Sergei Mironov criticized the Kremlin United Russia party

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg decided to review its representative Sergei Mironov from the upper house of the Russian parliament. Thus, Mironov automatically lost his post as chairman of the Federation Council — the third rule in the Russian Federation after the president and the prime minister.

This decision was supported by 43 deputies, five were against. Before the vote, police detained 12 participants of unsanctioned rally in support of Mironov.

Speaking to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Mironov criticized the pro-Kremlin party "United Russia" and accused her of "the persecution of dissent," and stating that the party may return "of the 6th article of the Constitution," which secured the role of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union as leadership. Mironov also said that "on the equal social lifts torn off, the personnel policy is thriving nepotism, the children of officials take "kind of place."

Observers note that the vote for Mironov's resignation came after the break, during which the deputies watched broadcast of the press conference of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who said that the resignation Mironov, if it took place, would be "a reflection of political competition."

Earlier, the party "United Russia" Mironov criticized for his comments on the political situation in the country.

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