Siberian engineers have developed an unmanned helicopter

Siberian engineers have developed an unmanned aircraft designed to shoot video with a bird's eye view. Novosibirsk

According to the website of "Sharpkopter" model developed in Novosibirsk, refers to a class of radio-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles with multiple propellers (multicopter).

Sharpkopter for photos and videos with a small drop — 5-100 m, which can not fly a manned aircraft, as it prevented the trees, houses, wires and birds. The device Novosibirsk engineers at such a height can move freely in any direction, hover and rotate the camera.

As the head of the project to create an aircraft "Sharpkopter" George Andrianov, the unit is designed for photographers and videographers. Its cost will be in the range SLR camera — from 20 thousand to 150 thousand rubles. Foreign counterparts of these devices reach a price of 15-20 thousand dollars.

Novosibirsk model resistant to damage, vibration isolation system is equipped with electronic components, and easy to repair. Now the machine is in pilot production stage — the engineers collect 10 pieces in a week and spread to private customers.

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