Showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday once again return to the center of Russia

Short period of sunny weather in the central regions of European Russia on Tuesday over — come back to the region showers and thunderstorms soobschaetGidromettsentr Russia.

"During the early weeks of the weather in the center of European Russia (CFD) is unstable — the periods of sunny weather will give way to thunderstorms. Besides, the temperature will fluctuate within a small range close to normal," — said in a statement.

On Monday, the CFA is a sunny and warm weather with maximum temperatures of 20-25 degrees to the north-west to 24-29 degrees in the south-east. But on Tuesday the weather will affect the high and vast cyclone centered over the Baltic Sea.

"Atmospheric front moving eastward, will cross the central region district. Daytime heating will enhance thunderstorm activity in the area of the front. Livni places can be strong, possibly hail and squally wind intensification" — said the weather service.

On Wednesday, the cyclone center is moved to the South Karelia, will engage in the District cooler air masses, resulting in a cold front and the strongest area of showers and thunderstorms move to the east and south-east region.

On Thursday, the cyclone continued to slowly go away in the north-east, to the White Sea, there will still be volatility in weather patterns in the areas of CFD.

"In the next few days, until the weekend, is expected to develop over the CFD sedentary tall cyclone, which means that the weather will continue to be unstable — with showers and thunderstorms. Most probable values of night temperature 10-16 degrees, day — 22-27 degrees "- said the weather center.

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