Shirayevskaya cave did not show the evil disposition




Again, not for the first time, representatives of the "Kosmopoisk" passed "through" the whole Samara onions. It is difficult to overcome in the July heat the reserved, almost uninhabited peninsula, devoid of springs, but abundant midges. Knowingly of the Samara Bend had the idea as a "terrible anomalous zone with the biological defense against invasion of researchers" (as it was written on the heart of the peninsula). At this time the intelligence was held July 7-14, 2004, was able to visit the cave Shirayevskaya (thought to "treacherous") Shihany and other places overgrown with myths. Nothing noteworthy researchers could not be found. Exception — the night of 8 July, the representative "Ufa-Kosmopoisk" Stanislav Bashinskij with a local, a former pilot, in Krasny Yar (outskirts of "zones") observed a luminous object in the sky, flying in the direction of the Zhiguli Mountains on Loma trajectory.


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