Siberian rocket men: another sudden teaching and new methods of concealment PGRK

New methods of concealment road-mobile missile complexes "Topol" missile worked Novosibirsk military compound Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN), told reporters on Tuesday, the official representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Igor Yegorov.

  • Topol-M
  • Topol-M

Features rocket complex "Topol-M"


"Rocket shelves Novosibirsk missile units were suddenly given a high degree of readiness. Emphasis in practical actions of troops was given to working out new forms and methods of concealment, to ensure" survivability "missiles" Topol ", as well as the development of different application scenarios of the rocket joint. Training was held secretive nomination complexes on combat patrol routes and launch conditionally "- Yegorov said.

The exercise of the units and connections were simultaneously displayed in field areas on combat patrol routes and be alert, to maneuver to disperse.

On the teaching of control points involved compounds duty forces, missile regiments of the security and environmental, anti-sabotage formation.

The exercise was attended by about 2,5 thousand soldiers and about 200 vehicles. The main task of teaching has become more coherently RVSN units in conditions as close to the fighting, Yegorov said.

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