Siberian innovators created the ink with a bactericidal effect

Experts innovative company "SUN" invented ink with antibacterial effect unparalleled, the press service of the company.


As part of the ink SUN FLOWER contains silver nanoparticles, which are bactericidal properties.

"The ability to use a lot of our development, — Says the founder of the Innovative Company "SUN" Vladislav Mirchev. — You can make out the walls in public buildings. Then increases the likelihood that employees will be less sick due to the bactericidal action of the ink. Or to put images on the lid of the laptop (our printers allow it) to protect the user from accumulating on her micro-organisms — and decorate an original thing. And this is just the most obvious application. "

According to the press service of the company, confirmed the antibacterial effect of ink Institute of Hygiene.

Now entering new product markets. One of them — the market of plastic packaging. «SUN" has decided to compete with foreign producers and launched the production of liquid colorants by improving their performance. In particular, providing an antibacterial effect.

Innovators are confident that over time they develop will gain immense popularity.

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