Secrets of Bigfoot

Our planet has a lot of unexplained phenomena and the "white spots". One of the many mysteries associated with a snow man. Until now, scientists, enthusiasts and fans of mystery and has not been able to establish the origin of any Bigfoot, no permanent place of his habitation.


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Its traces are found in many places in the Urals and Siberia, Novgorod region, the foothills of the Himalayas, the jungles of Africa. Many saw the huge beast, like a man, moved on two legs or feet. However, reliably establish whether it was actually a snowman or a huge gorilla failed. Although the witnesses believe they saw it was Bigfoot. Who is Bigfoot? Here are the main universal concern.

Some scientists have theorized that the snowman — a kind of intelligent person who stopped at the lower stages of evolution, according to preliminary data, the level of Neanderthal man. This is confirmed by studies carried out on one of the skeletons of the creature in 1995, which was discovered in the Chelyabinsk region. How should the documents, it is being killed violent way the locals in 1912. After analysis, the scientists concluded that the skeleton, of course, the human with the characteristics of the Neanderthal. Were prominent brow ridges and receding forehead, a strange face, with bestial expression. It is possible that wild man possessed incredible strength.

Thus, indirectly confirmed the theory that the Earth at the same time there may be two opposite types of living beings: common and hidden. The first type has the ability to be easily lockable from the point of view of zoology and botany. It is subject to the study and classification. That, for the second type, it is so rare that it was possible to somehow classify. Hidden species more than common. Indeed, to date, scientists have described only about 4 million species, and how many there are none, and can not even imagine. Called the number from 30 to 100 million hidden species. And to these species, especially, is a snow man whose mysterious life is the subject of scientific debate and controversy.


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