Siberian LYMPHOLOGY can predict varices 5 years before its manifestation

In the Novosibirsk Institute of Lymphology Clinic Medical Sciences for more than 20 years of being a successful scientific and medical work on the causes of various diseases of the lymphatic system. Clinic specialists have accumulated vast analytical and practical material, including on such a dangerous disease, as phlebeurysm. 

At the time, the Institute of Lymphology Clinic was the first medical institution of the Siberian region, where it was introduced ultrasound of the veins. Many of the diagnostic techniques tested and implemented in practice, it is within the specialized Office ultrasound clinics.

As the IA "Naukosfera" leader of this trend, MD, a doctor of ultrasonic diagnostic clinics FGBU "NIIKEL" RAMS, Rustam Khapaev, he was able, on the basis of accumulated research base, to establish that the development of varicose veins can be assumed before the appearance of the initial symptoms of the disease. As practice shows, with the help of ultrasound, under certain manipulations with the test veins, you can install the signs of volume overload subcutaneous venous system. This is not the varicose veins, and not even his primary stage, but the presence of so-called "mosaic of blood flow," allow us to tell the patient that there is a strong predisposition to varicose veins. If in this case neglect prevention and recommendations of experts, the varices necessarily show itself.

The concepts of "signs of volume overload subcutaneous venous" and "mosaic bloodstream," proposed Khapaeva, proved to be very useful in monitoring of women who decide to conceive a child. Venous ultrasonography, conducted with the new data, can show provoke physical activity during pregnancy, varicose veins or not.

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