rule of Ian Smith in the country had problems, but after his dismissal unemployment jumped four times, and now Zimbabwe is in a state of chaos and de facto bankruptcy. Mugabe received enough foreign aid from the U.S. (about $ 300 million a year), which allowed him to build three hotels on the Cote d'Azur in France, Cap Ferat and Monte Carlo, while his people suffered from disease, unemployment and malnutrition, not to mention the brutal dictatorship regime that suppresses any opposition. Compare this with the regime of Smith, who never asked for nor received any money from the U.S.. It is quite clear that foreign aid — is a powerful tool of control over Zimbabwe and other African countries.

In addition, foreign aid keeps U.S. citizens in a state of involuntary addiction, and so they are quite unable to mount a serious opposition to the government. David Rockefeller knew what he was doing when his foreign aid bill became law in 1946, since this law was among the most hated laws of the country, especially after the public exposure of state racketeering, which have to pay for us, the common people.

How then can the conspirators to keep the throat the whole world and especially the U.S. and the UK? Most frequently asked question is: "How can one separate entity at any time to know about everything that happens in the world, and how does it exercises its control?" In this book, we try to answer this and other questions. The only way to really resist the conspirators success — it is open to call and launch a discussion about secret societies, and organizations that serve a cover of these societies, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations, the oil industry, around hundreds of thousands of other organizations and foundations, hiding different signs, but still subordinate to the Committee of 300 — the supreme controlling body, which controls the world, at least for the past hundred years.

Because of the "Council on Foreign Relations" and "Trilateral Commission" has written dozens of books, we go straight to the "Club of Rome" and "German Marshall Fund." Before I published the information about these organizations in the United States, heard of them, very few. My first job "Club of Rome", published in 1983, has attracted almost no attention. Many uninitiated people thought the "Club of Rome" — is something which is relevant to the Catholic Church, and the "German Marshall Fund" related to the "Marshall Plan."
That is why the Committee chooses the name to confuse the situation and divert attention from what is happening. The U.S. government may not know this, but since it is an integral part of the plot, it will do everything possible to cover-up to prevent the truth come to light. A few years after the publication of my work have been writers who suddenly saw her as a rich source of fresh unique information and began to write and speak on the subject, as if they have a long and thoroughly versed in it.

For them was the revelation that the "Club of Rome" and its financiers under the title "German Marshall Fund" are a well-organized conspiracy subsidiaries, operating under the auspices of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and that most of the functionaries "Club of Rome" came to him from NATO. All of the main provisions of the NATO policy was formulated "Club of Rome", which, through the work of the Committee of 300 member Lord Carrington, was able to split NATO into two factions: the political power of the group (left) and the actual military structure.

"Club of Rome" is still one of the main foreign policy departments of the Committee 300, another such unit is the "Bilderberg" (Bilderberg). It was created in 1968 after Aurelio Peccei personally contacted by telephone with those who originally were the backbone of the "Group of Morgenthau," and urged them to re-unite to give a new momentum and accelerate the implementation of plans for a One World Government, which is now called New World Order, although I prefer the first name. It is much better to describe the essence of this phenomenon than the name of the "New World Order", which only creates confusion, since there have been several stories of the "new world order", but the One World Government was not.

Peccei responded to the call all the most odious "the architects of the future" from the United States, France, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland and Japan. During the period from 1968 to 1972 "Club of Rome" has become an umbrella organization for scholars of the "new science", globalists, futurists and internationalists of various stripes. As one of its members, "We have become like the colorful clothes of Joseph." The basis of the doctrine adopted by the political arm of NATO, based on the novel Peccei "human qualities."

The following is an excerpt from this book Peccei:
"For the first time since the Christian world came to the threshold of the first millennium, large masses of people are anxiously waiting the inevitable occurrence of something unknown, which could completely change their common destiny … A man does not know what being a modern man … man invented the story Evil of the Devil, but if there was ever an evil devil, it is — the man himself … We have here the human paradox: man trapped in his exceptional talents and achievements in quicksand — the more he uses his power, the more it is required. " "We have to keep saying that it's silly to explain the current deep and painful pathological condition of mankind by a cyclical crisis or a coincidence. Since then, as mankind has opened "Pandora's box" with new technologies, it suffers from uncontrolled population growth, mania, growth, energy crises, actual or potential lack of resources, environmental pollution, nuclear madness and many other such disasters. "
This coincides with the program of the movement "green", which came much later, with the support of the same "Club of Rome", to slow down and reverse the industrial development.

In broad terms, the proposed program "Club of Rome" includes the development and distribution in the United States 'post-industrial' ideas, along with the spread of counter-cultural movements and habits, such as drugs, rock, sex, hedonism, Satanism, witchcraft and the "green movement" . "Tavistock Institute", "Stanford Research Institute", "Institute of Social Relations" as well as a wide range of other research organizations in the field of applied social psychiatry either had their representatives in the "Club of Rome", or act as his advisors and played a leading role NATO is trying to take as a guide the ideology of "Conspiracy of the Aquarian Age."

It is believed that the name "New World Order" came into use after the Gulf War in 1991, while the one-world government existed for hundreds of years. The New World Order is not new, it has existed and developed in this or that form for a long time, but it is perceived by the program for future development, which is not true, the New World Order — is the past and the present. That's why I wrote above, that should be considered more appropriate name of "one world government." Aurelio Peccei once admitted to his close friend Alexander Haig that he feels like "Adam Weishaupt reincarnated." Peccei largely Weishaupt had a brilliant ability to organize and manage a modern Illuminati, and this is evident in how NATO managed Peccei and formulated its policy on a global scale.
For three decades, Peccei headed the "Atlantic Economic Council of the Institute," as well as being the executive director of Fiat Motor Company, owned by Giovanni Agnelli (Giovanni Agnelli). Agnelli, a member of an ancient Italian family of the "Black Nobility", is one of the most important members of the Committee of 300. He played a leading role in the development of projects in the Soviet Union.

"Club of Rome" — this is the official cover for the organization of conspirators, which is the union of the Anglo-American financiers and the old families "Black Nobility" of Europe, especially the so-called "aristocracy" of London, Venice and Genoa. The secret of their success lies in the management of the world that they can create a managed economic recessions and depressions. The Committee of 300 addresses global social upheavals and economic depression as a preparatory tool to future events and the more serious the basic method of creating whole masses of people around the world, which in the future will become obedient recipients of his "unemployment."

Apparently, many of the important decisions of the Committee in respect of mankind are developed based on the philosophy of Polish aristocrat, Felix Dzerzhinsky, who believed that people develop are slightly above cattle. [1] As a close friend of British intelligence agent Sydney Reilly (Reilly effectively monitor the actions of Dzerzhinsky during the Bolshevik Revolution), he often confided to him during the binge. Dzerzhinsky — this is the monster, who led the Red Terror apparatus. Once during the regular drinking, he said Reilly: "The man has no value. See what happens when you Morita his hunger. He starts to eat their dead brothers to survive. One is interested only in his personal survival. Only this is real. All Spinozist philosophy — it's a bunch of junk. "

"Club of Rome" has its own private intelligence agency and also "borrows" information from Interpol, controlled by David Rockefeller. He is very closely all U.S. intelligence agencies, as well as the KGB and the Mossad. The only secret service, does not come under its influence, was the GDR intelligence "Stasi» (STASSY). "Club of Rome" also has its own well-organized political and economic agencies. They were ordered to President Reagan to keep the post Paul Volcker (Raul Volsker), another important member of the Committee of 300. Volcker was chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, despite assurances from the candidate Reagan that he would dismiss him as soon as he, Reagan, is elected president.

Having played a key role in the Caribbean crisis, "the Roman club" President Kennedy tried to impose its program of "crisis management" (forerunner of FEMA, «of the Federal Emergency Management Agency"). Several Tavistock scientists have visited the president to explain to him the nature of the program, but the president has rejected all their advice. In the same year, when Kennedy was assassinated, the representatives of Tavistock again began talks in Washington with NASA. This time the negotiations were successful. NASA signed a contract with the Tavistock to evaluate the impact of its future space program on American public opinion.
The contract was requested to "Stanford Research Institute" and "Rand Corporation» (Rand Corporation). Many of the materials of the project, prepared by Tavistock, Stanford and Rand Institute, and have not seen the light and remain closed to this day. Several observational Senate committees and subcommittees to which I applied for information, told me that they had "never heard of it" and did not have any idea where I could find what I wanted. Such is the power and prestige of the Committee of 300.

In 1966, my colleagues in the intelligence work advised me to contact Dr. Anatole Rappaport (Anatol Rappaport), who wrote a paper in which he was said to have been interested in the administration. The purpose of this document was to put an end to the NASA space program, which, as argued Rappaport, has long lost its usefulness. Rappaport is happy to give me a copy of his work, the essence of which, without going into details, was that the entire NASA space program should be thrown away. NASA has accumulated too many scholars who have bad influence on America, because they are always happy to give lectures at schools and universities on how to operate the rocket, starting from the principle of motion and finishing details of construction. Rappaport argued that it will lead to in the future of a generation of adults who have decided to become experts on the study of the cosmos, which at one point would be "superfluous" since the year 2000, their knowledge will be worthless.

As soon as the "Club of Rome" was presented to NATO this brief report on NASA Rappaport, the Committee of 300 demanded action. Among the functionaries of the NATO — members of the "Club of Rome", which was mandated to conduct a campaign against NASA were Harland Cleveland, Joseph Slater, Claiborne K. Pell, Walter J. Levy, George McGee, William Watts, Robert Strausz-Hupe (U.S. ambassador NATO) and Donald Lesh. In May 1967, "Scientific and Technical Committee of the North Atlantic Assembly," and "Research Institute for Foreign Policy," a meeting was held under the title "Conference on transatlantic imbalance and cooperation," which was held in the palace belonging to Queen Elizabeth in Deville, France.
The main purpose of the conference was to put an end Deville technological and industrial progress in the U.S..

Conference materials formed the basis of two books, one of which, "technotronic era" Brzezinski has already been mentioned by us. The other was written by conference chairman Aurelio Peccei and is called "Before the abyss» («The Shasm Ahead"). Peccei largely agreed with Brzezinski, but added that in the future the world will be plunged into chaos if he did not manage a single world government.

What are the goals of the secret elite group, the heirs of the Illuminati ("conquer the wind Moriah» — Moriah Conquering Wind), the cult of Dionysus, the cult of Isis, the Cathars, Bogomils?

Members of this elite group, who also call themselves "Olympians" (they truly believe in their position and power, they are the legendary gods of Olympus, who set himself as their god Lucifer, above our true God) firmly believe that they by divine right, designed to do the following:

(1) Install the board One World Government — The New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their control. Few people know that the One World Government began to create his "church" in the years 1920-30, for it recognizes the need to provide an outlet for the natural needs of mankind in religious belief, and therefore it has established "church" organization, to direct that faith is desirable for yourself on track.
(2) Complete destruction of national identity and national pride.
(3) The destruction of religion, particularly Christianity, with one exception — the created religions mentioned above.
(4) Control of each person, without exception, by the use of mind control, as well as by what Brzezinski called "tehnotronikoy", which will create humanoid robots and a system of terror, against which the Red Terror of Felix Dzerzhinsky will look like child's play.
(5) A complete cessation of all industrial development and the production of electricity by nuclear power plants in the so-called "post-industrial society with zero growth." Exceptions are the computer industry and the service industry. Extant industry of the United States will be moved to countries such as Mexico, where there is an abundance of slave labor. Unemployed, that would result from the destruction of industry, or become drug addicts, heroin or cocaine, or become figures in the statistics of the destruction process, which is now known as the "Global 2000" (Global 2000).
(6) Legalization of drugs and pornography.
(7) Reduction of the population of large cities according to the scenario, spent the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that the plans for the genocide of Pol Pot were developed here in the United States, one of the research centers, "the Club of Rome." It is also interesting that the Committee is currently seeking to bring back to power in Cambodia, Pol Pot's killers.
(8) Termination of all scientific research, except that the Committee deems appropriate. Efforts have to be directed against the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Special hatred cause experiments on cold fusion, which are now strongly discredited and ridiculed by the Committee and subordinate to the press. Creation of reactors based on cold fusion would leave no stone unturned in the concept of the Committee on the "limited natural resources." With such power plants, if properly used, you can create any substances and materials of the most common rocks. Possibility of cold fusion reactors truly unlimited, and they can bring to mankind such benefits, which many people still do not have even a remote idea.
(9) By means of limited wars in the advanced countries and the third world — through hunger and disease, to be implemented by 2000 destruction of 3 billion people — those whom they call "useless eaters." On this issue, the Committee of 300 commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a report on how best to implement this genocide. This work was published under the title "Global 2000 Report" (Global 2000 Report) and has been approved and accepted as a guide for action by the U.S. government in the person of President Carter, as well as the U.S. State Department on behalf of the then Secretary of State Edwin Muskie. According to the provisions of the "Global 2000" the U.S. population by the year 2050 should be reduced to 100 million people.
(10) To weaken the morale of the nation and to demoralize the working class, creating mass unemployment. As job losses as a result of the industrial policy of zero growth, the ongoing "Club of Rome", demoralized and disillusioned workers addicted to alcohol and drugs. Youth of the country through rock music and drugs will be encouraged to revolt against the existing order, which will be a compromised and eventually destroy the foundations of the family. The Committee of 300 commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a draft plan to achieve these goals. Tavistock in turn entrusted the work to Stanford University, where, under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon and was drafted the plan, then got known as the "Conspiracy of the Aquarian Age."
(11) Do not allow that the people themselves to decide their fate, artificially creating for this purpose a variety of crisis situations, followed by the "governance" these crises. This will weaken and demoralize the population to such an extent that in a very wide choice of people just fall into apathy. The United States has set up a special agency for crisis management operations. It is called the "Federal Agency for Disaster Management» (FEMA), of whom I was first publicly reported in 1980. Later in the book will provide more extensive information about FEMA.
(12) The creation of new cults and continue to support existing ones, which include those gangsters from rock music as a band of dirty degenerate Mick Jagger's "Rolling Stones" (group, which enjoys special veneration of the European "Black Nobility"), as well as all the rock group created by Tavistock, beginning with "The Beatles." Continuation of the cult of Christian fundamentalism based Darby servant "the British East India Company." In fact, this cult will seek to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews of the cult followers through the myth of "the chosen people", and by significant donations that cultists erroneously believe good religious business, aimed at strengthening Christianity.
(14) Promotion of religious cults, as "Muslim Brotherhood", Muslim fundamentalists of various denominations, Sikhism, as well as experiments with murders modeled on "Sons of Sam" Jim Jones. It should be noted that the late Ayatollah Khomeini was a creature of the sixth branch of British Intelligence Military Intelligence, known as MI6 (MI-6), which I wrote in 1985 in his paper "What really happened in Iran."
(15) The spread of the "religious exemption" around the world in order to undermine the existing religions, especially Christianity. It began with the "Jesuit Liberation Theology", which led to the fall of Somoza in Nicaragua, and today is the destruction of El Salvador, located for 25 years in a state of "civil war", Costa Rica and Honduras. One of the most active organizations promoting the so-called liberation theology, is a pro-communist "Mary Knoll Mission» (Mary Knoll Mission). This explains the close attention of the media in the murder in El Salvador a few years ago, the four so-called nuns Mary Knoll.
The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were detailed in documents of the Government of El Salvador. U.S. news agencies and press flatly refused to publish or comment on a number of documents available to the Government of El Salvador, in which there was evidence of what is actually a nun "Mary Knoll Mission" were engaged in the country. Mary Knoll operates in many countries, it has played a leading role in the spread of communism in Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.
(16) Creation of a general crisis in the global economy and the generation of an overall political chaos.
(17) Taking control of the foreign and domestic policies of the United States.
(18) The provision of the fullest support to supranational organizations such as the United Nations (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the World Court and, as far as possible, to deprive the local institutions of influence, gradually reducing on their role or not placing them under the aegis of the UN.
(19) The introduction of subversive agents in all governments and conducting activities aimed at the destruction of the sovereign integrity of countries, from within those governments.
(20) The world terrorist apparatus and negotiate with terrorists whenever there is a terrorist activity. It should be recalled that it was Benito Craxi persuaded the Italian government and the U.S. to negotiate with the "Red Brigades", abducted Prime Minister Moro and General Dotsiera (General Dozier). Incidentally, General Dotsier was ordered not to disclose what happened to him. If he breaks the silence, from it will undoubtedly make "terrible instructive example" such as that which Kissinger made of Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.
(21) The establishment of control over the formation of the United States to the full and complete its destruction.

Many of the goals that I first listed in 1969, or have been, or will soon be achieved. Of special interest in the program of the Committee 300 is the essence of his economic policy, which is generally based on the teachings of Malthus, the son of the English country priest, who came to the fore and gained fame thanks to "the British East India Company," which served as the model for the Committee of 300.
Malthus argued that human progress is determined by the natural ability of the Earth to ensure the existence of the number of people, and after crossing the threshold of the limited natural resources of the earth will be quickly depleted. If these resources are to be used to replace or repair them would be impossible. Hence, says Malthus, there is a need to restrict the growth of the population within the sufficiency of natural resources diminish. Needless to say that the elite will not put their own survival at risk of rapid growth in the number of "useless eaters", hence the need to resort to the practice of selection. As I pointed out earlier, the process of "selection" has already begun, and it is made on how to by signing the "Global 2000 Report."

All directions of the economic plans of the Committee led to the crossroads of Malthus and Frederick von Hayek, another gloomy economist, sponsored "Club of Rome". Born in Austria, Hayek had long been under the auspices of David Rockefeller, and now the theory of von Hayek have been widely spread in the U.S.. According to von Hayek at the heart of the U.S. economy should be based on (a) urban black markets, (b) small industrial enterprises gonkongovskogo sample using sweatshop labor system, and (c) tourist trade, and (d) free zone, where speculators are given free rein and where the drug trade to flourish, (e) termination of industrial production, and (e) the closure of all nuclear power plants.

Ideas Hayek fully meet the ideas of "Club of Rome", which, apparently, is the reason for its enhanced support for right-wing circles in America. Mantle Hayek is trying a new, younger economist Jeffrey Sachs, who was sent to Poland to continue the work begun by von Hayek. It should be recalled that the "Club of Rome" organized economic crisis in Poland, which has led to political instability of the country. Exactly the same, so to speak, economic planning, and Russia will be imposed, but if it will face strong opposition, it will be quickly restored the old system of price subsidies.
The Committee of 300 ordered the "Club of Rome" to use Polish nationalism as a tool for the destruction of the Catholic Church and clearing the road for the Soviet occupation forces. "Solidarity" movement was created by a member of the Committee of 300 by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who chose the name for this "union", and appointed his functionaries and organizers. "Solidarity" is not a "trade union" movement, although Gdansk shipyard workers used to make it appear such. Rather, it is the political organization of high level, established to implement certain measures to prepare for the coming of the One World Government.

Most of the leaders of "Solidarity" were descendants of Bolshevik Jews from Odessa and expressed themselves as opponents of communism. This fact explains why the American media always paid much attention to this movement. Professor Sachs has advanced the process a step further, providing Poland, just to break free from the dictates of the Soviet Union, a new economic enslavement. Now Poland will become the economic slave of the United States — there was a change of owner.
Brzezinski is the author of the book you should read for every American, concerned with the future of their country. It's called the "technotronic era" and was written by order of "the Club of Rome." The book is a public statement of the methods and techniques to be used to control the United States. It also mentions the cloning and "robotoidah" ie, creatures that act like humans and is similar to humans, but humans are not. Brzezinski, on behalf of the Committee of 300, said that the United States take "era is not similar to any of the foregoing, we are moving to a technotronic era that could easily go into a dictatorship." I published a full report on the "technotronic era" in 1981 and more than once mentioned about this book in my newsletters.

Brzezinski goes on to say that our society is "experiencing an information revolution based on entertainment and mass entertainment (endless TV shows about sports), which are another type of drug for the masses ever more futile." Was Brzezinski another seer and a prophet? If he could see into the future? Of course not, that he wrote in a copy of the plan is the Committee of 300, reports "Club of Rome" for execution. Is not it true that by 1991 we have had a lot of useless people? We can say that the 30 million unemployed and 4 million homeless people are "useless weight" or, at least, represent the core itself.

In addition to religion, "the opium of the people", which is the recognition of Lenin and Marx was needed, we now have the new "opiate" in the form of mass spectator sport, loose sexual desire and rock music. The whole generation of addicts. Promotion of unbridled sex and drug epidemic aim to distract people from what is happening around. In the "technotronic era," Brzezinski says about human "masses" as inanimate objects — perhaps those we represent the Committee 300. Brzezinski is constantly talking about the need to exercise control over us, "the masses."

In one place he blurts out:
"At the same time, increase the possibility of social and political control over the individual. Soon it will be possible to carry out continuous monitoring of almost every citizen and maintain an updated computer files-files that contain information in addition to the usual most confidential details about the health and behavior of every individual. "

"The relevant authorities will have instant access to these files. The power will be concentrated in the hands of those who control information. Existing authorities will be replaced by management agencies pre-crisis situation, the task of which will be proactively identifying possible social crises and to develop programs manage the crisis. " (Get an overview of the structure of the agency FEMA, which came much later.)

"This will raise the trend for the next few decades, which will lead to a technotronic era — dictatorship, under which almost completely be abolished now existing political procedures. Finally, if you look forward to the end of the century, the possibility of biochemical control for consciousness and genetic manipulation of human beings, including creatures exist, which will not only act, but also to reason as humans, can cause a number of serious questions. "
Brzezinski wrote all this not as an individual, but as an adviser to President Carter's national security, a leading member of the "Club of Rome", a member of the Committee of 300, "Council on Foreign Relations," and a member of Old Polish "Black Nobility." His book explains how America must abandon its industrial base and to engage in what he called "a completely new historical era."
"What makes America unique — it is her desire to experience the future, be it pop art or LSD. Today, America — is a creative community, while others consciously or unconsciously are imitators. " He should have said that in fact America — a testing ground for policies and methods the Committee of 300, which directly lead to the abolition of the existing order and the establishment of a One World Government — New World Order.

In one of the chapters of the "technotronic era," explains how new technologies will lead to an intense confrontation, as well as injection of social and international tensions. Strangely enough, but we are already experiencing strong pressure from constant surveillance. One of the centers of this observation — Lourdes base in Cuba. Another such center — is the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, Belgium, where installed a giant computer, code number "666", which can store all types of data mentioned in the book Brzezinski, and also has the potential to expand the database for a few billion when necessary. But given the genocide provided "Global 2000", the need for these resources is not likely to occur.
Use this database to the U.S. will be very simple — just enter in the computer "666" driver's license number or social security and surveillance, which they say Brzezinski and his colleagues from the Committee of 300, will be provided. Committee in 1981 warned all governments, including the Government of the Soviet Union, that "chaos will prevail, if the Committee of 300 will not assume full control over the preparation for the establishment of the New World Order. Control will be carried out through our committee, as well as through global planning and crisis management. " I reported these facts in a few months after I got the information about them in 1981. Another fact of which I was told was that RUSSIA was invited to participate in the preparations for establishing a single world government.

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