Siberian physics accelerator sent to India for the irradiation of mango

Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) is preparing to send to India from Novosibirsk particle accelerator, has demanded the Indian physicists to introduce technology into the production process of mangoes.

As the head of the research laboratory of INP Bryazgin Alexander, employees of the institute Year built industrial accelerator commissioned by the Indian Nuclear Research Centre BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) in Mumbai. April 22 INP will take the accelerator in Novosibirsk, then it is transported to India.

Indian accelerator physics booked with increased energy — up to 4.5 MeV, which will replace the setting set in the center of the Institute in 1988. On the old accelerator Indian scientists, in particular, have worked in the industry and introduced such radiation technology as irradiation wire and gemstones.

The new accelerator will allow physicists from Mumbai to develop food processing and medical devices. "One of the most striking [examples of] — radiation phytosanitary treatment of tropical fruits, especially mango," — said Alexander Bryazgin, explaining that such exposure increases the shelf life of ripe fruit up to 15-20 days.

The cost of such an accelerator he estimated at one million euros

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