Sergei Hanenya not get from the People's Will 95 million rubles

The cassation complaint rector of the Gomel State University, Minsk City Court rejected. The previous verdict refusing his claim to the "People's Will" approved.

As the site says, "People's Freedom", formerly rector of the Gomel State University Sergei Hanenya submitted a complaint to the Leninsky district court of Minsk. He requested to collect from the newspaper in his favor 95,500,000 rubles. While the newspaper and promptly informed readers that the publication in which, among other S.Haneni name is mentioned, it was not about his annual salary and his annual income.

To confirm that the revision is ready to bring an update to its every potential voter (in this time He ran a candidate in the City Council), S.Hanenyu it was suggested that journalists "People's Freedom" in campaigning group. An offer he declined, while considered insufficient forgiveness from the pages of the newspaper.

The trial court issued a decision — completely deny S.Hanenyu in its demands to "People's Will". Hanenya disagreed with the verdict: in the appeal, he asked the Minsk City Court reverse the decision of the Leninsky district court of Minsk completely and remand the case for retrial.

However, justice and once decided that the error that accidentally appeared in a newspaper article, and which was quickly corrected, not an affront to his dignity.

Decision District Court approved. So Sergei Hanenya not receive 95.5 million dollars from the "People's Will".


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